Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year's Eve and New Year!

It's been a tumultuous year, some incredibly good things happened and some slightly less awesome stuff as well. It's ending on an upswing, for me at least, I hope for all of you as well.

Thank you to all my Bookie pals whose friendship has sustained me and Bookie Wook itself through the slightly less awesome parts and formed a close-knit pod of loveliness, right out in the open,  as it should be. You all will always be in my heart. You know, figuratively. Literally would be MESSY.

To all of my former friends and people we haven't seen in awhile, all the best, take care, float your own canoe, all that good stuff.

There's a lot of fecking pointless meanness out there on The Interwebs; I'm just glad we were able to get past all that and not give into the bitterness and anger that is out there.  Safe Bookie 4Eva!

To all you trolls out there that were on my azz all year, here's a picture of my buns, so you know exactly what you can kiss. Mwah!

As for the year ahead, lots of big events coming up, as well as the return of the amazingly trashtastic Bachelor (Prince FARMING ftlog) and maybe even some Bachelor in Paradise, over which we bouncingly bonded with in the ocean. Here's to much ridiculousness! Woo hoo!!

Much love and corny hand signals,


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Multiple Murders in Edmonton Area

Holy shite! I just read up; there were 9 murders across the Edmonton area, including two kiddos. Ohmigod. All the help and love to the families left behind, how incredibly awful

BWW: The Walking Dead S4:E16

The end. The end of season 4, which means we will have watched 51 MOTHERHUMPING EPISODES, Y'ALL!!

Oh, and they're at Terminus. Sigh

Monday, 29 December 2014

BWW: The Walking Dead S4:E15 & Our 900th Post!!


And 900 posts!  That's a LOT of hellos and goodbyes, y'all!

BWW: The Walking Dead S4:E14

Sooooo, any time they wanna get back to Rick and the gang...would be cool with me...any time...

Last we saw, Darryl had been indoctrinated into a group of like-minded bowhunters that kill each other over queensize beds and covet winged jackets. Bob, Maggie and Sasha were heading together to Terminus and Glenn had just seen the very same map we've seen a dozen times. 

BWW: The Walking Dead S4:E13

Continues. ..

BWW: The Walking Dead S4:E12

I canNOT even believe how close we are getting to caught up. Do you know that is something like 47 episodes we've watched together? ? 47!!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

BWW: The Walking Dead S4:E11

Continues. ..

BWW: The Walking Dead S4:E10

And Michonne just found Rick and Coral! Yay!!  I *may* have shed a tear. Or two

In The Meantime

And in betweentime...just a post for hellos. Hello! In case anyone is cruising on by

Also, don't forget to suggest a book for the Jan. 18 bookie club meet! You can do it here, on the post, or on the Tab above. I'll find it

Saturday, 27 December 2014

BWW: Road House Pt. 3


In the meantime, some Dalton

BWW: Road House Pt. 2

Wind machine needed...

BWW: Road House!




Starring Patrick Swayze and his army of Zen bouncers

Pre-Gaming for Road House!

It's Saturday! Yay!! And one of the best / worst movies EVER coming to our small-ish screens, it just couldn't get better.

I'm trying to decide: rye or gin  may flip coin. I know there will be a bath tub!

Friday, 26 December 2014

Reminder: Road House Saturday Night!

7:30 pm, y'all! Allls the Dalton butt shots and Sam Elliot voice-overs you can handle. Woo hoo!

See you then! Pre-gaming starts at 6! It's also my bday, so be prepared to do shots! ! Woot!


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Christmas! !!

I hope everyone is having a great day, enjoying it however they like to roll; with family or with bourbon. Or those lucky folks with fambly AND bourbon.

Best bookie wishes, lurve you guys!


Ps: y'all know what I would LOVE for Christmas!  Everyone reading to say hi and all our friends that we haven't seen in a millenia stop by! Fingers crossed!

Badder Santa: The Aftermath

Pure rye now, you understand

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

BWW: Badder Santa Part 2


BWW: Bad(der) Santa!

And we're not gonna sit right for a week! Woo hoo!

$50 says nobody looks at the Gilmore Girl the same either

Pre-Gaming for Bad(der) Santa!

What's shakin, y'all? I spent the day scouring the area for matching onesies for the hooligans; DONE. I had the gregarious Wee with me, so we charmed a wide swath across north-Central Alberta. How is everything going??

Monday, 22 December 2014

January 18th Book Club Meet Suggestions

The next meet is January 18, 2015 (HOW IS IT 2015 ALREADY??? And how do our lives NOT have hover cars in them????), go ahead and throw in suggestions for books to read here, or on the Suggestions tab. I'm going to leave it up until after Christmas, no rush. We should be all good to read a book in 3 weeks, amirite??

Since we had a long, heavy (but great!) book this month, I'm gonna suggest something light, but y'all go ahead and thro w in War and Peace if you like. Majority rules, as always.

If I don't see you Tuesday for Badder Santa, have a great Christmas!!!

BWW: The Walking Dead S4:E9

And we zoom past the halfway mark like nobody's business!! Woot!

BWW: The Walking Dead S4:E8

This is the halfway point for the season! Woo hoo! If only our fave photoshopper could make a Zombie the meanwhile, Rick gotta get that fence fixed

And the Guvna has a gun on Michonne and Herschel

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Bookie Club Meet Continues: In The Woods

Almost done!

Bookie Club Meet: In The Woods by Tana French

The beginning:

Which is the frist book in the Irish Murder Squad series (SOLVING murders, not PERFORMING, for clarity); discussion of The Likeness (sceond book) may commence after.

This book series has long been championed by GossipMonster and Meauxelle, and also suggested by Tillie. Who wants to start?

Bookie Wook Social!

For yakkin! In case you didn't read the book and still wanna chat, or you did read the book and you still wanted to chat, this is the place!

Change your avi to your drinkie if you like, I Sleeman's slamming and trying to sound intelligent whilst opining on the excellent opus that is the beginning of the Irish Murder Squad saga.

Everyone ready for Christmas?  TAHRED of that question yet?

Drink and yak people! It's what we do best

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Reminder! Book Club and Social Tomorrow

See you at 6 blog time!

Friday, 19 December 2014

BWW: The Walking Dead S4:E7

And now! NOW the Guvna (thanks,  Brea!)bites it?? Now??

BWW: The Walking Dead S4:E6

And the Guv lurks outside the prison. ..

Thursday, 18 December 2014

BWW: People Magazine Awards Pt 3

Brought to you by Pharrel Williams

Totally tripping balls

BWW: People Magazine Awards Part 2

Continues. 2 hours. Need MOAR wines

Still coming!:

The First Annual Ever People Magazine Awards

Hosted by the future former Mr. Mimi

So hard to believe she could leave a man willing to rock a checkerboard cake cut

Also starring Maroon 5 and 5 Seconds of Summer; I assume they're going for the 50SOG crowd?


People Magazine Awards: Pre-Gaming!

I'll just leave this here for Meaux, Reno and Cocoa. ..

How was your day, peeps??!

BWW: The Walking Dead S4:E5

Carol is gone and the flu still runs rampant; on we go

People Magazine Awards Day!

See you tonight at 6 (blog time) for pre-gaming! Woot!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

BWW: The Walking Dead S4:E4

We left Carol nonchalantly admitting to killing Karen and David; no biggie, right? Guessing that's not going to be the case. Plus Carol teaching the kiddos about knives during storytime, allll adding up

Monday, 15 December 2014

Upcoming Events

There are quite a few shows coming up to Bookie Wook Watch, including a metric tonne in the first two weeks of January, check the Schedule tab for more details.

This Thursday, the 18th, we have the People's Magazine Awards, which is several months late, which means it's gonna be amazing, right?? Delays and missed deadlines means it's fine tuned! Nick Cannon, Maroon 5 and 5 Seconds of Summer means that it's finely honed Velveeta.

See you Thursday! Check out the Schedule tab!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

BWW The Walking Dead S4:E3

Continues...the flu sweeping through knocking out too many

BWW: The Walking Dead S4:E2

Second episode already, woo hoo!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

BWW: The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere!

Season 4! Please someone deal with the Guv offscreen. That's all I want for Christmas!

BWW: The Walking Dead S3:E16

Lookit what our favourite photoshopper did!

Bwahahahaha!!! Isn't that awesome???

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: The Afterparty

I dunno, man...needed slower camerawork and less sexy shower curtains? What didja think?

BWW: The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Part 2

MOAR Ponybun!

BWW: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014!

And here we go!!!

First, hopefully,  the Ginja Ninja

Followed by Frankie's sister getting whacked by a gigantic set o wings

And then, and only then, TayTay and her giant Manties

Somewhere in there should be Franco or Hozier. Hopefully Hozier

Pre-Gaming for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Part 2!

Taylor Swift has bolt-ons????

Apparently! The investigatory report and subsequent creepy pic with inset

Pre-Gaming: The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


Tswifty and her Noassitol; The Ginja Ninja, Arianna Predictable-Kitten Grande Latte and a dirty hobo they picked up on the side of the road that is either James Franco or Hozier. Need moar pony-bun

Monday, 8 December 2014

BWW The Walking Dead S3:E15

Sooooo close to done. ..

BWW: The Walking Dead S3:E14

I'm not sure of the number, will have to check,  but at any rate, we're almost all done Season 3!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

BWW: Love Actually Pt. 4

The denouement. you guys, one and all

BWW: Love Actually Pt. 3

Since we're a little a slow starting...jusst in case

BWW: Love Actually Pt. 2


BWW: Love Actually

I feel bad already for not having seen this; but now that I know that Rick Grimy Grimes is in it, I'm all over it

BWW: Peter Pan Live! Part 2


BWW: Peter Pan Live!

Awww, so they're aware we'll be hate-watching! We don't care!

BWW: The Walking Dead S3:E13

Hey! Are we almost done this season? We gotta be close!

Dec. 21 Book Club Meet: SELECTION

The choice this month is:

In the Woods by Tana French

See you on the 21st!


It's Thursday and I have today to find a dress for the Christmas party...

Too bad it's not a costume party..: D

I interrupt your usual Steamycast to show you zee buns of destiny:

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

BWW: Survivor cont'd

Yaaaaay! Let's see what dirty bastage gets knocked off tonight. Pretty exciting last week, what with all the immunity idols flying around like gorillas in the mist. I don't know what that means. Let's watch!

BWW: Survivor

Yaaaaay! Let's see what dirty bastage gets knocked off tonight. Pretty exciting last week, what with all the immunity idols flying around like gorillas in the mist. I don't know what that means. Let's watch!

Dec. 21 Book Club Meet VOTE

So here are the choices for the Dec. 21 meet, vote for as many as you like! Majority pretty much rules

Vote by number or title:

1) Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

2) In The Woods by Tana French

3) Us by David Nicholls

4) Literary Outlaw: The Life and Times of William S. Burroughs by Ted Morgan

5) Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour by Kate Fox

6) The Dark Net by Jamie Bartlett

7) The Drop by Dennis Lehane

8) The Silent Wife by ASA Harrison

9) The Grays by Whitley Streiber

10) Chester Cheetah Wiki Page (in honour of Britney Spears bday)

Happy voting! Choice to be listed tomorrow, second post!


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

BWW: The Walking Dead S:3 E:12


BWW: The Walking Dead S3: E11

Rick's lost it, the Guv has flexed some muscle, what's goin on?????

December 21 Book Club Meet Suggestions

Trying again, you guys!

Please post a book suggestion for the December 21 Book Club Meet; any book, any type! I would suggest keeping it under 500 pages, given the two-week timeline, but that's just a guideline. There be no rules here! Anarchy! Anarchy! Sorry, I  make myself laugh

Anyone can suggest anything, as many as they like. Voting will be tomorrow, keep an eye oot for the post!

Thank you!


Monday, 1 December 2014

BWW: Country Christmas Continues

And maybe 4 of us are still watching?  Woo hoo!

BWW: CMAs Country Christmas

If you thought the CMAs was cheesy goodness...wait until it's ALL scripted!  Yee HAW!

Steven Tyler will be there, of COURSE, but I'm holding out for a Deppwasted to save the evening.  Anyone wanna odds??

BWW: The Walking Dead S3:E10 cont

On we go!

BWW: The Walking Dead S3:E9

Are we really at 10 already? Nope! 9 only! Holy cow...No spoilers from me about what happened last night, but imma blame it on Reno: she MADE me look!

Monday Afternoon: The Warming

It keeps getting better, right? Enjoy Cyber Monday, be safe scrolling out there!

Saturday, 29 November 2014



BWW Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt are ADORABLE in this perfect example of an 80s movie, getcher scrunchies, leg warmers and reversible jean jackets with tear-off arms and let's watch! Woo hoo!

Friday, 28 November 2014

BWW The Missing

Steamy has a good link! Try this: The Missing

BWW The Walking Dead S3:E8

Continues. ..

BWW The Walking Dead S3 : E7

Is 7 right?

Michonne had just walked up, Glenn and Maggie were kidnapped by ol' one arm, let's see what happens!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Bookie Wook Watches: Survivor!

Blood IS thicker than water, and boils much easier!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

BWW: Dancing With the Stars

Part three!

BWW: Dancing With the Stars

Part two!

BWW: Dancing With The Stars

Alfonso, Sadie, or Janel?

BWW: Dancing With The Stars

Pregame and Recap!


BWW: The Walking Dead S3:E6


BWW: The Walking Dead S3:E5

Hey, it can only get better, right?  I mean, for SURE this episode we don't have to see Laurie die during childbirth IN FRONT OF HER SON who then SHOOTS HER IN THE HEAD.  That can't happen again and now we know to never trust JSierra again, so there's that.

R.I.P T-Dog / Trevor

Monday, 24 November 2014

BWW: DWTS Pt. 4 and AfterParty

I hope it's awesome!  I lost it. Not bitter!

BWW: Dancing With the Stars

Part three!

BWW: Dancing With the Stars

Part two!

BWW: Dancing With the Stars

It's the finale week.  Only one more after this!  Who are you rooting for?  This is my pick!

BWW: The Walking Dead S3:E4

I hear it's a good one! Where's that BEBEH??

I find myself depressed that the absolute best they can hope for right now is a plantable prison yard, you know?

Sunday, 23 November 2014

BWW: The AMAs: The END & Afterparty!

So what was your favourite part? Mine MAY be Imagine (Sexy) Dragons but maybe not. Yours?

BWW: AMAs Part Quatro!

That was for Pitbull! (call me?)

Still going!

BWW: The AMAs Part 3


BWW: The AMAs Part 2

And on we go!

I'm 4 beers in, Pitbull's looking hot now, amirite?

BWW: American Music Awards! The Beginning!!

So who's opening?? 5 Seconds of Summer? One Direction? Oh sorry, didn't mean to stutter

There are SO MANY awesome performers tonight, but some of them...


Iggy Hydrangea

Taylor    Swift - see?? I left a blank space. which makes me think of Sharp Objects :(

5 Seconds of One Direction


Selena Sad-Panda Gomez

Garth Brooks, who is clearly lost

Charli XCIIIJH (Charlie Doesn'tKnowHowToSpellHerName more like)

Sam Smith

Wyclef Ahole Jean

Nicki Minaj


Magic! (why we gotta be so rude? That's how we do!)

Skylar Grey (only know from cool Eminen Song)

Imagine (Sexy) Dragons

Jessie J

Ariane (Dog-Whistle Nasal) Grande

And a couple more! Join us!

BWW: AMAs Red Carpet Part TRES


BWW: The AMAs Red Carpet Cont.

That's CONT, not, well, anyway.

And it continues!

BWW: The American Music Awards!! Red Carpet

This is it!! We're a go for E! red carpet, which I will never make fun of again (okay, never probably isn't the right word - "maybe" might be) after the bag of shite that was the Hollywood Film Awards red carpet.

Who do you wanna see tonight?? I'm looking forward to Iggy Hydrangea, if only to see the adorable basketball player she is dating. You know the one! The guy! With the hair! AND the dimples

Any guesses on whether Klondike will have her azzz oot for her "song" with Iggy? Please Bob no.

10 bucks says Pitbull says Dale a lot and wears a suit. And sweats a lot. Anyone?

He looks good here, though, right? Danng

And we begin!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Bookie Wook Watches: The Graduate

Mike Nichols 1931 - 2014

 link to The Graduate (1967) 

Friday, 21 November 2014

BWW: The Amazing Race

Kinda hanging in there! Need to get caught up on who is gonzo

BWW: The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3

I am really not digging how disconnected Rick seems emotionally to everyone, everything seems so different.  I guess we'll see

Thursday, 20 November 2014

BWW: The Walking Dead S3:E2

They just found new people! In the prison commissary!  Quick question: will it matter if they were guards or prisoners?

BWW: The Walking Dead S3:E1

Starting a new season! Shane and a lot of people whose names I didn't quite get are dead; and Rick says it is no longer a motherhumping democracy,  got that, y'all? Good

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

BWW: Survivor

In case anyone is aboot! I won't be unforch, but will try to stop by later! Have fun

Monday, 17 November 2014

BWW: Dancing With the Stars

Part three!


Continues. ..

BWW: Dancing With the Stars

Will Carlton do the Carlton out of there?

Sunday, 16 November 2014

BWW: The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale

Now?? Now we find out why dead people untouched by Walkers turn INTO Walkers.  Now!

It's been a brutal season, Shane, Dale, Sophia and even young kidnapped Randall all dead. Here's hoping they get rid of someone we don't like if they decide to end the season with a bang

BWW: The Walking Dead S2:E 12

We left Coral with Dale's blood on his teeny tiny hands

I think it is interesting that Darryl was the one able to do what needed to be done with Dale, but he did NOT with Randall. There's your killing machine with a conscience. Much more of a moral compass than our Shane

BWW: The Walking Dead : S2: E11 & 12

Do you wanna try for two? I have enough laundry for cover!

When last seen, the long-awaited sword fight happened and Andrea knows F-ALL about angst-ridden teenagers.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

BWW: The Walking Dead S2: E10

So...will Rick out-protect Shane?

Friday, 14 November 2014

The HFAs: The Afterparty

I don't know WHAT that was

BWW: The HFAs: Nobody Knows What's Going On

BWW: The Hollywood Film Awards

Appearing tonight is a huge list of stars (courtesy Wigs):


It's like a game! Whoever can guess the most right people wins a muffin! A virtual muffin, so fill that puppy out however you like. We begin!

Hollywood Film Awards: Pre-Gaming & Red Carpet

There are seriously SO MANY big stars coming to the awards tonight,  like

I personally would like to thank Apple for not stealing someone else's technology and making Smell-O-Vision, for The Depp alone.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

BWW: The Walking Dead Season 2 Epi 9

Let's see what else we can blame on Laurie! I hope the bebeh is okay

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

BWW: The Walking Dead S2: E8

I'm so sorry, I did not realize my week off would impact our Walking Dead schedule! That last episode was brutal, though, I needed a break. You know, not FOUR DAYS, but a break. Sorry again everyone.

Sigh. Back to the decay of society as Might (personified by Shane) makes Right and Rick Stands By. It's a new (to us) episode! Anything could happen!

BWW: Survivor

So we've missed weeks and weeks and weeks (just me? Coupla), I had to look up who left the last two weeks;

Apparently Dale was voted oot

And Julie bailed (no giant alleged racist to keep her and her zero-body-fat bawdy warm)

Duggar Discussion - 50 Shades of Duggar


Check out these links:
Thanks Wigs and JSierra!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

BWW Watches: Vanderpump Rules!

Monday, 10 November 2014


Part three!

BWW: Dancing With the Stars

Part Two!

BWW: Dancing With the Stars

One good thing about Mondays!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

BWW: The Walking Dead S2:E7

And on we go. Dale has been threatened by Shane, who is the only one able to put a smile on Andrea's face and Mr. Peterson lost his head at the pharmacy. 

Will Rick forgive Laurie? Will there be a baby?

BWW: The Walking Dead S2:E6

I'm thinking we might be able to double header these mofos out into next season! Woo hoo

Okay, when last seen, zombies were patiently milling around in the barn, RBF is preggers and only Maury knows who the daddy be. Also, Glenn may or not get some base on his reaction to the hidden zombies that are either

A) a really illadvised food source

B) loved ones

C) experiments

Let's find oot!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

BWW: The Walking Dead S2: E4 Cont.

Just in case we need more room! And we did!

BWW: The Walking Dead, S2 E:3 Finish And S2:E4

Juuuuust in case we get to...

BWW: The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 2

When we last saw everyone,  Sophia was lost in the woods and Coral had just been shot THROUGH a deer. It is apparently not a good idea to be a kid during the zombie apocalypse.

Friday, 7 November 2014


Continued. ..

BWW: The Walking Dead S2:E1

We left Dr. Jenner to explode with Whatserpickle, after sharing a secret with Rick; where to now?