Monday, 28 April 2014

Book Suggestions for May 18

Good meet last night you guys!! So there were a couple of suggestions that came up that I would like to go ahead with; the first was for a shorter timeline. The second is for something associated with / also done as a movie.

As for the shorter timeline, I'm going to suggest May 18. It would be May 11, but I will be traveling (all alone! no kids! woohoo!) to Toronto to accidentally stalk Hiddles and Jax. (Honest, trip was planned before I knew him and dat ass would be there. pinky swear) All together, ohmohmohmohmsetdelayssetdelaysohmohm. It seemed that people that read the book read it early and read a bunch of books after, making it somewhat more difficult to recall in detail. And everyone that didn't read the book didn't care either way. So earlier it is!

There was also an idea put forth by keeshlo to have a movie club post; and that morphed in the idea of doing a book that has been or will be made into a movie, so that people can also participate that way. I think that's an awesome idea! That will limit the book list a little bit, but as there are metric TONNES of movies made from books (you know, before they started basing them on whatever Michael Bay scribbled on a bar napkin), we should be good.

So please! Go ahead and leave your suggestions in the comments below! Then we'll have it all in one place, woo hoo!

Great night, errybody, can't wait until the next!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

LIfe After Life Post #2!

Just started a new post so we don't have to scroll / refresh so much! So now where were we...

Book Club Meet #2: Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

Woot woot, it's time errybody!! Let's talk Life After Life.

Don't forget to think of suggestions for next month!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

UPDATE: DATE CHANGE: Book Club Meet for Life After Life, April 27th

Hi everyone,

I'm really sorry, I need to change the date of the book club meet for this week. I had an online issue and I just wanna make sure all is quiet on the Western Canadian front before going ahead. Plus I am not done the book! I had a wonky copy for my ereader so it's making me behind.

So sorry everyone, I really hope that's okay!


Now moved to April 27 as per comments below, I know how lame it is to send so late, sorry everyone!!