Saturday, 28 February 2015

BWW Girls S2:E7 "Video Games"

This oughta be fun! Video Games and my favourite ladies! Yaaaayyy!

Everyone's looking very dirty hippie in the available pics

BWW House of Cards S3:E2 Part 2 & PostMortem


BWW House of Cards S3:E2 Chapter Lots

We left Stamper having a  hooker squirt bourbon into his mouth while being "rough", squick squick squick,  and Frank and Claire having a wee power struggle as to whether or not Claire was appointed something important sounding.

I wonder what's going on with Jackie and Whonk3?

Join in new people! Returning people! ANY people! It's a great show

BWW House of Cards Season 3 Premiere Part 2!


Stamper lives!

BWW House of Cards Season 3 Premiere!!

And I hear it's a gooder!

Best.scene.ending so far!

Once we've all checked in, we'll start!

House of Cards Season 3 Premier at 1:30! Epi 2 @ 7:30!

So we made it in time, and then didn't watch day of the new season drop. That makes....NO sense. Mostly my fault, my bad, but we're ripsnorting waiting to get at it!

Join us at 1:30 to see what the hooligans in Washington have been up to, won't you? I'll bring cookies! Claire will bring wine. Ice wine

Thursday, 26 February 2015

BWW House of Cards Season 2 FINALE Part 2!

Continues! !

More scheming, more camera / face time, squeee!!

BWW House of Cards Season 2 FINALE!!

And we're SO EXCITED!!

I can't believe we actually made it in time! I don't know what Meaux will do, having to wait a WHOLE DAY before binge-watching the entire next season in a meth-like haze.

House of Cards Season 2 FINALE at 1:30!

So! 57 minutes to get to the spoiler shown in the promos for Season 3!

Join us, won't you? I'm sure there will be plenty of shouting!

Which makes me think of this commercial,  which is brilliant. I'm not giving up on the NBA stuff, no I'm not!

No, we're MUCH MORE EXCITED than Tim Duncan! It's funny because he's an emotionless robot whose strength is doing the same boring thing over and over. He even got called for a technical foul once because the referee caught him smiling. FOR REAL! It's like watching paint dry, except less interesting,  but they win a lot. Whatever, San Antonio Spurs! Consistency is for aholes! And NBA championships, apparently

Thanks again to everyone that showed up for Bookie's birthday yesterday, was awesome to see you!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

BWW House of Cards S2:E12

We left Frank and Claire smoking a virtual cigarette over Meacham's calculating melon, two episodes left, what could POSSIBLY happen?

Side note: I'm worried about the President. He seems to be internalizing a LOT

Happy Birthday Bookie Social! Woo Hoo!

Happy anniversary to us all!

Happy Birthday Bookie!

From its humble beginnings as  place to not irritate CDaNers with ALLS the OT (and fungally toes) to its current humble incarnation as a place to watch Kevin Spacey mack on the hired help, can you believe it's been a year???? Me either! We've had almost 1140 posts and well over 163,000 comments and have watched more TV than I would have thought possible for a group ranging from 6 to 30. A year!

And what a fraught, weird, terrifying, awful, amazing year. People came,  but mostly went, we read some great books and some slightly less awesome books (you suck, Hard G, but your books don't,  2/3 times) and discovered that mini-meets are really the SHITE. CDaN changed too, with what has to be the most poorly received site redesign in history.

Bookie is, and has always been for laughs. For kicks, for mindless and not so mindless (Liane Moriarty,  you made me THANK THANGS) entertainment. We watch award shows, addictive shows, read books and mostly just hang and see how many times we can use the word bagina in a post.

Happy Birthday Bookies!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

BWW House of Cards S2:E11 Part 2 & PostMortem


BWW House of Cards S2:E11

And we hear it's a gooder!!

BWW: Girls S2:E5 & 6

Patrick Wilson guest stars! It's nice to relax and watch something full of just normal twenties-angst, as opposed to everything else we've been watching, that all seems so fraught.

Oh yeah, and this happens

NapTime Watch: Girls; House of Cards at 7:30!

Something funny and light for naptime today, no Roamer Apocalypse or scheming southern democrats, just lots of awkward sex scenes with constantly nekkid Hannah Horvath. Yaaaayyy. It'll be fun!  Let's play the Quiet Game! Season 2 episodes 5 and 6 up today, 5 featuring  Patrick Wilson,  who always looks like a hawt Will Arnett to me.

We've had two whole days off from House of Cards, anyone else feeling twitchy? Well, more than normal? I knew it!

Meaux was VERY CLEAR that she wanted to group-watch this episode, so I can only guess it is chock full of skanky goodness. That is not a reflection of the lurve I have for Meaux Meaux, I just know how she roll.

Dancing With the Stars

It's back!  Season 20 cast has been announced and I am beside myself!  I've always loved Suzanne Somers (she also might bring a little nutty medical nonsense to the show).  ADORE Redfoo for some unknown reason!  Potato Head Willis should be interesting to watch as well!  Also, Derek is back!

Here's our cast:

Patti LaBelle with Artem

Robert Herjavec with Kym (He's on Shark Tank)

Charlotte Mckinney with Keo (She's a Carl's Jr. model)

Suzanne Somers with with Tony

Noah Galloway with Sharna (He's a wounded vet)

Willow Shields with Mark (Prim from The Hunger Games)

Rumer Willis with Val

Riker Lynch with and Alison (He's a singer)

Redfoo and Emma (LMFAO singer)

Derek gets the ringer OF COURSE.  Nastia Liukin (Gymnast)


Image result for dwts season image

Monday, 23 February 2015

BWW: The Bachelor

Part Three!

Image result for the bachelor image

BWW: The Bachelor

Part Two!

Image result for the bachelor image

BWW: The Bachelor

It's the Fantasy Suite!  Who will accept?  Oh please, they always do!

Image result for the bachelor image

Bookie Birthday Week! Bachelor Tonight at 6!

Can anyone believe it's been a year already?? I can't! But this Wednesday it will be, so we'll be having a Bookie Birthday Social. 6ish. Around there. Pop by and say hi!

Other than that, we've got The Bachelor tonight at 6 and House of Cards tomorrow at 7:30.

Have a great Monday! STILL upset for poor Best Batman, all of Britain aside (the ones not going for Cumberpickle), so here's a pic

BWW: The Walking Dead "The Distance"

Sorry I'm late!

Who dis? Rick and I seem similarly skeptical of that much good hygiene

Sunday, 22 February 2015

BWW Oscars 2015 Part 6 and After Party!

Aaaaand Eddie takes it!


But, you know,  congrats and shite

BWW The Oscars Part 5

Huh. Scarlet Johannssen looks very booby and jolly green giant?  Just me? Anyway! BEST PICTURE has to be up soon!

BWW: Oscars 2015 Part 4

I don't know where we are!! Did this one go yet?

BWW The Oscars 2015 Part 3

Lessee, we've had a funny Pole, a thinks-he's-funny Brit and a mostly nekkid NPH! Good stuff!

Whose gottit??

BWW The Oscars Part 2

Continues! NPH is killing it!

so did this guy!

Canuck invasion!

BWW The Academy Awards 2015

And we begin!! Go gettim, NPH!!

Oscars 2015 Red Carpet Part 4

I don't mean to toot Rosamunde Pike's tooter, but this dress is fantastic on her:

Honestly, though, the bottom was a bit too topographical for me

Oscars 2015 Red Carpet Part 3

I like this Anna Kendrick outfit

But Margot Robbie in her bathrobe at the Oscars impressed NO ONE

Oscars 2015 Red Carpet

Is it wrong that I wanna see just one tiny fashion trainwreck? If it is, I don't wanna be right. Just the one. Everyone else can look as fantastic as they want, just gimme that one.

In the meanwhile!

Patricia Arquette looked nice but needed to brush her hairs

Oscars 2015: PRE-Red Carpet & Red Carpet! !

Because apparently this is a thing. ANYWAY! Oscars! Yay!! Red Carpet!!

Let's see what the best dressed will be this year! Or, more importantly, the worst dressed!

Best commercial so far! From the Super Bowl

Happy Oscar Sunday! Have A Raspberry!

The Razzies happened, and Cameron Diaz got the worst of it; which I'm so sure she cares all about, with her new marriage and stacks of money to roll around atop.

For clarity's sake;  she won the Razzie for The Other Woman, not Sex Tape,  the other piece of crap she was in. Annie, her other movie last year,  won worst rip-off or sequel. So, essentially,  I'm guessing the whole year was a bit of a write-off for Ms. Diaz.

Here's what I always say aboot her: she's beautiful, can't act. Cannot act at ALL. She's got by on that beautiful face and new bolt-ons for years, but eventually you have to offer something more than azz. Because there are a lot of people ready to not act and shake THEIR azzes and that is an easier game at 19 than it is at 40. Acting lessons! You can do it,  Cammie!! And some Oscar music!

Kirk Cameron got it for Saving Christmas

Which I didn't even realise existed. Isn't that like shooting fish in a fundamentalist-shaped barrel?

 Oh and they hated the Transformers movies, but loved The Baffleck. He's been fully forgiven for Gigli. By the four people that saw it.

Sandra Bullock will always have my complete respect because she WENT to the Razzies to accept her award, the same year she won for The Blind Side. Represent!!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

BWW House of Cards S2:E10

Episode 10!! 10!! We're so close I can almost smell Air Force One!

I'm afraid to look up this possibly-imagined threeway with the Wonder Twins (SPOILERS), but I did hear an interesting theory involving the minister and President Pablum and Joanna GoingInsecurelyAbootHerBusiness. We'll have to wait and see! I don't wanna get everyone's hopes up, it may have been wishful thinking on my part.

This one is directed by Robin Wright, according to our Meaux!

BWW House of Cards S2:E9

Poor Stamper. His poorly written obsession with his lady love is for naught. She's into Innies. Sad horns

Join us in mocking the homicidal bastage and breathlessly awaiting a possibly mis-seen threeway scene with Frank, Claire and unknown male, won't you?

Starts at 7:30! We're almost caught up!

Presents! OITNB and Game of Thrones

Apparently, the old gods and the new are smiling upon us: , they don't like Larry on OITNB either!  Which is a shame, I gather the actual Larry is a great guy, see what artistic license can do to you? Season 3 still set to drop in June this year. WHEN?? Thanks for the heads up, James!

I'm almost done Season 4 of Game of Thrones and I have two new favourite couples;  I'm enjoying them as I'm positive they'll be killed any day. 

Arya and The Hound

And Littlefinger and Sansa, who uses the creepiest pickup line in history:

Oscar Saturday: Seriously, You've GOT To Read This Site

If you haven't been reading the Oscar coverage on The Hollywood Reporter, you are missing the best part of awards season, honestly. Even BETTER than Deppschwasted!! The best part of the show itself is still this guy, acourse

Some of the gems: where dewd votes for his friends and because of commercials he fcuking saw a million of. For real! Two votes for commercials! Plus, Selma came out too late but American Sniper didn't, although it came out a WEEK AFTER. He's also fcuking giving it to Keaton, mostly for being humble and being great in interviews. Man. I have GOT to see some of these interviews!  Apparently they're Oscar-worthy! Everyone says so

This ballot I actually dig.and I wish there were more of these guys voting. He is knowledgeable and votes what he actually thinks. And he WATCHED the movies! ^5!

There's also an awesome statuette by an artist on their site. I have no idea how I've not read this site before,  it's my new go-to. They have actual inside knowledge!  And cool shite. DONE

One more day!

Friday, 20 February 2015

BWW House of Cards S2:E8 Part 2 & PM

Continues. Post Mortem

BWW: House of Cards S2:E8

And on we go! 5 more after this one! No rest for the wicket! NO TIME!

Oscar Friday!

Two days, y'all! And, as promised, here is the post from The Hollywood Reporter, this time with Mo'Nique. More here!

In the interview, she's asked about her 2010 Academy Award win,  and what she thought the changes would be afterOscar; and says Lee Daniels told her she was blackballed. Now I love Mo'Nique, and I've been wondering why she disappeared.  Apparently not just me, she's been out of most things, I guess she was thought to not campaign enough for the Oscar. Didn't go to enough parties.

Lee Daniels released a blah statement about loving her, not so much her party line toe-ing. INNERESTING. Which sucks, really. She was fantastic in that terrifying movie and Lee Daniels made it sing. It could have been awful AND boring but he and she made it a horribe, visceral experience and I'm sorry they aren't working together anymore.

She makes a good point in that she didn't ask for the nomination, and she won anyway. Is that what the unnamed PR flack in the previous post was talking aboot? She didn't "want" it enough, the opposite of being too "needy", which thankfully, Birdman is not.

Oscars: The game continues!
Remember how we took the Hollywood Film Awards for granted?  Had we known then that would be the pinnacle of entertainment on award shows so far, maybe, just MAYBE we would have treated it with more respect. But probably not

Thank you Deppschwasted!! We didn't even know what we had!

Here's to hoping SOMEONE lets loose some of that awards season tension on Sunday!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

BWW House of Cards S2:E7 Part 2 & Post Mortem


BWW House of Cards S2:E7

The Ruination of Tusk (Whonk3), who's looking very Evil Elf these days

And also the Lurve and Lust of Douglas Stamper

Whispy Bits x 3 and House of Cards at 7:30 Tonight!

THIS looks like WAY more fun than The Oscars are promising! I vote for Hipster Patriarchy!

Just needed MOAR NORM!

I am trying to follow this woman's account of self-loathing and I feel as though I missed a whole bunch. Anyone? Or is it just me?

Hey! How come everyone else gets to see Game of Thrones a MONTH before we do?? what a bunch of SHITE!

In honour of Orvi: who would you rather? Tyrion Lannister, Jamie Lannister, or Jon Snow?

See? Watching 50 Shades could always be worse!! Sooooo, a single dude was watching it alone...did not get that was a demographic.

Bookie Wook This Week

Bit of a full slate this week, woo hoo! We have quite a few things coming up; check this tab for information as it develops.

To recap; we have  7 episodes of House of Cards to finish and only 8 days to do it. EEK. To that end, we've got one scheduled every night / day, with the exception of Saturday, where I threw in a double header instead of a movie  because we've got the Oscars all day Sunday. I threw in a naptime watch for Friday, as l can't do an evening myself. If everyone would rather do evening, I will pre watch!  Lemme know! This part requires an answer, please!!

As above, we have the Oscars Sunday, and Bookie's Frist Birthday next Wednesday!  Woo hoo! Please let everyone know! I'll do my bit, dig up who you can! It would be lovely to see people

Reno has suggested Liane Moriarty's book "Big Little Lies" for a book club meet; date TBA.

See you tonight!