Tuesday, 31 March 2015

BWW The Wire S1:E1 Continues

Just in case....


So I saw approximately one woman listed; but honestly, there's gotta be more than one,  right? ? Surely someone we know even!

BWW The Wire S1:E1

And away we go!! I'm gonna clock how long it takes until we see someone we know: we should do bingo!

We're listening!

Bookie Wook Starting The Wire Tonight at 7:30!

We're replacing our House of Cards addiction with a new dramuh: The Wire

It's from HBO, so I really have high hopes. And you would not BELIEVE who is in this show!!!

First up: Dominic West aka Jasper the Debbil from 28 Days, also late of The Affair and previously from 300 (it won't be fast, you won't enjoy it, etc)

IDRIS!! WOO HOO! Of possible upcoming Bond fame

Littlefinger!! Otherwise known as Aiden Gillen, see what a little facial hair can do?? Wall Street (or whatever Baltimore's version of WS is):

 Game of Thrones:

Guys!!! We get Tyreese back! Yay!! And looking fiiiine

Oh. And Bob from The Walking Dead too. Yaaaay. Hopefully he furrows his brow like that a lot, for something completely different

Aaannd Seth Gilliam, who we know and dislike firmly as canned goods hoarder Gabriel

Not everyone knows Michael L Williams, but I've been enjoying his work on every single incarnation of CSI as the brooding scar-face guy for years. He draws the eye and I hear this is his breakout role. I'm looking forward to seeing it!

Also; can I just say:

1) Game of Thrones has just about gutted Europe for all available acting talent

2) Their characters are impossible to separate

I'm watching Broadchurch now, having finished The Fall (for NOW. C'mon season.3! SPOILER ALERT!! I need to know if my psychopath lives and who else Stella is going to promote and bang completely unprofessionally) and it has Grey Worm and Waldo Frey from Game of Thrones and I want go feel all achy and terrible for Waldo, but I can't BECUZ: Red Wedding.

I figure I will work my way through every British show out there and eventually see the entire GoT cast in street clothes, like Barristan Selmy and Lord Bolton in The Fall.

See you tonight! ! So excited!

Dark Places Trailer redux!

Monday, 30 March 2015


Part three!

Image result for dancing with the stars mirror ball


Part Two!
Image result for dancing with the stars 2015 cast


I'll miss you Redfoo!  I think we should start voting, people!

Image result for dancing with the stars 2015 redfoo

Sunday, 29 March 2015

BWW The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Continues!

Part 2

BWW The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale!!

Carol or Daryl???? CAROL OR DARYL MOFOS???? Don't answer that!!

I'm excited but the trepidation is killing me! Dang you Talking Dead, dang you all to heck.

BWW Drag Race S7:E4 Spoof! There It Is!

Bow down for the QUEEN, huntys!

Anyone else wanna see what Miss Fame is gonna do?? She's been under the radar and I wanna see her WERK

Happy Drag Race and Walking Dead Finale Day!!!

So that can only mean one thing!


Are you excited? ?? I'm SO excited! ! I also finished The Fall and am ready to talk if anyone would like...I'm making wings for tonight, anything special going on other than all this awesomesauce TV tonight??



Saturday, 28 March 2015

Weeky Whispy Bits

The Walking Dead companion series finally has an official name: Fear The Walking Dead and apparently will be set in Los Angeles and filmed, at least partially, in Vancouver. Woo hoo! Canucklehead zombies rotting as we speak!

You can go over THERE for a timeout

Kind of a cool article on The Khaleesi, did you know she's going to be Sarah Connor in the new Terminator movie??. And that Jamie Lannister was in The Other Woman? I might even watch that now!  As always, The Hollywood Reporter is a wealth of knowledge

Lookit how unrecognizable she is in her natural hair colour!

And as we usually see her (with less bewbs oot)


 Rolling Stone has a story about George Carlin's website posting some recovered recordings, I dig it. He was the only part of Jersey Girl that wasn't completely cringe-inducing. But still was. His standup is what it means to be standup

Gillian Anderson talks The Fall and Jamie Dornan's range, but I was more taken by the fact that she considers herself sort of pansexual (not ravenously so, sit DOWN TexasTRex!) in that she has been in relationships with both genders and doesn't get hung up on that innie / outtie business. INteresting.

And the teaser trailer for season 3! Which I'm not watching because I am finishing season 2 tonight. Which I'm not really getting, because I hear there is a cliffhanger, but he's in prison...on video with a victim....

SPRINK! Paging Sprink! Check in Sprink(les)!!

BWW Naptime Watch: Girls S3:E4 & 5!

We need to ease into this Bookie Wook Watching business, what with a triple-header scheduled tomorrow: Drag Race (SQUEE!!), the season finale of The Walking Dead (SQUEE!! But I'm sure it will be AWFUL), and The Talking Dead with Carol and Daryl.

SO. A good preparation show is Girls!  Lighthearted, stoopid and offensive as it is charming. Also: THANKS FOR RUINING ALMOST ALL SEX. We're rolling Season 3 epis 4 and 5, meet back here at 1:30-2-ish! For more of this

Of COURSE Jessa is toooo cool to throw up those horns. Of COURSE

Friday, 27 March 2015

Bookie Suggestion: Moody Bitches

I've picked up this book at the recommendation of a fambly member (and with the help of TFOAM) ; I'm gonna suggest it for a bookie club read after the other three. So this is a heads up! We could even mini-meet it in between, as it is a specific interest book and not fiction. Anyway, it is:

I've already been hounding peeps about it, check it oot! It's about the over-medication of society, specifically women, but also in general. Including antipsychotics and antidepressants, which made me think of this quote.  Related:

Thursday, 26 March 2015

RuPaul's Drag Race Moved to Sunday

We've had a few schedule conflicts this week with Drag Race, and the beautiful part of watching a taped version is that we can dooze it whenever. So! To that end,  we'll be pouring one out for our homey Jasmine

And rolling RuPaul's Drag Race S7:E4 this Sunday at 6 pm blog time, right before

THE WALKING DEAD SEASON FINALE, Motherhumpers! WOO HOO!! I haven't forgotten about what you did, Michonne. Eyes onnit

I am SO WORRIED that these two are on The Talking Dead: it's ALWAYS people that die! ALWAYS

Come. Light a toilet candle for Daryl and Carol. See you then!

Monday, 23 March 2015


Part three!

Image result for dwts mirror ball image


Part two!

Sorry, this picture is so wrong, but I couldn't help it!!!



I hope Redfoo doesn't go just yet!  Waddya think?  Either him or the bewbs gal?


BWW The Talking Dead


Look how cute Coral was!!

BWW The Walking Dead S5:E 15 Try

Which makes me think of...

But I'm sure there will be more face-eating. Also less Annie Potts, who is the SHITE

Anyway! Once we're all here, we'll begin our delayed gratification!

The Walking Dead at NapTime and DWTS Live Chat Tonight!

There should be lotsa flowing skirts and hopefully much less sparkly workout gear tonight,  ALWAYS  a blast. Here! Look! Rumer Willis being the smug ahole we know she really is on Good Morning America.  KEO!

Also, we watch The Walking Dead S5: E Try and maaaaybbbe The Talking Dead; don't know that I would call it a BLAST exactly,  but as its the penultimate episode of this season, we might see some good action? Oh. And bye Noah. Still remember Tyreese, yo

X Files Getting Closer to Happening; The Fall

It sounds very much as though the X-Files actually be returning, and while never a fan, exactly, I always dug Gillian Anderson. I think it's an orange/ginge thing. She looks fantastic these days, Duchovny sllliiiightly less agreeably weathered.


Since we're talking about GA....How about The Fall?? I've just finished Season 1 and for the first time they've addressed his looks, which, to me at least, was a giant nicely bearded elephant in the room

I've no idea what will happen in Season 2, but as far as I can tell, the same murderer is back. It's been very much like Game of Thrones for me in that I root for all the wrong people and I watch the murder scenes through my fingers.

I would almost be a comedy of errors, everything going wrong for the dashing Spector, except for all the killing. I don't know if I've seen a serial killer portrayed like this before,  with a family and erratic behaviour giving absolutely everyone red flags to wave.

Does anyone watching understand the bit with the teenage babysitter? Is she just a (really gross) cover, or was there actual subtext I missed, maybe while watching through my fingers.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Reminder:No Walking Dead Tonight!

The lovely Reno has a race and Charlie doesn't have a DVR, so we're watching The Walking Dead at NapTime tomorrow.  No commercials! Woo hoo!

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

Behind the Scenes: Stylists and The Fall

The Hollywood Reporter has a fun article on the stylists from awards season and mostly I'm indifferent except that I'm happy to be able to put a face to who deliberately dresses Keira Knightly like this

And who we can thank for

This is why I will never be fashionable.

So, what's up today?  I started watching The Fall last night, Jamie Dornan is quite good in that, understated and all quiet menace. So I get why he would easily be cast for 50 Shades, same role, just moar pseudo BDSM  and less serial killer, but it didn't translate as well in 50 SOG. Ah well. Beardy Jamie for Veronica!

Gillian Anderson is quite good as well, all strawberry blonde iciness, except when she's randomly inviting strange cops to her hotel room after barely an intro. Get it, girl. It will be interesting to see how it turns oot.

Another thing about The Fall; it has Barristan Selmy and Lord Bolton in it from Game of Thrones, it's so odd to see those guys in regular clothes!  Picture these guys:

In a bespoke and cops off the rack suit, respectively. Can't do it, can ya?! Especially Barristan

Saturday, 21 March 2015

BWW House of Cards Season 3 Finale Part 2

Continues!! Part 2 and post partum

BWW House of Cards S3:E13 Season 3 Finale!

Now with lots of this!!

And hopefully even more of this, because we do hate it when Mom and Dad fight.

But I am trying, unsuccessfully, to manage my expectations so that I'm not disappointed when nobody gets shoved in front of a form of mass transportation.

Does anyone else feel as though Remy and Jackie getting back together was anticlimactic?  I thought I'd be all humpy and happy and really, it was kind of uncomfortable. I couldn't stop picturing Jackie having to explain to her step kiddos that her 6 month marriage was for a nomination she no longer wanted

Emmys Messing With Netflix

In Trying to Make Emmy's Interesting News: Orange is the New Black has been switched out of the Comedy category and over to Drama, along with Shameless (starting in a week and a half!) , Jane the Virgin (hear is super funny) and Glee (how you holding up, Reno?). June 6 you guys!!

Now I will say I never really saw OITNB as a comedy anyway, sure, it had slapstick moments, but all the stabbing and random church fisting made it not highLARRYus exactly. The problem is that now The 'Flix is up against itself for House of Cards. I wouldn't want to have to choose (OITNB all.damn.day).

Shameless I kiiiiiind of buy as a comedy, although it's listed as a dramedy, which totally isn't a word. Excuse for picture of Jeremy Allen White's eyes though!

What do you guys think? Does this make the upcoming Emmy's seem more exciting? Hey! I hear Betty White is getting an award!! That oughtta help!

Meaux! Veronica! There is a show on the How To Kill Your Wife Channel called Vanity Fair Confidential;  this Sunday they are covering the Robert Durst situation!  VFC sounds like a very cool show

House of Cards Season 3 Finale Tonight at 7:30!

Tonight!  We see how we can possibly twist and bend any further with Frank and Claire. Remember! Claire has a speech to make.

This whole last episode has been about how much better she tests than Frank, how much more people prefer her, which, honestly, between you and me and the fencepost: what a crock of shite. She's as warm as a Titanic sinker and about as personable. No WAY she comes across better than Frank, especially if he actually got elected initially.

There she is! Miss Warmth and Likeability 2015

ALSO: she couldn't even do the ambassador-ship job, which was supposed to be a gimme, so much so that she insisted on it,  even when not supported. So now we're supposed to buy that she believes she's qualified to run the country because people care enough to pick out a colour and style of hair they like best on her? Come the fcuk on, Bridget

Anyway, I'm talking out my my rear passage as USUAL, so I will stop and look forward to seeing you tonight to see what will actually happen!

Side note: Robin Wright directed that one and I think more than one before: good to see she's got the business side werking