Thursday, 30 April 2015

BWW RuPaul's Drag Race S7:E9 Divine Inspiration

We're almost done this btch ladeez, and I am not happy about it! At least they brought back one more gurl to drag it out a little longer. So we pour one out for our Miss Jaidynn Diore Fierce, she of the great Bianca impression and horrible HORRIBLE off-drag look

Hunty, I didn't want to look at it either.

 Great Bianca!

I already know who goes home tonight and I am NOT HAPPY!! On we roll

Austin Drag Fest!

Just when I didn't think Austin could get any cooler, they threw an International DragFest!! HuffPo has a piece and look who's coming!!

LADY BUNNY!! Courtney Act!! Adore Delano!! Jiggly Caliente!! Aghghghhhhhhhh to be in Austin! ! More info can be found at the official website and goodonya, Austin. Looks like

Hmmmm y no Bianca?? Where my conspiracy theorists? ?

GoT: Surprise!

I learned some new things today!! That disgusting psycho what castrates people for kicks is actually an accomplished musician.

Peter Dinklage has a daughter! With a stupid name and cute hurr

Kit Harington is totes adorbs with a cigarette in his piehole

Also, have been thinking about smoking since I started watching The Affair. Unrelated

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Additional Bookie Wook Watches This Week

We'll be doing a re-watch of the DWTS 10th Anniversary Special this Friday night, and looking at a triple header of OITNB on Saturday, as well as an afternoon Wire Friday. As always, you can check it oot on the Schedule tab but here is a breakdown because I dig redundancy

Wednesday, April 29: 6:00 pm Book Club meet for Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Thursday, April 30: 7:30 pm RuPaul's Drag Race

Friday,  May 1: 1:45 pm The Wire, 7:30 pm DWTS 10th Anniversary Special

Saturday,  May 2:1:45 pm & 7:30 pm: Orange Is The New Black

See y'all for some or all, peace ooot

Book Club Tonight at 6 pm; Wild by Cheryl Strayed

See everyone at 6:00 pm for discussion of

Aka: the boot book

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Tenth Anniversary Night!
Let's try this again!

Image result for dwts 10th anniversary image

Happy Birthday Steamy!!

Yay Steamy! ! One year later and I hope you go dancing in your polka dot dress again! All the best, lady!

*horn blowing*

Cake and brains for everyone! !

Monday, 27 April 2015


Part Two!
Oh yeah..........

Image result for dwts maksim meryl image


It's the tenth anniversary of DWTS!  We have former contestants and pros coming back for the night!

For Meaux!  

Image result for dwts maksim image

Image result for dwts maksim image


Okay, "news" is a bit of a stretch, but, new pictures are oot! I couldn't find the location,  so I just snagged my favourites:

Apparently, there's gonna be a new character based on Martha Stewart, which is so bizarres, because there's a character on Wentworth that is SO exactly how I pictured MS in prison.  Jack be bitchy, and in charge


SparklePants Music Vid!

This is the sparkliest diss track ever, of course it's Mimi and of COURSE it had to be posted on SparklePants day!

Talking aboot corny like Fritos...

Palate cleanse! Mascot!

Dancing With The Stars 10th Anniversary Tonight!

So is that 10 years or 10 seasons?  Because if seasons, that would be 4 years and.if years, approximately eleventy thousand. Either way, it's Eras Night tonight and previous dancers are coming! Like....

Mack Daddy Mack says whut?


Speaking of swirling news, rumours abound re: Prince Farming and his Farming Princess to be, but I don't buy it. It's lurve, I saw it on TV! Related:

One-Head will NOT be dancing with the stars post-prison

MOAR Jazz Hands!

I was ecstatic to see legit jazz hands news the other day while railing about the furor over straight dudes being not allowed to dress in drag (the acceptance protocol begs the question of what dudes will have to do to be able to get their drag on: will suck c*ck for frocks?), but I realized that not everyone might know what jazz hands are! Here's a helpful video:

Now slick back your hair! And no more scaring all those talkers by expressing your appreciation for their verbosity by clapping! 

I know I've posted this before,  but another primer. In a pinch, Spirit Fingers can be substituted for jazz hands,  but you'll need some bumpin EDM instead of show tunes

Sunday, 26 April 2015

BWW Game of Thrones S5:E3 High Sparrow


I was so struck my Lancel's transformation on the season opener, as Veronica would say, from this

From a young Martha Stewart

To this

To fcukable, with one cut of the scissors

And the revelation that Ciercey was cheating on her BROTHER with her COUSIN which is just so impossibly inbred that I almost missed how much Sansa Stark had changed; from a lovely redairhead

To Morticia Adams post posh English education accent

BWW Wolf Hall

Just in time for the honeymoon! Here's the blushing bride now!

Looking so happy she could just poop

On we go!

BWW OITNB S1:E3 Lesbian Request Denied

And here we meet and greet in greater  detail the awesome Crazy Eyes, she of the compassionate jalapeño peppers:

You can almost smell the anticipation!  Bring your buttered armpit corn and fleur de sel, let's roll!

Bookie Wook Sunday Watches

We're running a NapTime watch of OITNB S1:E3 at 1:30-ish

Followed by Wolf Hall at 8 and then

More flirting...


Most excellent guitar riff, Jon

Saturday, 25 April 2015

In Preparation For The WHCD...The Red Carpet Post!

You've gotta read this article and watch the videos, if only to see Our Southern Democrat lose his shite over spanx. Okay, I'll post it, but watch / read the other too! Promise?? PINKY SWEAR?? Okay

Friday, 24 April 2015



Willem: the BLOW

47 candles for our Meaux Meaux! !

a few of your favourite things!

BWW DAAM: To Live And Die in LA Pt 2


MOAR Petersen!!

Dinner and a Movie: To Live and Die in LA and Counterfeit Gumbo!

Here it is!! So excited! Seriously,  I hear the opening beats of that song and I can feel it in my belleh! Woo hoo!

May I present:

Starring a curly-haired smoking and smokin' William Peterson

And an angularly sexy Willem DaFoe. Woo hoo, let's roll!!

Dinner and a Movie: Counterfeit Gumbo

This here is an old We*ght W*tchers recipe I used to death back in the day; yes, I admit it, I used diet margarine!  I didn't know any better! ! Anyway, it was called Faux because it hasn't got two of the main things associated with gumbo: roux and filè powder. Instead, diet margarine. Stick with me! It's actually delish! I've moved on to butter

Dinner and a Movie Tonight!

Tonight at 7:30 we are rolling the cult classic To Live And Die in LA, where William Petersen ruled in tight stonewashed jeans and cowboy boots:

Counterfeit Gumbo recipe to be posted shortly!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

BWW Drag Race S7:E8 Continues

Part 2!

BWW: RuPaul's Drag Race S7:E8 Conjoined Twins

So we maybe bid adieu to Max last week

And maybe not...but I just had to show who I keep going on aboot: Milk. Max has EXACTLY the same weird, angular vibe and even some really similar costumes. Milk was Season 5, here he is

He ironically got sent home the one time he dressed as a woman, anyway, that's why I kept screaming MILK when Max pulled shite like this

Anyway! BECKS IS BACK!! Woo hoo!! Let's roll, motherpluckers! Let's find out who's coming back!

Daraaaaag Thursday: The New Fauxtrage

So, you're a dude. Say you're a dude that likes to have a few pints with your mates and sometimes,  you like to do it in a dress. For kicks, right? You know what I'm talking about, even if you've never observed the Halloween Slut / Drag allowances.

There are several Drag FootRaces done by rugby players in drag, this is totally a thing

However, apparently, this is enough of an issue that the NUS Women's Conference actually banned straight men from wearing drag as fancy dress. Allow me to say: you've got to be fucking kidding me. But no! There is support! And pushback from ruggers that want to pull birds? Is what I got from that, although I wouldn't swear on a stack on non-denominational meditation books that means what I think it means.

I mean HONESTLY. Soooooo straight cisgendered men putting on a dress is something that needs to be regulated?  Monitored? SURELY these people have more important things to pretend to be mad aboot? It reminds me of when Chet The Mormon on The Real World said that there was acceptance of all. Except frat boys.

Part of it, I'm sure, is that drag is so much more mainstream these days. I mean, someone even tried to compare Mama Ru's show to some lameass albeit primetime celebrity lipsyncing show

Back to the real raisin detter: gorgeous huntys, punk rock and pageant queens:. I don't care how my ladeez get their beejes, standing or kneeling. Just.don't.matter.

You go Alyssa. You ain't got no back rolls
Let's keep the fauxtrage out, kay, guuuurls?