Sunday, 31 May 2015

Game of Thrones S5:E8 Hardhome

Hardhome INDEED

Poor Schmexy Ser Friendzone

Some discussion points for this episode:

1)  Ahh Tyrion: The Greatest Lannister Killer of all time. Still the best lines: killing and politics aren't ALWAYS the same thing. Just when awake. Why can't Tyrion find love with someone like Daenerys? He has the most beautiful eyes. When do you think Dany will call off her engagement to Borrrrrrraq?

2)  Where IS Varys??

3) Alas poor Jorah: 60 year old fighting dewds don't last that long

4)  Ciercey doesn't do prisoner well and that Septent has clearly never heard of Good Cop. I love that Lancel's Dad, that was so disrespectful of Ciercey's authority, will now be the Hand. Yay Uncle Kevan!

5)  Oh great. More lying practice for Arya. Nice braids and Ja'Quen but she still asks too many damn questions and BlondBobNoviate has it out for her fo SHO. Jelly?? Also: I bet the dock smells like fish arse.

6)  Belief is SO OFTEN the death of reason. True Story

7)  Tommen's 12, yo. He's doing the best he can. His mom and PedoWife are locked up

8)  Ah Reek. Feck off. You don't deserve any sympathy. But he spills about her brothers. Hmmmm. YOU STILL KILLED TWO SMALL BOYS AND BURNED THEM YOU PIECE OF SHITE

9)  Roose Bolton has the most beautiful incongruous voice. Ramsay quotes the book title: A Feast For the Crows and paraphrases I Just Need Twenty Good Men

10) THE WHEEL SPEECH!! Ooooh. Shivers, Dany!

11) Lurve Samwell, and now he has his GillyFish. Off to the shower you too, there's a good new couple covered in luvstank. I DON'T LIKE SAMWELL SMILING. THEY BETTER NOT KILL HIM

12) In the Wildling camp: Exactly what pattern is that camoflage supposed to be? Looks very much like white leather attacked by leaky toner cartridge. The Lord of Bones swore! But he also called Jon Snow a pretty crow so I'll let it slide. Das Sound Machine!! DSM! DSM! Sorry, Karsi, Jon only lays with gingers but he IS prettier than both of Redbeard's daughters! Long live King Crow! Those skeleton special effects are very 1988, think Return of the Living Dead but not as sophisticated. And much bloodier. I watched most of this through my fingers.

13) HOW DID JON'S SWORD DO THAT??? Ribbed For Her Pleasure's beautiful axe didn't do that!! Was there Dragon Glass? I didn't see any dragon glass!

14) Oh HAYULL no!! Sunken eyed child skeletons that EAT YOU?? THATZNOTOKAY!!


16) The White Walker Leader looks just like Ryan Murphy.

17) Annnnd they're all up again. This is bad, y'all

VERONICA! What did you think???

BWW OITNB S1:E11 Tall Men With Feelings

You know what that title makes me think of?

That's right, my favourite tall man with feelings, Vince Vaughn. Behold the glory:

Kinda makes Owen Wilson look like Adam Levine, right? Hey! He's gonna be in True Detective 2 soon! Here's Colin Farrell discussing the strong female characters (FINALLY), no decent Vince links, but I'll keep looking!

See you back here at 7:30-ish!!

Saturday, 30 May 2015

BWW OITNB S1:E10 Bora Bora Bora

So last time we were supposed to feel sorry for:

1) Alex, who had a challenging upbringing and has risen to the occasion by being her very own brand of ahole

 2) Larry, who *baby voice* had to throw Thanksgiving all by himself in his parents multi-million dollar apartment and who couldn't even get an NPR guy to give him airspace to talk about how hard it is to be engaged to someone in prison *end baby voice*

3) Chapman, who got thrown in the SHU on trumped up booty rubbing charges. And then decided that was the time to tell the person keeping her there that he was pathetic

But who I really worried about:

Taystee. Who has nowhere to go, no idea how to be out of an institution,  and exactly four feet of space to live in. Which is less than the room she had in prison.

so. Now Alex and Piper be banging again, any guesses what happens?

Trying this again at 1:45!!

Friday, 29 May 2015

BWW DAAM: Practical Magic Part 2


BWW Dinner and a Movie: Practical Magic

Tonight we roll the 1998 classic Practical Magic, starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman

But honestly, the cast is so deep. DEEP. Diane Wiest (Parenthood, Lost Boys), Stockard Channing (Rizzo!! From Grease!! And 6 Degrees Of Separation), too many to list but here,  IMDB did. Griffin Dunne directed!

We roll at 7:30 ish!

Gossip Of The Day!

I admit, I've spent the entire afternoon in the kitchen and I know as little aboot what's shaking as the bastage Jon Snow, but here's what I saw on our pals' websites!  Iffin I missed something big, you guys' d tell me, right?? I'd share my quiches!

I do know that Game of Thrones released a bunch of info about the finale including pictures of WhatsHisPout and see if you recognize:

10 bucks says Kit Harington asked for new lifts in his mukluks after he saw this shot

It's the German singer from Pitch Perfect 2!! Full circle

Illuminati Gossip has the info on an interesting new documentary hitting the 'Flix (as Steamy would say), I'd watch it. Of course, we've firmly established that I am a dirty.bird.

Royal Graffiti has a new exclusive Blind Item and I really need to get a WordPress account so I can start guessing over there.  Have you guys been checking it oot?

Speaking of Netflix....Orange Is The New Black is SO CLOSE!! We gotta get caught up!!! Tomorrow night?? Anyone in??

For now; the preeminent Crazy Eyes and her overactive epiglottis

DAAM: Practically Perfect Mini Quiches

This crustless mini quiche recipe is a new one I saw on MyFitnessPal, I switched it up somewhat, added this, changed this out, but kept the broccoli. These are super yummy high protein breakfast bites at a super low 29 calories each, check it oot!

Movie Friday: Pitch Perfect 2 Review

I saw PP2 last night and Reno saw it on Sunday, anyone else seen it? JSierra, I thought?  ANYWAY, let's discuss!!

Don't forget, Dinner and a Movie tonight: Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Diane Wiest!

Recipe is Practically Perfect Baby Quiches, two types! Crusted and crustless. Can I just say that crusted tastes waaay better than the visual that is conjured up by the word? So much better! Recipe shortly

Thursday, 28 May 2015

BWW Drag Race S7:E13


BWW: RuPaul's Drag Race: S7: E 13 Countdown to the Crown

And we're almost there!!!! I think this is the reminisce epi, plus the giving of the Miss Congeniality prize. As always, my money is on Ginge To Win and Katya for that backup prize, Hay HAY hay.

We roll!

NapTime BWW: OITNB S1:E9 Fcuksgiving

I was looking around for photos of Pensachuckie looking her finest, which I did:

But look at DAYA! Dayummmmm, amirite????

The title makes me think of my very frist gif, that a former friend helped me use on one of my very frist trolls:

Meet back here at 1:45!

Gossip, Yo! and Game of Thrones

I can't get over how different Emilia Clarke looks with her own hair:

And DOSE ABS! Insane

Anyway, she's done an interview with Marie Claire, did you know she was up for Ana in 50 Shades? I didn't,  but I think it's hilarious that she turned it down because she didn't want to be pigeon-holed. What was that, Khaleesi? Pardon, Mother of Dragons? I didn't quite catch that, Queen of Meereen

Illiminati is introducing the next royal couple, which are significantly hotter than whatswegot right now

Royal Graffiti has the deets on the WTF of the day. Also the FFS, JFC, for chrissakes and Get A Life, yo

Charlie posted this interview with funny ladies in comments yesterday, had to be moved up, too high-larry-us. Just another whore show! Hey, is it anti-feminist to not dig Amy Schumer? Cause I most certainly do not

Will update throughout the day!

Draaaaaagg Thursday: Bianca Biatches!

I love Bianca del Rio.  LURVE. She did a profane interview with Pollo Del Mar wherein she discussed Kathy Griffin, whom she hates and Joan Rivers, who she loved. Claws are oot, huntys!

I dig Kathy Griffin SO MUCH in teeny tiny little doses, but I get what she's saying about Kathy Griffin's show, there never was a punchline, like some if Collective Soul music, lotta buildup, not enough release. That does not refer to Gel:

I also adore that she called out Sharon Needles for being a douche. Gurl believes her own press, I'll give her that.  And like Violet Chachke, confidence is what she was selling. I just

Of course Bianca is #teamginge, she may be a Glamour Toad, but she's OUR Glamour Toad and she has the whole package, ladeez

I will say that this interview did NOT sound like the Bianca I knew and lubbed immediately on Drag Race. Lots more swearing and street talk, I always took her as an old skool insult comic; a la Don Rickles. Odd. Anyway!

From what I understand, Countdown to the Crown goes over the season tonight and, three finales are filmed and then next week Ru decides. I love how MamaRu does the final picking; none of that judge consensus bullshite.

See you tonight at 6, huntys!!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

BWW OITNB S1:E8 Moscow Mule Cont

Just in case!

And Pensachuckie does TrailerProm at the Golden Globes

BWW OITNB S1:E8 Moscow Mule

And this happens!  Yay!

Man I hate Alex

Gossip Round The Globe

OITNB tonight, y'all! S1:E8, come on by!

In the meantime, and in between time, Illuminati has a new blind, check it oot!

So does Royal Graffiti, Viper or Violet? AND they're remaking Point Break!! WHAT??

Nobody can highlight and feather their hair like this! NO ONE! thanks! That show is so traumatizing for body hair, I have no idea what that says about me

Horror movie fans! There is a list out analyzing the best and worst of recent remakes, and all I could think was: Texas Chainsaw Massacre AGAIN?? Haven't we already reached the peak of cinematic glory by having ShelfArse run until she's sweaty with her shirt tied up??

Next Book Club Selection and Book News

Since we've been doing a LOT of lavender scented pink spined books lately, we let a Bookie Dewd pick the next choice, it is Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline

Meet moved to next Wednesday, June 3, at 6 pm

In other book news, Glamour has the worst book picks EVER, seriously, Hot Feminist? Dafuq? The remix of the 80s book looks fun, though. But it's probably not, I mean, Hot Feminist?

The New York Times bestseller list is just FULL of disappointment for me, GoaT is still top 2, only knocked out by renowned schlock writer James Patterson. I wish I'd learn to express my opinion.

I  excited that John Scalzi has a new book deal worth 3.4 million, I am no science fiction fan, but his Redshirts was high-larry-us. Recommend!  Will discuss! Wishing him well with the next 13.

Speaking of good and highly thought of books, has anyone read any of the best of 2014? I'm starting to think I don't like ACTUAL good books

Monday, 25 May 2015

BWW: The Bachelorette

Part Two!

Image result for the bachelorette 2015 kaitlyn

BWW: The Bachelorette

I have read so many spoilers about this season on accident!  It would be super cool if they were wrong!  Not because I liked or disliked them, but because I want to be surprised!

Image result for the bachelorette 2015 kaitlyn

The Monday Link-ages

Illuminati has your Cannes winners and wrapup, such beautiful ladeez. Honestly. The BONES on Charlize!

Shame about the hip goiter
Royal Graffiti has the updated scoop on Kelly Rutherford's divorce, aka Gossip Mom, aka the idiot what named her kiddo Hermes.

Nice bag; still not a kid

Good to see DeNiro's still making good choices, can't WAIT for Grudge Match 2. But only if it only features Jon Bernthal, I miss that flat-nosed bastage.

Bachelorette Monday?

I don't know,  what do we call Mondays now that the sparkle and jazz hands have packed it up for another season? It's Memorial Day in the United States, but if I'm sure of anything,  it's that I wouldn't do that properly,  or with the proper deference at the very least.

So. Fake Flower Arrangement Monday, while summing up the Bachelorette beautifully, does not exactly roll off the tongue. Let's think about it! Btw, it was Canadian Kaitlyn FTW, in case you've been trapped under something heavy.

I dig her skepticism

In the meanwhile, here's the single FFAM story I could stomach,  Bachelorette contestants with their pets, which made me think of this which means I had to post this

And maybe a little Dolly, because she knows what's up when some mens come a callin

Happy Monday, fake flower arranging party at 6!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Game of Thrones S5:E7 The Gift

Last week I was all pouty and shouty and disturbed and swore I'd never watch this stupid show again...and here we are once more. It's addictive in the "in for a penny, in for a pound" sense, you keep thinking things will get better. They have to soon,  right? For real?

Can I please have some Samwell while I'm waiting?

Anyway, Jamie had just been captured, Bronn had been slashed by a possibly poisoned spear, Margery and Loras were imprisoned awaiting trial, Arya was narcolepsy in a jar and well. Let's leave it there.  Onwards to this week. Points of discussion, to be listed as watched:

1) OF COURSE Ramsay is at the top of the tower

2) Awwww, Turtle! Gnight Aemon

3) You can do it, Sam!


5) I'm starting to think Winter is Coming. Everyone looks cold

6) I really hope Stannis means to protect Shireen. My heart sang a little when he threw Melissandre out

7) GHOST!! YAY!!

8) Awwww Sam finally lost his VCard. I bet it was almost worth having his face beat in

9) Daario lurves Daeny! Daario lubs Daeny!! Do you think she should kill all the masters? Who will cure Ser Jorah?

10) Grandmother Tyrell understands just how dangerous the High Sparrow is, even if Ciersey thinks he's a pawn

11) Pouty toddlers make the worst kings

12) Bronn has a GREAT voice. Oberyn's daughter is kind of an ahole and I thought she was really young, so her nekkid rack freaked me oot at first

13) ...wasn't there supposed to be a bell merchant for Tyrion?

14) Go Jorah!! I cheered when he took his mask off. And shivered when Tyrion said his name

15) Ohhhhhh Ciersey. That was a long time coming. And it was DELICIOUS

One last thing;  this business with Jon Snow and the Wildling army seems illadvised.

Unnecessarily Violent Sunday: The Remix Game of Thrones

In Game of Thrones news, debate rages on about Sansa's wedding night;  I just. Don't want to discuss any more. Honestly. It happened, we shouted, I really wish it hadn't happened, but it's getting...too much.  One quick link from Vox, who argue we absolutely SHOULD be shouting about it, but in the context of how badly the aftermath of trauma is handled on GoT. And how it is used as a way to punch up storylines, like how they'd throw in a bisexual dewd hitting on Francis or murder on House of Cards to mix things up. I do like Vox and their take on the Tyrells trial, though.

Happier news! Cersei is having a girl! and she's written her a letter
The pics of her and Prince Oberyn are magic, she looks so happy. Mazel, lady!

Sansa herself went clubbing, I find it so odd and creepy how they describe the clothing in the Daily Mail, over and over, so detailed and Stan-like. They know they've also posted pics, right?

How's your Sunday? ?

Saturday, 23 May 2015

BWW Girls S3:E11 I Saw You

Starring, as the Bad Influence:

Elijah, you shallow bastage, best lines on the show

BWW Girls S3:E10 Role-Play

I suppose if it were any other show, the episode title wouldn't worry me so much...well, maybe OITNB. Anyway! Girls!  Flo! Rollit!

Annnnd I didn't think I could handle Hannah being all gross and self-centred about that particular issue, so on to epi 10!

Saturday Lazy Day: The Roundup

Good afternoon my frisky friendies, hope everyone is having a great day! It's hot AF here, allls the kudos for ac

Illuminati has the story on the gay marriage vote in Ireland, Erin go bragh gurl, hey!  Yay!!

Royal Graffiti is booking my next family vacay, looks badass!

The Hollywood Reporter is just giving me a reason to post this picture of Aaron Paul,

apparently there's a movie? Looks pretty cool, actually, has The Rock and Kevin Hart, lemme see what I can dig up for a photo...

Friday, 22 May 2015

Game of Thrones and Gossip Schizznit

I'm just gonna post stuff randomly throughout the day, starting with this Game of Thrones character quiz, where I am Daenereys (wellll, an overweight, middle-aged Daenerys?), WOO HOO! Whatchu got?

Here's the new Red Nose musical in it's entirety; thanks, Veronica!

Some Babyshambles for Violet and V1

Tricia at Illuminati has your hookup if you're looking to pick up some new digs, lemme just check my couch cushions for some change...

Royal Graffiti is helping us be edumacated on swagger with the trailer for Fresh Pressed;  turns out was not invented by The Beibs. Who knew?? 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

What's Ahappenin Hot Stuff?

What's shaking for today? Well, Hey Girl, Illuminati has the breakdown on Ryan Gosling and is blind gossiping like a boss, yo. I like how Ryan takes responsibility for Britney's over-sexualization, but not really.

I guess him and Banana colluded

Royal Graffiti has dug up Manny Pacquaio's love child from Hollywood Street King, well, okay. It seems to be more of an indictment of his wife than anything, or maybe an explanation? Check it oot!

Also, Violet was totally right about Mark Harmon!!

Your Weekly CanCon

In actual news, goodonya Australia! HAHAHAHAHA

BTW, it occurs to me that you guys might not know what's that is; CanCon is the nickname for Canadian Content,  in which it has been regulated in Canada that a certain percentage of all music played on the radio has to be of Canadian origin. Which is cool now, with all the Hedley, and The Arkells and 10 Second Epic, etc, but back in the was no bueno. I believe Anne Murray even sued, because she and Gordon Lightfoot and one other were IT for CanCon and they were getting played to death.

ANYWAY. I've made one of those bigger-ish decisions lately and I thought I would play depressing music to express my exact feelings on the matter. You're welcome!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

BWW RuPaul's Drag Race S7:E12 And The Rest Is Drag's the final challenge, but we don't think it's the FINALE finale. From what the previous seasons have been, the top three sit around while others talk shite and there's a monetary prize for Miss Congeniality, and then Ru chooses live. So this might not be ALL all. But it's still gonna be Ginger, huntys!!

You know, I started watching the UnTucked behind the scenes shows, and I am ashamed. I am. Violet is actually pretty cool, Trixie was completely blindsided by being sent home for Ginger's shite performance in the dance mashup, and Everybody Loves Katya. If Miss Katya doesn't get Miss Congeniality, I will eat Reno's hat.

I didn't watch the UnTucked shows for awhile because they used to be pretty. ..awful. Over the top and dumb and staged and just...lame. But I was really impressed. These ladies are a team. They all work together, they're all good people and they genuinely all like each other. It's really nice to see. It's sort of like The Talking Dead, watch if you can!

The Wrapup

Lots going on today, Illuminati Gossip has your dream reality show mashup. I'm not quite a Bravo lady but I think Andy Cohen is an evil wonkeyed genius.

Royal Graffiti has the trailer for the Amy Winehouse movie, sofa king sad you guys.

Apparently it wasn't just Veronica, I and Vanity Fair that hated that Game of Thrones shiteshow on Sunday, Celebitchy has politicians against it as well. The Mary Sue isn't having it either, and have dropped their advertising. I...think the rest of the season has been shot, though. Mebbe too late to change.

The best part of Jez: Tweet Beat, and Madonna would like us to suck it

Wolf Hall on Masterpiece: The Finale

The end. The denouement of a lovely story that started with one lonely man-child-less king throwing over his first wife for a second wife and taking over the church in the in between times. And then when that second wife also failed to bear heir-fruit and a lovely new quiet thing appeared in the corners, well, what's the head of the church to do?

Let's take a moment and remember how they were:

Awww I love you so much, baby!

I CAN wrote a letter by myself.  Gawwwd. Where my wine at?

Even Mycroft knows something's up

FINE. Just wait until someone finally understands how bloody genetics actually works!
Once we're all here, we'll begin!

Book News

Candace Bushnell, the author of Sex and the City, has a new book coming out. And instead of all that boring usual book signing shite,

Fixed smile and glazed eyes comes standard,  smelling the author is extry

They're throwing a big party. At a library, so I assume it will be a quiet party. Signed books are included,  food, dancing. If only Amber Tamblyn had gone this same direction. Live and learn,  Amber. Live.and.learn.

Y'all need to suggest and vote on this post today or I will just randomly select a book. Michael Chabon, get ready, yo!