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BWW OITNB S2:E8 Appropriately Sized Pots

Almost done! Moar Chapman


Well, it finally happened.  Lately, the speculation has changed from, "Is Jen pregnant AGAIN?", to "Are they splitting?"  And yes, the latter is correct.  Hollywood's golden couple, The Afflecks, (or to some, she's the angel, he's the cad) have announced their split with this completely vanilla, written by their publicists statement.  "After much thought and careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to divorce. We go forward with love and friendship for one another and a commitment to co-parenting our children whose privacy we ask to be respected during this difficult time. This will be our only comment on this private, family matter. Thank you for understanding."

After looking at some websites with this news, I give People.com a slow clap for having JLo plastered all over the side of that page to click on.  Nice move!  

The Affleck's have three children, 9, 6, and a little guy, just 3. They were married for 10 years.  Hey, doesn't that mean Jen gets half, or a lot more or something?  Mr. Cruise managed to avoid that by divorcing Nicole just a smidge right before they hit 10 years!

Image result for ben jen split image

In happier times
Image result for ben jen split image

Tuesday Linkies!

Illuminati has the Hiddles as Hank news and really?? November? I didn't realise how MUCH Hiddles looks naturally like Hank Williams Sr, until i saw this pic:

I guess I always think of Hank Williams Jr, which is a whole other ball of Wookie. Nothing similar to Loki whatsoever

I'm just gonna hang out at Hollywood Life and post stuff about Amy Poehler, like a review of her new web series "Difficult People" and a teaser about her movie Sisters which I absolutely will be watching on the theatre, woooooooo! Our Amy was so good in InsideOut, y'all

Grace Jones is a filthy liar, woo hoo!! We gotta go do that for a meet!

Speaking of a book club meet, Steamy has suggested My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry, how about when I get back, the week after Born to Run?

CDaN has the trailer for I Am Chris Farley, that just made me so sad. Will watch that documentary for sure

Elizabeth Berkley is apparently embracing Showgirls according to EBG, but I have my doubts...

Happy Packing Day! Whispy Bits!

Sciencey Stuff! Cool Canadian Science Nerdz have a YouTube channel thingy called AsapSCIENCE, here they do bacon! 4 billion dollar industry in the US? Daaaannnngg

In case anyone wants to see Charlie Hunaan swivel his hips nekkid? Cause he won't be at ComicCon. Awwww

Holy shite Tim Hunt, I have to thank you for months and months of topical science gossip. Here's a double trend hitter: Tim Hunt / LGBT news in one scrubbed up Guardian article that lead me to a very good one about the bottom half of the internet. I don't know. Maybe if people stop saying stupid, rancid shite...

I just found our next group travel venture!! 10 bucks says Darryl gets shitfaced every night and that is a train I will leave for J and Mel. Related: someone let Rick know his old crash pad is for sale! Gratutious RickPic

Parenting words to live by plus lots of profanity so we's can all feel like grownups.

 For another parenting resource, come, choke up with me over this absolutely spot on article about how raising kiddos LOOKS like it should be amazing, but really, mostly should include a bar. Joy to reality in seconds, kids can ruin ANYTHING. You think that's harsh? Mazel on your kid-free lifestyle! Best quote: “They’re a huge source of joy, but they turn every other source of joy to shit.”

Okay. Raising kiddos can be amazing too. Just a lot of throwy, breaky, not-listening in between. But really, who has kids to be happy? Isn't it just the natural result of having (finally) functioning ovaries and the inability to remember the rules of the rhythm method?

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BWW SYTYCD Part 2 Choreography!


BWW SYTYCD? Choreography, Baby!!

I'm so excited!! Auditioning WITH choreography! I'm positive it's gonna go just like this:

Gossip RoundUp of the Day!

You guys. YOU GUYS. I am so excited. Veronica is gonna be doing these gossip posts while I am gone! Woo hoo! She ALWAYS has the best stuff. Reno has been mulling over a different kind of post as well, and Charlie might even by doing the Sciencey Tuesday posts! It's all very cool. I should have gone away AGES ago

In the meanwhile, let's see what we got:

Illiminati Gossip actually showed me why Chrissy Teigan gets work. I really had no idea, but I gets it now

Say whuuuuuttt, Larry Kramer? He's outting EVERYONE!

Holy shite, I had no idea Ann Coulter said all of that. She's either an evil genius or a satirical master on par with Andy Kaufman.

Has anyone been on CDaN lately? I've been checking it out and the load time is WAAAYY better! I'm amazed

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA E.L. James, that one hour answering questions on Twitter was such a bad idea. Fave question:

Are you going to answer any of these questions, or do you need Stephenie Meyer to do a Twitter chat first?

So You Think They're Dancing Tonight Instead of Auditioning?

I think so! Woo hoo! 219 dancers, that's insane, but what's really crazy is that there are 114 Stage and 105 Street. Didn't it look exactly as though there were eleventy thousand animators per one balleter? Look! Jookin is mainstream! Who are we to argue with the NYT??

Anyway, Cat Deeley thinks it's all good and shades Khloe Kardashian just the tiniest bit. I'd like to think. Although I didn't like Khloe, I was the least disgusted by her, so maybe the bit about sucky live hosts wasn't about her after all. Watch out Erin Andrews! Anyone wanna watch a gay dood feel Khloe up? Thanks, TMZ!

Las Vegas Review has a good piece on preparations for tonight although the hotel and / or Pasadena might not like it as much.

See y'all 6 for the show!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

BRR:True Detective S2:E2 Night Finds You Recap

So last week, we left our intrepid heros (two drunk , one suicidal) on the side of the road with a very dead Caspere who will be very sad in the afterlife that he didn't have any friends to "burn his shit(e)".

Let's see if Frank's the perp! (perk for those reading Mr. Mercedes)

Also if Asspen's daddeh is gonna press charges. You know Ray means well, right? He just seems incapable of actually DOING well. Poor puffy faced expressive Colin Farrell who has turned into a hell of an actor, (formerly) pretty face notwithstanding. Just don't go into boxing to prove it, yo. M Rourke: actor and cautionary tale.
Discussion points! In order of watching:
1)   Watching the "previously on", I see maybe that Ray was saaaying his wife had been raped and assaulted, but...maybe his face not?
2)   I like to play the trippy credits to get into the mood of the show. Ooh Justin Lin is the director of this episode, I assume he is the brother of Jeremy Lin: prodigy of exactly one NBA season
3)   Frank is worried. And contemplative. And being shushed by his wife. He's feeling his mortality, really. I was wondering about the pending  IVF treatment, that is clearly on Frank's mind. It sounds like he had a miserable childhood, being locked in the basement for five days while his dad was in jail. Holy shite. Rats.eating.his.fingers. As a child. Jeebus fcuk.
4)   Yikes. What the shell, Caspere?? Hydrochloric acid in the eyes?? What didja do?????
5)   Large pissing match over the ownership of the Caspere case, I have to wonder if stuff like this actually happens
6) Ani is acting like movement is 9/10 of possession
7)  Look! It's the Train of Thought from Inside Out!
8)   How bad does the county want money that they're putting Ray as the Point Man??
9)   DAFUQ!! Caspere has no junk!! After all of his highly sexualized personal home décor by Fredrick's of Hollywood, that has to hurt on a couple of levels. And that's an interesting point, Ray: DO they want you to solve it, or just keep them informed?
10) Speaking of informed, Frank would ALSO like to be in the loop. And hey! He still has the same mustachioed henchman, but he got a haircut! It's like watching someone go "legit" right before your eyes!
11) Dose freeways doe: no thank you
12) Paul's Ma is . Hmm. Creepy and incesty. Like super duper creepy
13) At Caspere's House, surrounded by alllls the pron. I like how everyone's badges are different. Ani: "guy really thought about fckuing a lot". I shall call her Captain Ani Obvious. Awwww and Ray don't wanna suck on a vape because it's too close to "sucking on someone's dcik" which tells me two things:
13a) he has never seen an actual penis
13b) he doth protest too much and he HAS seen an actual penis. Up closeish
14) Ho ho hoooo, Caspere was fcuking over Frank to the tune of 5 million, telling Franklin it was 10 mil, when it was actually 7, and no record of Frankie's 5 mil deposit that he gave Casper. If a dead guy could get deader and Frank had five minutes alone with him...I tell you! I'm guessing Frank isn't the only guy Caspere wasn't playing straight with, but genital mutilation seems more personal than a business deal gone south. Where da money, though? As you say, can't round off zero
15) "Am I diminished?" Dang, Frank is having an existential day. Get everybody.
16) The mayor: no WAY that greaseball got elected. That's the weirdest interview ever,conducted n an office with random people answering.
17) Nobody says "f*g" anymore, Paul. Although maybe that would explain why the Viagra to sleep with that lady. Homophobesayswhut?
18) I believe that, Ray. You AREN'T tight with anyone. He's such a walking cliché and then out of the blue, a moment of crystal clear self-awareness happens and it's beautiful to see. And he plays dumb well "what? that thing at the school?"
19) Divorce sucks. I can't believe he brought up killing her rapist as a "you owe me". Wow. And then she brings up the paternity test. Man. Divorce SUCKS
20) Ohhhh round two! Smash and face-smash of some important looking guy. And there's Frank, Johnny On The Spot. What Did You Do?? I don't know if he came off as serious as he wanted to there.
21) Ani has quite the rolling walk, like she's packing a large vape
22) Ah. Plastic surgery at a psychiatrist's office. That seems to give differing messages. But. What's wrong with Caspere hiring young prostitutes? I mean, it's kind of legal there, right? Escorting? 
23) I really wish Ani would develop beyond a one-note character. An angry one note character. Also a shitty childhood, cults are not cool.
24) So where's the money?? Frank asking the mayor Austin for an extension on his weekly bribe, twisting his arm with his coke dusted clown son, man, that mayor looks like a greaseball, a sleepy one at that. And Frank would very much like to be fettered, Your Honour, but I'm sure he appreciates the advice. That's a sharp rise on the vig, Austin. We'll see how it goes.
25) Was...that a fcuked up metaphor re: flies? Where do the fish come in?? And he likes to get wet? I'M CONFUSED
26) Ani definitely sees ALL men as the Enemy, yo. Strange for someone raised in a Commune. My experience involved much more sleeping and gathering flowers
27) The two drunks are kinda leaving out Suicidal Guy, hey? Who's gonna debrief him?
28) Maybe Ray doesn't know how to quantify exactly how compromised he is, ANI. Rude. But hilarious. "Anyway..."
29) Why DIDN'T Paul tell his gf about the actress shakedown? OR the black desert?
30) Oh! It is L.A.!! Thank you, Paulie's GF. Or ex-gf, my bad. Couple fight! She's really lovely
31) Frank goes to a GoGo Club! Beautiful babies everywhere! And an enourmous gang-looking dood, who may know a girl who may know a guy who may like "young tr+m"
32) Weird continuity note: Ani is in a bathrobe after ablutions and she has rings on every finger. No way. Because after bath is lotion, see. And you wouldn't put them back on after. ANYWAY. She's looking online at escorts and I'm betting she sees ol' Athena Blue Hair! Huh. Or just gets drunk on straight whiskey while watching free online pron. Parallel lives! Her partner calls and I KNOW HIM!! If only there was a database that compiled all actors by their acting credits...if ONLY
33) Haunting Song Bar again: This is where Frank gave Ray the identity too, isn't it? And Frank gives Ray the extra house? That's crazy. Isn't Ray supposed to be the one investigating? And Frank is very disappointed in Ray's negative attitude; he's not having it, yo. And Ray is no longer digging being a monkey on a string, he doesn't want Frank's stinky old money, especially if he doesn't have any kiddos to worry about.
34) It IS like Twin Peaks, Orvi and Veronica!!!
35) I've been to San Miguel d'Allende, Scarred Face Lady! Are you hitting on Ray? She IS! Wooooooooo!!! Um. He's not a good risk, SFL. Choose just about anyone else.
36) So we're at Caspere's house, you know, the one that he takes the young tr+m to, and it...looks like a suburban classic. He keeps all the nasty shite at the house he has regular people over to, but it's all 3+1 with a yard for the Passion Pit? It does have a super weird Kill Room and cameras, so I guess it's not completely hopeless

BWW Big Brother

For the THRID time this week, we roll Big Brother, woo hoo! Jace aka Jay is alternatively pleasing and pissing people off. I just wanna hear him say "Aloha Mr. Hand" and i will be happy. Or "no DICE!!"

Happy True Detective and Big Brother Day!

It's a lovely mellow Sunday (should you not have children, they understand neither mellow or sleeping in), we've got True Detective, Ballers and Big Brother tonight, wooooooo! Lemme see if i can dig up a trailer

Veronica, my Game of Thrones and True Detective recap buddy has joined us an an author for True Detective recaps at the very least. Y'all be nice! I'm kidding, I know you will. She's awesomesauce.

I'm gonzo for two weeks starting Wednesday, swanning aboot across Murica for a fambly reunion in Indiana. If you hear a lot of noise and age inappropriate music, you will know I'm in your hood. Iffin anyone needs to contact me, use email, it's immabookiewookie@gmail.com . For specific Bookie stuff, get hold of the lovely Renoblondee, she in charge, yo.

iTunes apparently decided I needed this song and i just listened to it for the first time, it's pretty good! Go George Ezra, you preternaturally aged-voice wunderkind!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

BWW OITNB S2:E7 Comic Sans

We're officially past the halfway mark for season 2 of Orange now! Woo hoo!

We will roll with Flaca's definition of lurve at 7:30 ish, see you back here!

In the meantime, check out some bad drag queen music I LOVE Alaska and her Your Makeup is Terrible

And what's your definition of lub? Pudding bath plus Smiths or did one of the other inmates capture it better for you?

Friday, 26 June 2015

Friday Goss!

I've been out of the loop again, gonna try to catch up!

Yay the US Suprême Court has legalized gay marriage allllls over and Hollywood is 'CITED

Illumnati Gossip has a fun blind and another too!

Royal Graffiti is still closed down, have a good weekend, Sugarbread!

VERONICA!! LOOKIT!! Plus, isn't this picture the BEST?

Rose McGowan is probably crazy, and definitely werking publicity for her new movie she directed, but she's not wrong, the casting notes for the Adam Sandler movie WERE hilarious

How's your weekend looking?

Music Friday!

We haven't had a music day inna while, other than the occasional Friday jam, so here we go!

First up, I know we talked about Norma from OITNB fronting a pop band, here she is in all her glory. I can't get over the fact that her face looks EXACTLY the same but that belleh! Meaux sent me this link! I don't know about yous guys, but I can't see the name Annie without thinking of James

This documentary on The Wrecking Crew sounds interesting, has anyne been watching Sonic Highways with the Foos? Pretty good,if Dave Grohl is coming off a tiny bit like a. Well. Musician.

I love this list of books about music that musicians and authors listed as their faves about music, if only because there is apparently a book called "Hallo Sausages" and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth chose "I'm With The Band", the greatest groupie memoir ever. Sorry, Meaux's pal...

Like as IF! But for realsie reals!

So, since talking and reading about music is like dancing about love, here's some of the actual stuff:

Ol Dirty for our Orvi, all the luvs, lady

Fave Jay Z ever

Lit: who HASN'T had a relationship likedis: fcuking or fighting and that's all. Plus the video has Pammy and I lurves her

Any others I should add? Something from this century maybe? A little Ginja Ninja

Last but newest: Bungalow, baby

Okay, one last one. Question: Who Do You Love is

A) NSFW music video feat. Drake

B) new book by Jennifer Weiner?

SQUEE! Reno!!!!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Book Club Meet: Dietland by Sarai Walker

We'll be meeting back here at 7:30 tonight to discuss Dietland by Sarai Walker, LOTS of talking points on this one!

See you then!

BWW Big Brother Bagain!

I just bet I know what Veronica saw this time...

Meet us back here at 6 to see who the Hillbilly Asian takes out next!

Same bat time as yesterday, same bat place!

Some CanCon to take us there

Hawksley Workman: Striptease

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

BWW OITNB S2:E6 And Also You Have A Pizza

Continuing our dead run (saunter?) at season 2, we roll on! This time we learn about my beloved Poussey

Big Brother Back Bonight!

Season 17 of the monster reality hit Big Brother debuts tonight at 6, then tomorrow, then Sunday, I have no idea how many more times this week. It's everywhere! Plus more. Did I mention more?

The deets are on Global, I'm just sad that this year's Besmoke Cowboy looks...less friendly. But who knows?? He could be a laugh a minute and maybe Finn's dad there deserved it.

Let's gird our loins for all kinds of relaxed strategizing and keep our eyes peeled for the property room clerk at the police station type. He has a wicket memory!

Bookworm Wednesday: Of Course Grey Does Well

Okay, totally expected Grey to do well, but still. Sigh.

Oh! The worst movie EVER started as a book! And it had a different ending. I will have to smear some of my Kubrick hate around to the author I guess!

This makes zero sense. How could this EVER be enforced? Do you think these lawmakers think e-books are just small TVs?

Just for kicks, let's call it Quizzical Wednesdays, Bookies!!

See if Buzzfeed knows ye!

And then one for Veronica, Becky and I: Game of Thrones Piegonholers which means that what we think about GoT is our true personality. We shout, therefore we are. Technically, that still involves books!

What are some other fun quizzes out there??

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

BWW OITNB S2:E5 Low Self Esteem City

More Orange! We'll get to season 3 yet!

More Taystee. She's so pritttttyyy

Sciency Type Gossipy News

Not gonna lie, I'm not seeing a whole lot by way of science-related news, so I'm just going to post whatever caught my eye.

The Tim Hunt Fiasco has pretty much calmed down but has had the beneficial effect of having more women consider science careers, sooooo thanks Tim? Just in case there was any doubt, oh yeah, he totally meant those comments

Liev Schreiber does an Q&A with Vanity Fair and all I got out of it was that he's related to Pornstache and is a filthy liar. Nobody likes the white cupcakes best, Liev. NO.BODY.

There is a plan of how to revamp the US court system and as far as I can tell, it involves rap music appreciation. Jk, it's about treating everyone with respect AND rap music. Interesting. As they say, once you are on the other side of that line, a lot of people cease treating you as human.

Tony Longo has died and if you don't know the name, you know the face. And body.

He was always the thug that you remembered and as an actor, he was the definition of success: he worked steadily for 30 years. There is something really terrible about surviving a lightning strike and then dying in your sleep. Mr. Longo died very young and leaves three daughters, rest in peace, big fella.

Monday, 22 June 2015

BWW SYTYCD NY Tryouts Continues!

Moar stage, pleez

BWW SYTYCD? New York Tryout!

Iffin I'm sure of anything, I'm sure that New Yorkers can dance. I mean, they're forever breaking out in group formation and singing, right?

So You Think You Can Watch With Us Tonight?

Woo hoo So You Think You Can Dance tonight! And we're in New Yawk, peeps! Which means I have to attach this song

Mostly because I CANNOT believe I didn't know that Ace Frehley wrote that! I LOVE Ace Frehley, although I'm probably butchering his name. Anyone else have a favourite KISS-er?

Anyway, what made me think of that song in particular (besides the AF shoutout, hay gurl hay!) was a show on HBO last night about the guy they call the Cannibal Cop. Disfookinguy. I mean. He told some pretty nasty stories online, but...didn't actually do anything. He sounded bored out of his skull and I just thought it was all very Minority Report in that they prosecuted him for pre-crimes and his online chat history, saying it added up to Conspiracy. Ultimately, he was convicted of using the police database to look up friends /slash victims to brag about to his online buddies, but the whole case was disturbing. At the end, he talked about dating again and that song played while journalists made fun of his dating profile on Match.com, which was removed. Did anyone else catch that? Thoughts?

Illuminati Gossip has a revealed blind which is a tiny bit sad to me, and Royal Graffiti appears to be offline? Locked oot? I'm waiting to hear back. Loves to sugarbreadmaker!

Other than that, I saw an awesome pic that Tyra Banks posted of herself sans the MAC forcefield, she's so adorable. Clueless, but adorable. Here she is, in all her IWokeUpLikeDis glory:

BWW Ballers S1:E1 Pilot Episode

And now! The Rock in Entourage for football (is there a Turtle? Tell me there's a Turtle!)

As Reno mentioned, the pilot is directed by and starring Peter Berg. You know Peter Berg even if you don't recognise the name:

Looks homeless, plays deep.

Whenever I hear the word Ballers, I always think of this song

 Let's roll!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Bookie Rook Recap: True Detective S2:E1 The Western Book of the Dead

VV So money baby! Let's see how he does with True Detective this season. Oh and Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch (NOT AnonyChris, as it turns out)

Discussion points, in order of watching

1)   Trippy opening music / intro - oh! T Bone Burnett! That makes sense. The Sociopath Song

2)    Colin's cute chubby redheaded kiddo is my 8 year old self doppelganger. Horizontal stripes. Sigh

3)   Colin's face is so expressive and his voice

4)   Oh wow. That's why his kiddo has red hair. Dude. An assault right around the time of her becoming pregnant. I can see why paternity would become part of the divorce negotiation.

5)   It's the bad friend from Some Kind of Wonderful!! She's a Canuck, I believe

6)   Ah dude. That's rough. But the best line: I welcome judgement

7)   Ooooooh. Young Colin is HAWT. And Vince Vaughn, woooooooo!!! As a fast talking private investigator?

8)   What is Vince? Some mafia dewd? What's going on with those weird mustachioed guys? Why is he offering the identity of the rapist to Colin? He looks rich, too, but doesn't dress rich. Hmmm. Houses with walls of windows means a housekeeper and no kiddos. His redheaded partner I know from somewhere but she's channelling Melissa Gilbert with a wonk eye. I like her freckly bewbs but I'm not convinced they advance the plot.

9)   VV has some memorable lines, like: "never do anything out of hunger: even eating". That makes NO SENSE. I like this better: "this place is built on codependency of interest. It worries me you talking so stupid"

10) Rachel freaked her boyfriend out with...? What? She ask for bum secks and he was expecting cudding? She looks great but her hair is fcuked up. Her bf with the awful mustache looks worse, though

11) Nudity!

12) Ah. Webcams. That looks like a doubtful look from the other cops. Is that a bad bust for Rachel?

13) Blue hair is related to Rachel? Ah, her sister is doing pron and is off her meds. DON'T CRY AT WORK, RACHEL! MEN DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT SHITE. And yes, bad bust for Rachel, business license at the ready, gdang it anyway.

14) The visuals are GORGEOUS. Where is this filmed?

15) TaylorAnonyChris! Doing the C.H.I.P.S. thang. He pulls over a beautiful model sans ID and it's making me wonder if this actually happens where attractive ladies offer to  trade the funky punani for no tickey. Oh and it was a sting, the model type is an actress that sues CHIPS, so maybe no, it doesn't happen. I had to see Harvey Keitel pull people over in Bad Liutenant and I would not like to watch anything like that again.

16) That creepy mayor is using the blonde lady's ass as a stress ball, she doesn't look like she digs. Maybe he's wrinkling her dress

17) The missing City Manager has a very young and credulous assistant, as well as an extremely weird coffee table. Is that nekkid lady swimming in milk inspired by A Clockwork Orange? Huh. That's a big box of very uncomfortable looking toys. I always wonder; why the berries too? Or is that just for the wide base? Safety first. None of the sexual images depicted have heads, just naked bodies. That's just trippy

18) Colin is geeked by the schmexy chaos and destruction and wants NO PART of this investigation, I can practically smell it from here.

19) Ah! VV meets some stereotypically sinister accented men. Handsome!

20) Oh! Old dewd in the car is probably Casper and pretty surely dead. Is this Weekend at Caspers??

21) WAIT! I know Rachel's partner! Hmmmm. And a missing sister, Rachel is giving it a bit of a shot at doing something other than dropping off eviction notices. Meaningful factory / cult mention! Dun dun dun!

22) Woo hoo!! They're building a mono-rail! I need the song from The Simpsons. Who is portenenous face there?

23) Hey! The cult leader is the guy who tied Geena Davis to a water wheel in The Long Kiss Goodnight!

24) Can cops just go off and investigate a missing persons case without something being filed or them being assigned? That doesn't seem procedurally sound.

25) DAFUQ Colin?? What did that senior staff writer do to you??

26) Ohhhhh tall cult leader waterwheeler guy is Rachel's dad. Ahh. I love that her sister's name is Athena. And that he asks "what is pron? Really?". Okay, I like Rachel's dialogue slightly less, but I will take "Talk to your daughter, prick"

27) No way Aspen Conroy is a name. And a boy's name no less. At least you know where he gets the ahole behaviour from

28) Oh man. Another drunk renegade cop. It's The Leftovers all over again

29) Woo hoo Men's Showers!! Please don't show Rachel nekkid. I like her hidden belt-knife!

30) That's awesome CHIPS has an already in lingerie gf waiting for him, but he does not agree. He's all burned on his shoulder and hiding with the water running, waiting for the Viagra to kick in. Bum for Veronica!

31) I LOVE to watch Vince sell. LOVE IT. Sinister accented man #1 is not as sold as usual, though. Vince's character name is Frank!! I shall refer to him as such from now on. Anyway, Frank isn't getting SA#1's money until Kidnapped Casper shows up, and Frank is NOT HAPPY

32) DAFUQ COLIN!!!! Now THAT is an anti-bullying campaign! "I will butt**** your father with your mother's headless corpse on the front lawn." I'm willing to bet Chad doesn't get bullied any more, but prollllyyy isn't going to have any friends either.

33) CHIPS is not sharing his feelings with his hawt ladyfriend, even though she has lots of butterflies. He's also not wearing a helmet and that is just not safe.

34) Wow. This song and chanteuse are haunting. And now Frank needs something from Colin so there they sit. I could watch them stare at each other for hours. Ahhhh, the writer was beat to shite by Colin FOR Frank. Got it

35) A good woman mitigates our basic tendencies. Frank gets all the good lines, but he's wondering how far gone his pet cop Raymond (his name is Raymond! Not Colin!) is over the line. I'm guessing Rachel is in the same bar and I think the combination of those two chunks of self destruction would be a very bad thing

36) Speaking of self-destruction, CHIPS hits 100 mph and turns the lights off. Oh and look. He turns the lights on again just in time to find Kidnapped Casper, who thankfully has his wallet on his lap for easy identification

37) Rachel es...an ahole, hey? How come so many cops drive drunk on TV. Surely that doesn't happen for really reals, right?

38) Shit, Weekend at Caspers is having a wicket awful night. Jurisdictional Showdown time!

And we're oot! Wow. What did you think? The music is always great, hey?

True Detective Discussion Post At 10!

Just in case anyone was wondering, the TD2 discussion post will be up in just under two hours.

Mwah! Lub u!

Justin Beiber: Much Better In A Small Space & Weekly Roundup

Illuminati Gossip has a revealed blind, woo hoo!

Royal Graffiti has the deets and opinion on some newly leaked Sony docs. Can I just say how odd I think it is that they put all this shite in writing?

Wrt leaked emails; thanks to Veronica, we've already seen the best. Stay gold, Ponyboy

Meaux Meaux sent this, it had to be posted


Happy Father's Day!

To my mom! I've been very lucky in my life to have two dudes to call my dad, but there was a huge gap in between that was alllll my mother. From 4 to 22 there was only her and while I'm sure I might have had a firmer grasp on basic wiring techniques and a better understanding of when to talk / not talk around boys, she did the best she could being two people. For her and all the other mothers pulling double duty, props till you drops.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

BWW OITNB S2:E4 A Whole Other Hole Part 2

Continues! Still no SFW pics! Except

Morello be cray

BWW OITNB S2:E4 A Whole Other Hole

I couldn't resist, I have no idea what that has to do with OITNB but I lurve it.

Plus, any image associated with this episode will absolutely be NSFW/K

We roll!

Presenting VS: Book Edition Part 1

We've had some varied book choices here on the Bookie Wook lately, none as different as these two: Dietland by Sarai Walker and Grey by E. L. James.

I was planning to do a separate book club meet for Grey, as we WILL be doing for Dietland, but I'm afraid I don't feel it can wait that long. Grey is topical, right? We'll do it on pieces, as we go along.

There have been eleventy-thousand blog posts and articles about E.L. James's 50 Shades series, and while some of them are awesome (Jennifer Armintrout!), I think most everything awful or wonderful about the books has been covered. And it must be faced: there was good stuff in there, why otherwise did it sell a billionty copies? Mass hypnosis will only get you so far.

What stands out to me, fresh off the heels of reading the (in my opinion) excellent Dietland, is that it perpetuates the very worst parts of patriarchal culture. ALLOW ME TO SAY: not an expert or even all that well read on feminism in general or the patriarchy in specific. However, I sure as fuck know a male-oriented fantasy novel when I see one.

The basic problem with Grey is in it's very bones. This is a book, written by a woman, for other women, so they can understand the inner workings of their brooding and misunderstood hero. By a woman. Who is selling the most infuriating shit you can imagine.

In Dietland, there is a chapter on the presumed inherent male right to ownership of women's sexuality. Okay, really, it's the whole book. Anyway, in Grey, Christian not only "gets" Ana's virginity, he also "gives" her first (and second and third!) orgasms to her, because of course her body is right out of the factory and she's never checked out the turn signals or twiddled any knobs, even though she's twenty-fcuking-one. And it's a WOMAN perpetuating this bullshite. Jeebus wept.

Have you read any of it yet? I just hate that Grey is probably going to outsell Dietland 1 millionty to one and it's just so unfortunate. Dietland is SO MUCH BETTER (in my opinion)

I'll be posting as I go along, whenever I feel all shouty.

True Detective and Ballers Premiere Tomorrow!

Now that Game of Thrones is done for the year and J. Snow is no more (or IS he...?), this Sunday we move on to True Detective and Ballers on HBO. Everyone knows about TD2, Vince Vaughn is looking fine AF: trailer

But maybe not everyone has heard of Ballers. It stars The Rock and looks to be about football the same way Entourage was ostensibly about making movies (but really Turtle).  Looks beautifully shot and slick, Miami at it's finest. Trailer:

I figure we'll do a GoT-type post for TD, with discussion points, and maybe watch Ballers kinda together ? We can adjust as we go

Undisclosed Podcast: AfterSerial

Thanks to AJ, a bunch of us have been listening to the Serial Podcast about the murder of Hae Min Lee and the subsequent conviction of Adnan Syed for said crime.

There is another series of podcasts about the same case, Undisclosed, but where Serial was compiled by someone trying (for the most part) to remain open-minded and neutral, this is strictly advocates for Adnan Syed.

Since we've had a Serial post, here is one to talk about Undisclosed. As they say, you will need to listen to Serial first before starting this one.

Friday, 19 June 2015

DAAM Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert Part 3

On we roll!!

DAAM Priscilla, Queen of The Desert


Dinner and a Movie: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Welcome to Draaaaag Friday! Tonight we've got one of the premier movies about drag AND ABBA, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

plus the recipe for Cocks in Frocks on a Rock

Thursday, 18 June 2015

BWW OITNB S2:E3 Hugs Can Be Deceiving

Clever caption!


BWW OITNB S2:E2 Looks Blue, Tastes Red

That title....makes me think of blue raspberry squishies

Then I found this; isn't it awesome? ??

Draaaaag Thursday

No word on when exactly we're gonna start RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4 (the Sharon Season), but we are watching one of the best movies on drag tomorrow: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. In the meantime, there is actually drag news!

Hurricane Bianca is coming!  Y'all know I lurve me some Bianca DelRio, her Rolodex of Hate tour continues and she's on her way to Nashville. I know I bitched entirely too much about this season of DR, but I really feel that they (Ru) missed the mark with their latest and shall remain nameless pick, for reasons detailed in this article. Drag ISN'T supposed to be just "modeling with a secret". Sigh. ANYWAY

Courtenay Act has new music coming out, and she looks GORGEOUS, of course.  And sounds fabulous, but we already knew that from Shade: The Rusical. You can listen here

Here's the recipe for tomorrow's Dinner and a Movie, I'll be prepping my dough today, in case anyone wants to join me!
Cocks in Frocks on a Rock

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

So: Why Can't We?

It's been a year since what I'm gonna call The Unrest.  Let's burn some sage and remember that we're all human and there was once some very good times. Namaste, y'all

With one big thunk, I declare my hatchet buried.

MidWeek Goingsons

What's up, Bookies? What's going on, what's going down, what's NEW? Lemmesee

It was John Cho's birthday yesterday, he's 6 months older than me and looks like he probably still gets carded. Happy beeday John!

Illuminati has a Guess The Beard blind with a picture at the bottom?

And Royal Graffiti explains customer service to Armani although I personally do not understand this whole business about asking the universe for things through twitter. That's why you have a phone! It works for calling people, too!

The Hollywood Reporter knows that sisters are doing it for Lionsgate, woo hoo OITNB and the Canuckladian company!

I'm sure conspiracy theorists are shaking in their wee boots, Courtney Love. I am neither a Cobain or Love fan, but those are some heavy accusations (made weekly on a website we all know/knew, rhymes with CSTaN)

A little Andy Grammer for your Wednesday re: the perils of over imbibing

Book Club Meet Tonight: Finders Keepers by Stephen King

Tonight at 6 pm, we will be discussing Finders Keepers by Stephen King, I think a few of us are diving into Mr. Mercedes, the first book in that series, shortly.  Then Dietland in there somewhere.  Anyway!

Meetcha back here at 6!

We're still discussing the Serial Podcast on this post if anyone would like to jump in. All welcome. Like, everyone. For realsie reals. Rilly.