Friday, 31 July 2015


Have you seen the June Rolling Stone cover with Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon?

They just can't shoot more than that exact same picture, can they? Nipples and smexy staring. Grow up any time, RS. This shite is tahred.

The only thing I really like about the article is the title Caged Heat, which brought back some strong shameful memories of a bad movie I watched about 1000 times surreptitiously as a teen:

Anyway, Taylor comes off as a deluded, privileged moron, such a surprise, but so many other good interviews are in there and

Also speaking of other interviews, check out the hotties on Essence!!

Everyone looks so good, y'all!! Lookit CINDY!! This is their annual body issue, it's just fantastic. Check it oot here

Let's try to sneak some more Orange soon, hey? Tomorrow night?

Rowdy Roddy Piper Has Died

Rowdy Roddy Piper, besides having the best fambly connections (my Rowdy), being Canadian-born and best wrestling costume out there, was a pivotal member of the late 80s wrestling scene and star of cult classic "They Live". Since Veronica mentioned it and James sent me this, it had to be posted

He has passed at the age of 61 of natural causes

While I don't remember him wrestling all that frequently after the 90s, he had a major impact on the then WWF and fans. In Brett The Hitman Hart's book, Wrestling With Shadows, he was noted as dealing with severe back injuries and struggled with substance abuse throughout.

Here's to you, Rowdy, rest in peace big fella.

Freedom In Hollywood: Melissa McCarthy

I watched a truly awful movie the other night: Tammy, with Melissa McCarthy and a huge cast. I mean huge: SUSAN SARANDON! Also Allison Janney, KATHY BATES, Dan Ackroyd, Gary Cole, Toni Collette and just so many great actors. And Sandra Oh. It was just..very bad.

Trailer Park

Came across a new batch of trailers today.  The main trailer for Johnny Depp's next possible turkey, Black Mass is out.  Imma gonna see it anyway, because BENNY BATCH is in it with a smoking Bostonian accent.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

BWW Big Brother Backdooring Jason: Surprise!

Austin is the luckiest IDIOT ever!!

BWW RuPaul's Drag Race S4:E1 RuPocalyse Now!

Woooo huntys! Tonight we meet all the guuuuurrrlls!

Draaaagggggg Race Season 4 Tonight!

Just in case you didn't know why that's a big deal, it has Ms. Party City herself, Sharon Needles, to whom it's ALWAYS Halloween.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

BWW Big Brother

Shall we assemble the "BYE AUSTIN" banners, or do you think Liz has ruint it for everyone?

Let's find out about how the Power of Veto is used!

Also: Julia should be coming into the hizzo today; welcome Other Twin!

Best Worst Songs

Guten tag!  I've been going back through my ancient cd relics lately and have come across a few absolutely terrible songs that are among my favourites.

Yes, I still admit to liking these songs.  Yes, some of them may have ended up on my iPhone today. Yes, I may have had the first one as my ringtone quite recently. I am not ashamed.  Much.

I still freaking love this song.  Dean and Gene Ween forever!

This is actually one of my all time favourite songs.  Don't judge.

Now this one is not a bad song, it's a totally awesome one that you should listen to right now and have a bounce around before you start your day!  I have always wanted to be the guy in the Mighty Mighty Bosstones who does nothing but dance.

What are your best worst songs?  No judgement here!  Unless it's Tegan and Sara.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

BWW OITNB S3:E5 Fake It Till You Fake It Some More

This epi our favourite felons are looking to get new jobs, yo!

We also learn about Flaca. More than the chocolate pudding and Smiths even

Bookie Wook Watches This Week: Drag Race S4 and DAAM

Don't forget, we've got season 4 of Drag Race starting this Thursday; I will be sending around an email with deets about downloading if anyone requires.

Also! We have two choices for Dinner and a Movie this Friday:

Clue, the comedy masterpiece with Tim Curry and everyone else in the world, with an ending for everyone's taste

True Romance, the drama with Médium (for me) Christian SexySlater (for Veronica) and Dreadsy GARY OLDMAN (for Meaux).

Vote below! Watch for an email re: DR!

Tuesday Boozeday

It's just that kind of day, right? Gossip first then I lemme see what I can dig up for Science-y type stuff

Illuminati Gossip has a blind item reveal and an link to an interesting article about Scientology; I didn't know Tara from WD was Scio!

Royal Graffiti has your Netflix news hookup which should cut about an hour off my search every weekend. BUT WHAT'S ACTUALLY NEW?? ANSWER THE QUESTION, NETFLIX!! And they have!

Speaking of Netflix, I swore the song playing during the Sense8 orgy was Macy Gray, and it was! Listen up, yo, she sounds great! I would have linked the scene, but it was alllll kinds of NSFW

Now the science!

Woo hoo! Stealth Farting Ginch! Wait: can we order them for other people? I (don't) smell a Christmas idea! Is there something for the facial expressions an double fist pump after? Just maturity? What website is that on?

I read this article on a speech given by a Canadian scientist and...honestly? The scientist is quoted directly regarding how he managed to do all his research (spoiler alert: his wife, also a scientist, did it alllllllls at home), from what I can tell, I can't see where point he advised anyone else to do so. His wife chose to support his 16-17 hour days, a decision made between the bonds of their marriage and...okay? That makes him offensive? I can see where male scientists are probably nervous about public speaking these days: the possibility of another Tim Hunt self-annihilation is too real.

Vanity Fair thinks Adam Sandler ruint summer movies by making it a Boy's Club and I get what she's saying, but honestly: who goes to an Adam Sandler movie looking for gender parity? Wouldn't that trigger some kind of backlash against a movie like Bridesmaids? Or Sisters, coming up with OurAmy and Tina? Adam Sandler movies have always been made just for well, men that like AS movies. Female roles have always been caricatures at best, with objectification being the only goal. I just vote with my peepers and won't watch it any more, who's to say those movies shouldn't be made at all? Clearly they speak to someone(s) or they wouldn't keep happening.

Monday, 27 July 2015

BWW SYTYCD? and some Bachelorette

Moar dancing and proposing!


Top 16? I'm so behind!

Sunday, 26 July 2015

BRR True Detective Recap S2:E6 Church in Ruins

It was a good but tough episode last week, we left Ray hammering at Frank's door, about to take a piece outta Frankie's hide.

This is the only face I expect to see for an hour

Oh! And Rick Springfield! If he's still alive. Yay Dr. Noah!
I'm reading that everyone hates this season. I don't get it? Woody and TexasTrex WERE great last year, but this year isn't horrible or anything. That sounds like damning with faint praise if I ever heard it, but really, it's a mystery, wrapped in a poem, surrounded by white noise. All good!

Lesseee what happens!

Bobbi Kristina Has Passed

That poor kiddo. That poor poor kiddo has passed and honestly, I hope she's at peace now. What a rotten life and worse end. All the ohms and good vibes for her family. She was a young woman that never really seemed to have a chance, and I don't know that her mother did either. Whitney's troubled legacy can now be laid to rest.

BWW Big Brother: BondageBoots Jackie is HoH

Now we get to see what JokerMouthJackie can do, without her Amazing Race pal Jeff aboot to guide her to uncomfy places. What's the deal with all the ARs on BB anyway?? Um. Was Jackie always this "healthy" looking?

I'm digging John, but there's not ONE Cody and I feel offended on JSierra's behalf.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Gawker Whut??

I feel like this whole Gawker business has gotten a little too meta, it's like on that gossip website we all know a couple of days back: trolling, then counter trolling then nobody answering the asked question (ANSWER THE QUESTION!!) and it ends up just making you wonder what you were DOING being on somewhere so much. But I digress. Gawker is looking all self-splody, here's a fun excerpt from that linked article that I'm sure makes sense to someone:

Friday, 24 July 2015

Book Club Suggestions

We've had quite a few suggestions lately; you know how I roll, I just wanna read 'em all, but let's look at order.

The suggested books are:

1) Sick In The Head - Conversations by Judd Apatow

2) Duma Key by Stephen King

3) Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

4) As You Wish by Cary Elwes

5) The Long and Faraway Gone by Lou Berney

If you could just rank the top three you would like to read in the comments, and any I may have missed, I will start slotting them in where they fit. Book club meets are moved to Tuesdays at 6 for the summer (and Big Brother. Iknorite??).

Awesome! ^5s all around!

Movie Friday: Chills, y'all

Have you guys seen the trailer for Straight Outta Compton? CHILLS. I'm a little skeptical that the hero is an extremely white Paul Giamatti, and I'm interested to see if this movie was fully sanctioned by NWA. Holy shit. Ice Cube was a driving force. I would not have guessed that. At any rate, here:

There is a lot of news about a movie theatre shooting and I get that, but it has been covered tirelessly elsewhere.

Instead, let's talk about the worst movie merchandising ever. Is it wrong that I want the Freddie toaster? But will pass on the Rambo colouring books with full military grade weapons

Some music to take you to the weekend:

Hummina Hummina

There's just something about guys called Charlie, amiright?


Holy moly.  I can't wait for this movie.  It's called Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur, in case you never made it past the picture.  It's being directed by Guy Ritchie and it's the first film in a SIX PART franchise deal with Warner Bros.  


Jude Law is the baddie Vortigern, Eric Bana is Uther Pendragon, Arthur's father (He's not that old!), Djimon Hounsou (it's pronounced like Digimon, right?) as Sir Bevedere, and the gorgeous Astrid Berges-Frisbey (best name ever) as Guinevere.


Considering its a medieval tale retold with Arthur as a streetwise thug orphan raised by prostitutes, and it has David Beckham in it, it may well turn out to be a giant pile of shite.

Who cares!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

BWW Big Brother: Backdooring Audrey Seems...Redundant?

Good ol' batsh*t Audrey, always the dishER is now the dishEE and she didn't even show up to take her medicine. Like for reals, she needs her meds.

Join us to say BAI FELICIA to our trendsetting transgender yerk

Did you hear that?

Boom Club Meet: My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry

Tonight we discuss the wonderful book that was beloved by all who read it:

LubFest at 6! Woooooo!

Random Wrap Up

Illuminati Gossip has a greatly uncomfy interview with Amy Shumer; I feel as though I SHOULD like her, but I'm not there yet. I like how she goes all Yo Mamma on the interviewer, tho

Royal Graffiti has got the deets on Faith&Tim2.0's divorce, I've been trying to work up a care about these two, but coming up dry. I'll keep mining!

Thanks to our BeckyMae, we have actual Drag News for Draaaaag Thursdays again! MamaRu is looking for voting for Drag Race AllStars, cast you ballots on Facebook, Twitter or here. Which may be one of those. I'm not so good with the social media.

I watched The Queen of Versailles last night and Tig. the night before, has anyone seen / wanna discuss? I know they've been out for quite some time, but I've been busy watching some really bad TV. You understand. I can't seem to find out if they ever completed their TackMansion. Here are the trailers for QoV:

And Tig., which was really good, but. Hmm. I love her comedy, so dry.

Big Brother and BiP News!

Somehow I missed that they told us who the Bachelor In Paradise contestants have been named, I must have been wandering the wilds of South Dakota at the time.

Anyway! Some contestants that stuck out to me:

Clare is back?? Whut?? She got attached to whatshisface in approx 30 seconds and she STILL figures this is the best place for her to meet and find true wuv?

She's just gonna make this face for two hours. Every.night

Also: Juelia Goolia of the fantastic eyeliner is back, but...seems like she JUST had that My Husband Committed Suicide So You Should Totally Keep Me meltdown? Hey! At least it isn't Kelsey!

And she should just do makeup tutorials

Ashley KardashianVCard is there with her sister too, but who cares? Nooooobody. Also Onion and some other Prince Farming cast-offs, like Playboy Jade (spoilers in this article, alert!!) and Samantha Who, which is pretty much what we called her. Mackenzie and Carly are on there, which is cool, I liked Mac as a galpal and Carly was funny, if completely insecure.

AUGUST 2 PREMIERE,WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ABC knows what BiP junkies we all are and is running an after-show which could potentially mess up our BB watching. We'll werk it out with our good friend DVR. He's a keeper!

In Big Brother news, Derek from last year is mad impressed with Jason's game but mourns Johnny Mac's cursed likability.

See you tonight for the Boom Boom Meet for My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry and Big Brother!

Archie . . . Archie Andrews? Where are you?

I read today that Tom Moore, one of the cartoonists to work on Archie from 1953-1988, has died in Texas.  Archie was a HUGE part of my childhood, I would have to wait until my two older brothers, and usually my dad, had read the latest issue before I got a turn.  I would have been doing most of my reading in the mid 80's and would have read a lot of his work.  Over and over until the comic was falling apart.

I can remember thinking American schools and towns were so cool with their football teams, cheerleaders, cafeterias and Choklit shops.  I could never decide if I wanted to be Betty or Veronica, or Midge.  I guess I made up my mind eventually!

I used to like the issues that had Sabrina, Josie and the Pussycats and Katy Keene with her amazing hair.  Used to hate Little Archie and Lil Jinx.  Look at the stupid giant head.

Who was your favourite character?  Any other comics of that era you loved?  Richie Rich?  Casper? I was also quite partial to a Donald Duck, myself.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

BWW OITNB SE:E4 Finger in the Dyke

I am absolutely sure, given how this show handles everything with kid gloves (covered in schmegma), that we don't have to worry about this partic epi being super gross and church-fisty just because of it's title. Fo sho. It's probably something to do with the old fairytale

Let's roll!

BWW Big Brother: The Reign of Shelli

I think we all feel Shelli may have possibly prevaricated a wee tiny bit about her age, but hey, I hear old people are wise and shite! Lessee what GrammaShelli's got to teach us!

At least how she gets her dentures so sparkly, I hope

I have to say, she reminds me of this song in that pic. CanuckleCon, y'all!

Bookworm Wednesday News

I know everyone is all excited about To Set A Watchman, we've posted about it several times on Bookie and it is number one on the charts, knocking off "Grey" by E. L. James, which seems apropos...but not everyone is ecstatic about actually reading it. Apparently Atticus Finch is a big ol' racist and some people even think it ought not to have been published. Others think it's a tempest in a tea pot and the complexity of character helps flesh Atticus out in a way that To Kill A Mockingbird did not. What say you, Bookies? Anyone read it yet? Anyone wanna?

Gillian Flynn, I swear to Bob, don't even THINK about it. Ten years would make the Dunne offspring just ripe for an inappropriately aged secks ring, yaaaaaaaay. And that trailer for Dark Places is ridiculous,Charlize Theron is so badly cast that I can't even watch it all the way through.

Speaking of lost cool manuscripts, a new old Dr. Suess has popped up! Quick character/ personality test: if you can read Oh The Places You Will Go all the way through without choking up, you, sir/ madame, are a MONSTER.

Not really related to books, but interesting nonetheless, here's  an article on the Chinese occupation of Tibet. Spoiler alert: the bad guys wear orange. It just proves my hypothesis about ALL organized religion being used as a tool of oppression. You know, in the good old days.

Book club meet for My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry tomorrow at 6, see you tonight for Big Brother!


Fat and Fit?

I love all things about running and I came across this article today from Runners World which discusses the issue of whether one can be fit and fat at the same time.  The story follows a woman that is obese but also runs.  She not only runs, she runs distance.  Marathons, even Ultras!  Scientific evidence nowadays points more towards the fact that yes, it can be possible to be fit if you are highly active yet overweight.  I found this to be a highly interesting read and you can also read it if you wish here Fit and Fat?

So, what do you think?

Image result for picture of running

Twilight Sparkles

Ever wonder what the stars of Twilight are up to right now?  I'm sure you do!  Let's catch up!

I just saw this trailer and I think it looks amazing!  Both Kristen and Jesse Eisenberg are mega-douches but this movie looks like a fun ride.

RPatz, aka Cedric Diggory interviewed Jamie Bell aka Billy Elliott for Interview magazine.  I'm not ashamed to admit I lurve Rob, he's a funny bugger.  If you haven't seen the movie Billy Elliott, you should definitely search it out, especially all you dance lovers.

Taylor Lautner is still floating around, he's on a BBC show called Cuckoo with Andy Samberg.  Nikki Reed will be a season regular on new season Sleepy Hollow, Ashley Greene is . . . ah who cares.

Here, watch some Billy Elliott.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

BWW: SYTYCD 10th Anniversary

Let's celebrate the best of the best tonight!  I'm so excited!

Image result for sytycd

Game of Thrones #HairWatch

Welp!  Kit Harington spotted in Belfast airport.  On the same flight as Jaqen!  With a man bun!

Who cares about Jon Snow, imagine having this babe on the same flight!

Filming starts this week, here is a look at a couple of new locations.  Gotta be Casterly Rock, right?

SCIENCE! Tuesday

In honor of the Pluto Flyby, which isn't nearly as alarming as a Compton Drive-by,this post will be dedicated to the wonders of space.

So Pluto is finally getting some love again. The New Horizons probe took 9 years to get there (launched when poor Pluto was still considered a planet), covering 2.96 BILLION miles; traveling faster than teenaged Charlie trying to make it home on Saturday night before curfew. During the 9 day flyby, it collected 6.25 gigabytes of data. Time for some NASA nerd to clear the pron off his PC.

In news completely unrelated to Pluto, astronomers have discovered supermassive black holes. The band Muse couldn't be happier.

Next up, New Zealand appears to be cashing in on this whole outer space fad.  They are planning on building a Space Base for the world's first commercial site. Maybe Veronica can be our on-site reporter?

And finally, will our first encounter with extraterrestrial life be due to Comets?  Not as exciting as E.T. No word from the Hershey Company whether or not they will shoot for another product placement.

What is your favorite space movie? Who is your favorite alien?                                                                 

Monday, 20 July 2015




Top Twenty Stage Vs. Street, and we lose two tonight already.  So we are down to eighteen tonight. Will it be a Stag-er, and Street-er, or a combination of both?  I hate to say it but I saw more weak dancing in the Street side during performances.

I think I did hear that the dancers will be performing out of their styles this week!  Woohoo!

Image result for sytycd stage vs street

MoarGawkerDramz and SparkleStuff

I am seriously blown away by the way Gawker is handling that seedy, seedy post we discussed here; everyone in Editorial has pretty much quit, including the Editor in Chief and founder Nick Denton. Insane.

I missed a couple of weeks, but I hear we're on to the top 20 for SYTYCD? Here's a flashback to the first season, sans Cat Deeley. See if you recognise anyone and see you at 6 tonight!

Speaking of dancing, the case against Abby Miller for hurting some air near a teenager has been thrown oot and do not get between Phillipinos and their Zumba, yo. back to back championships in mass Zumba-ing

Last, but not least, our lame party buddy Gronk stopped by Celebrity Family Fued to shake something, even twerking/pushing the contestant. I'm wondering if he is the next Charming Potato? He has the charisma, if not the Pony. Why that's a great idea! Let's have some Pony!

Aussie As!

I'm sure you've all seen the dead set legend that is Mick Fanning punching a shark and living to tell the tale. He was attacked while participating in the J-Bay Open surf event in South Africa.  Watch now if you dare!

Here's Julian Wilson, the other surfer out in the water at the time who witnessed the attack and paddled in to help.

Mick, nicknamed White Lightning, is a 3 time ASP World champion, and has had an amazing career despite numerous injuries and the death of his brother in a car accident in 1998.


Sunday, 19 July 2015

BRR True Detective Recap S2:E5 Other Lives

Last week we left the three pillars of society contemplating what mess they had wrought: so that's why police always let the bad guys get away WHEN THEY ARE SURROUNDED BY INNOCENT CIVILIANS with undoubtedly litigious (Murica?) remaining fambly members!

Let's see if they still getta be cops, or if they have to take turns wearing Ray's Dad's (FRED WARD!! WOOOO!!) old badge currently encased in glass.

Discussion points, in order of watching:

1)   That is a LOT of lawsuits, I mean dead civilians, laying around. And cops. Man

2)   Who's moving and why are there boxes everywhere with Frank?? Where is he? His house? He must be at his house because he's half nekkid. Why is his house packed all up? I don't get it. Ah, they've decided to call Caspere corrupt, blame it on the (toothless?) Mexicans and use the successful case-closing as a spring board to a position as Governor. I cannot get over how fine Vince Vaughn is when he's all serious

3)   I can't unsee Pornstache Henchman as a lizard. Thanks, Veronica

4)   Ooooooh, speaking of staches and the lack thereof, wow, Ray looks like a new man! He shaved his face, he washed his hurr, his eyes are all bright, he's lost weight and he's wearing a colour other than coffee stain! Wow. I can't believe he quit and they wanted him to stay after that so badly planned and executed raid that they turned into a bloodbath through sheer ineptitude. I love the his line, though "better to walk, before they make you run". I'm guessing we've moved into the future now, and that explains Frank moving. Somewhat

5)   No offense, Ray. A bolo tie and dress pants with an illfitting blouse is not flattering. And now you're being evicted for quitting the force. So sorry. I wonder what he's doing for work?

6)   HE'S WORKING FOR FRANK????????? DAFUQ???? He's strong arming for Frank???? I take back all the nice stuff I said about how you look, you scum sucking bottom feeder threatening to put a woman into ICU for $200 short on rent

7)   Sexual harassment training: Ani getting her retraining. She just really likes big d*cks. And not just length. Girth is also very important. What's that about handcuffs?

8)   Paulie is in negotiations re: the indiscretion claim with the actress and somehow his army record comes up? That seems irregular. This whole scene has only two purposes: 1) to underline the fact that Paulie didn't kill any civilians (but we knew that) and 2) Paul is DYING to get back in the field as a detective.

9)   Frank being braced by a couple of Latino dewds. VV so hawt. Sorry sorry. I have a feeling it was a bad idea to just send those two guys (one may have been female, but cool hat) without finding out what their business was with Santos.

10) Jeez, GreasyMayor just drinks in his office now? Where is TanMouthpiece to run interference? There is some sketchy deal with heavy metals being sprinkled throughout the valley and a teetotaler driving himself off a cliff; is compared to Caspere. Hmmm, and it's tied to HandsomeForeignAccentedGuy

11) I'm so disappointed in Ray. Even 60 days clean

12) I'm more disappointed in his ex-wife. I can't believe she let him raise that adorable chubby bastage as his son for however many years, but come a divorce: paternity is suddenly up in the air. Divorce is awful, y'all

13) Frank is now listening to the hot feeling he got on the back of his neck and is hiring Ray to watch that Louche Pit Boss Blake what likes to stare at ladybums. He has stopped addressing Ray with any modicum of respect now that Ray is his full time hoodlum. Sigh. I get the hot feeling on the back of my neck that Frank really is going to have Ray rework the Caspere case

14) Frank has blue balls of the heart. That needed it's own line

15) Paulie is breaking the happy news of his impending nuptials to his Mom, she takes it about as well as most overbearing creepy mothers do. Who only wear lingerie and drink all day. It turns out that he left 20K four years ago with mother of the year ("you could have been a scrape job"? WHO SAYS THAT TO THEIR CHILD???)  there and actually thought it would still be waiting for him, carefully hidden behind a zipper in a cloth backpack on a high shelf? Like for real? And he's still more worried about someone knowing he's gay. I would be more worried that anyone thought I was related to that "poisoned c**ze"

16) Ani is apparently still working the case of the missing girl she heard about first episode; nice uniform! Can't harass anyone below you when you are at the bottom in the records depot all by yourself I guess! And lots of time to do a fearless and searching moral inventory! So surprised she still has a badge at all

17) Ray is making a totally bummer recording about exhaustion and pain and I hope that's not for his kiddo. You wanna know about pain and exhaustion, ask a teenager about gym class. Blake the louche pit boss ladybum aficionado ends up at a very nice mansion, is that the mayor's place? It looks like he may be meeting the Mayor's son, Pitlor the terropist and half a dozen lovely ladies: I'm guessing the event Tony is planning is some kind of Hot Girls Wanted travelathon, the ladies all have rolling suitcases. Yacht? Aha! And they meet up with HandsomeForeignAccentedGuy.

18) I should never have gotten attached to Ray. All those lighthearted moments, the Uncle Ray bit. All nothing

19) Frankie looks petulant in his bar this epi. Must be the heart blue balls. I hate that his wife is still around but they aren't happy at all. Backslide City is right, Joy. Oh good lord, Frank getting pissy about semantics when called a gangster. This whole scene makes me sad, she drops the 3xabortion bomb and he is nothing but a gangster. And nobody is happy. And everyone is drinking.

20) Paulie is drinking a LOT and it's a little bit silly to hide the pouring of booze into your iced tea but then just throw the empty bottles onto the top of the open trash can. Tsk tsk

21) Aww Frankie, don't cry. I can't take it when you cry. Go home to your wife. She loves you. And he does. Yay!

22) Huh, now Ani and Ray are meeting at the Heroin Café! Interesting. This Caspere case will get solved one way or the other, Mexicans be danged. And Paul was a God Warrior that day of the shootout, good call, Ray. I hate how I love him with Ani, he seems human, and we know he isn't. Best line of their talk: "Good seeing you, I didn't realise you were on my mind". Have you ever had a friend like that? The kind you could make appear just by thinking about them? I have that, and it is a double-edged sword

23) Avon Lady with the wonk eye is putting together a Special Investigation Team; how interesting that she is strong-arming Ray into it when she was so hot to take him down before. Well, the gang is all here, and it looks like everyone is biting. Ray just needs a little cuddle first. I prefer after. I hate how she dangles his kid in front of him, but he can't not take it

24) Oh my god. They found the guy that raped Ray's ex-wife, but Ray absolutely for sure killed the guy that raped his ex-wife, or the guy that Frank SAID was the rapist. Ohhh nooooo, Ray. You were played by Frank from the very beginning. Was that just some guy Frank needed to get rid of? How could he know Ray would bite without proof? That is huge. Wow.

25) Oh Ray. Please don't cry. I can't take it when you cry

26) Frank is really really interested in this valley deal. And the clean looking lawyer knows all about Caspere's hard drive with movies on it, 5 parcels are to be gifted upon it's return. Those must be some great home movies.

27) Ray doing what he does best with Pitlor the terropist, who has a great line: "your compensatory projection of menace is a guarantor of it's lack" right before that projection punches him in the facehole. Is that Rick Springfield????? BRB, must IMDB. It is!!!! It is Rick Springfield!!!! Anyway, sorry, sorry, Ray is trying to find out what he knows about the girls being run and the hooker parties. Turns out the mayor's son is the main pimp and Caspere was working with him. Blackmail? We are talking men of affluence. Ah yes. Poor Pitlor / Rick, he lost a lot of teeth and the certainty that he understands the difference between projected menace and actual menace.

28) Is Ani really trying to get her sister back into a hooker party? After she spent the whole last two episodes complaining that her sister was going to hooker parties? Worst.older.sister.ever

29) Paulie is working the blue diamonds angle, the pictures that Vera, the missing girl, had in her possession when she disappeared. Apparently another cop came by with the same pics, I gather it must have been missing from Caspere's safety deposit box. What other cop? I don't remember Don'tGiveAShitCop's name, but portly, flatulent and smelling of bourbon sounds about right. And the fact that he was looking before the safety deposit box turned up means he was working for someone else entirely. How many dang people were working for different interests?? 5? 6?

30) Ani and Paul hot on the trail of where the missing girl last called from and where Caspere was known to be, or his GPS was, at least. There is literally a guy walking down the street carrying a cross. Hey! Ani's given up the vape and is smoking a real cigarette! What does that mean?

31) Ray is talking to his ex-wife about the misidentification of the rapist, she was very angry that he lied about killing her attacker, which makes sense, kind of, that was when she lost her shite and starting playing hardball. Although I'd rather think someone I knew WASN'T a murderer, but I dunno.

32) So glad Frank and Joy are happy, giving up on the dream of kids is maybe his way of realising he isn't quite done being the hardluck kid he was. Still gotta take care of himself before bringing someone else in.

33) Ani and Paul have definitely found where Caspere was murdered, could that have been enough to bring the carrion birds? Or is there a full body outside somewhere?

34) Oh no. I have a bad feeling about Frank walking to the door. Ray. Eeeeeeee!