Sunday, 30 August 2015

BRR Bachelor In Paradise Recap S2:E9 WHUT??

We left Samantha about to date Justin, who may or may not have been notified in advance via InstaGraham:

BWW VMAs Finale and Afterparty

Okay!  It's gotta be done soon, right? Cube up next!

BWW VMAs Part 3

Now the Yeezy?? Now??

BWW VMAs 2015 Part 2!

Continues!! Girl Dramz!

BWW MTV Video Music Awards 2015!

And this is how we do! Miss Miley will be guiding us through the experience,  with her furries and drag queens:

Let's roll! Make it worth missing BiP chickie!

MTV VMAs Red Carpet!

Let's pick our best and worst here! I will post after

For now; this sartorial masterpiece:

And Orvi made me nostalgic for Amber Rose; here she is with 'Ye getting ready to storm the stage in 2009:

Happy VMAs Day!!

I know Miley just interviewed about her last VMAs, the lovely Reno posted it in comments but I gotta call booshite on her having moved on, and that just being about that time period. Every single promo pic from the VMAs, WHICH ARE TODAY WOO HOO!! she has her tongue out again and is licking something germy:

Which reminds me of

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Dinner and a Movie Resumes Next Week: Cool Runnings!

We took the summer off from Dinners with Movies, but we'll be back like a lojack next Friday, September 4, to watch Cool Runnings

Thanks to Reno and Veronica to making it happen! It's a great movie and we've been meaning to watch it for over a year. My tragic fellow canucklehead John Candy is innit and I can't wait.

Recipe (Jamaican something, natch) will be posted on the 3rd and 4th!

Friday, 28 August 2015

Countdown To The VMAs

Just two days until we getta watch the Video Music Awards with Miley, seen here riding a giant cat in a totally non-euphemistic way

Thursday, 27 August 2015


Live Eviction and entry back into the house for a jury member!   Who will leave?  Who will come right back in?  Memaw, Jackie, Steve, or Johnny Mac?  Who do you want to come back in?

You, My Place, January 2016

Who's coming on a road trip to Melbs in January 2016??

I have a feeling my favourite ginger ninja might be up for it? I'm only an hour flight away from Melbs, plenty of room to crash at my place.  All you have to do it make the 24+ hour plane trip, no worries!

I went last year for Soundgarden and I think those brain cells have been lost forever. One band confirmed already are Reno's Welsh relatives Bullet For My Valentine.

Who would pass up the opportunity for a bit of this?  You know I was nowhere near this madness, all that bouncing gives me shin splints!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Vanessa the Master Manipulator Fast Talker runs the HOH, NOT Austin the WUSS!  She got exactly who she wanted put up on the block when everybody is gunning for her to be put up.  Crazy!

Image result for big brother 17 image

BWW Big Brother Catch-Up

We're running behind! Show again tonight at 6, let's see what we missed. What do you think, will they ever actually get rid of this smug fast talking smurfette?

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

BWW SYTYCD? Monday Catch-Up

We've been a bit behind on the dancey bits (thanks, Obama! I mean BiP); here we go with last night's show.

I just love Alex!

Book Club MiniMeet: Sick in the Head by Judd Apatow

Tonight a trifecta of awesomeness will discuss:

What did we think?

New Evidence May Overturn Conviction of Adnan Syed??

Okay, that's what Gawker says, let's see what happens! None of the pieces fit together, as discussed on the Serial Podcast, which we talked about here and then later here as well as the Undisclosed Podcast, which we went over here. I really hope that if it is overturned that Hae Min Lee's real killer is found; I'd start with Jay. Dude knows something!!

Updated with a link to Entertainment Weekly's article about the Undisclosed Podcast's key findings

Science Tuesday - Body & Mind

This is gonna be a long post. Stick with me. There is a reward at the end...

BRR Bachelor in Paradise S2:E8 The Chess Master

And we're back! At Carly and Tenley wearing jean diapers and showing off their babymakers. Does anyone else get nostalgic for Jillian when they have to black box something? Let's pour one out for our sinewy lovemuffin:

Monday, 24 August 2015

BWW Fear The Walking Dead S1:E1 Pilot Pt. 2


BWW Fear The Walking Dead S1:E1 Pilot


BWW Bachelor in Paradise

Boy, I sure hope we get to talk about Samantha,  Joe and Juelia again tonight! !

Messed Up Watches This and Next Week

I swear, Bachelor in Paradise is just screwing with us with this two day schedule. As bad as it was yesterday; we never did get to the series premier of Fear The Walking Dead - which has been rescheduled to this evening at 7:30 pm blog time; it's gonna be even worse this upcoming Sunday. We have the MTV Video Music Awards!! I KNOW!!


BRR Bachelor in Paradise S2:E7 Recap Stone Cold Samantha

We left JJ hurling drunken threats of violence at Joe, who didn't understand why everyone just didn't chill, brah, and let him and Samantha lurve on each other.


Sunday, 23 August 2015

BWW BiP Part 3?

And Samantha is chillin like a villain

BWW BiP Part 2

BWW Bachelor in Paradise!

We left JJ baiting StinkyJoe while drunkenly monologueing re: circular references (which surprisingly did NOT involve a jerking motion)

Let's see what happens tonight!

Fear The Walking Dead Premier Day!

James sent me this link from Decider about the ways they ought not to mess this up and three things I got from this:

Reno's favourite madam from Deadwood is the lead!!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

New Fear The Walking Dead Trailer! IT'S TOMORROW!!

There is a new trailer for Fear the Walking Dead, the first three minutes of the first episode and I'm mostly feeling...meh/prehensive about it:

Friday, 21 August 2015

BWW OITNB S3:E11 We Can Be Heros

Cue crappy song!

And then a much better Wallflower song

Rolling around 8 pm, see you then!

BWW: OITNB: Episode 10

"A Tittin' and a Hairin'"  And I am intrigued as to what is going to happen in this one.........

Image result for oitnb image

Movie Friday! Mehh

So we have a date night tomorrow, cuz that's how suburbanites roll, and in looking around for a movie to watch, I came up with...not much

Agent 47: Hitman is getting horrible reviews and hubs told me that it's really the premise that's all wrong with regards to the video game: the whole point of the Hitmen is that they are anonymous and interchangeable. Boooooooo humanizing anonokillers!

Thursday, 20 August 2015


Live Eviction.  Who's going home?  Duh.  Ain't nobody got time for blood on their hands!

Image result for bb becky image++

Draaaaaaaagggggg Not On Tonight

I've had to postpone the Drag Race viewing tonight; Big Brother will go on as planned. Which means more Skittle Diddle euphemism talk, woo hoo!

In the meanwhile, enjoy Bianca and Willem explaining about the upcoming West Hollywood road closures

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

BWW OITNB S3:E9 Where My Dreidel At?

Rolling around 7:30 ish!

Tonight we get Leanne backstory!

BWW Big Brother! It's Finger Licking Good!

Otherwise known as BAI BECKY!

We shall miss you and your straightforward no-deal-or-alliance-making bum and train-taking face.

Bookworm Wednesday: Movie Edition

Remember when I wondered if Straight Outta Compton was worth seeing, due to it's rampant sanitization? Turns out not just me! Lots of people were pondering that same issue, including Dee Barnes, who Dre beat to shite over this interview with Ice Cube

In closer to actual book news, instead of just fiction, I used to be one of those snob types that liked to drop "No, but I read the book" when asked about movies; even I cannot believe how many big movies coming up were books first: Books into Movies 2015.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Book Club Meet Moved to NEXT Tuesday

We were supposed to be doing Sick in the Head by Judd Apatow this evening, lack of readers having finished has precluded that; anyone wanna do get caught up on So You Think You Can Dance instead?

If so, see you here at 6ish!

OR!! Veronica and I could discuss THIS!! What?? Lyanna and Robert's had a baby Jon Snow and that makes him a rightful heir to the throne, WHUT??? After he's done not being dead, that is! I now move my vote to Melissandre raising him and him not warging into Ghost. Final answer!

BRR Bachelor in Paradise Recap S2:E6 Now Samantha's The Ahole

Can you believe we get another whole hour of Joe being asked if he lied to Juelia on their ONE DATE that he didn't even ask her for? Who's some lucky viewers?? We are!!


Monday, 17 August 2015

BWW Half of Big Brother: The Hands Have It

Reno told us that Austin and Liz had a Hand Party last night; finger foods only; ON CAMERA; let's see how everyone else is doing!

Steve lost his damn mind and threw in with whatever is left of The Sixth Sense alliance; I'm wondering if Becky feels that big ol' double target burning on her back?

BWW Bachelor In Paradise S2:E6 Can We Move On? Pleez?

Can we just accept that Joe and Samantha used this show as a way to have a cheap vacay together and move the eff on, Bridget? I mean, when your shenanigans cause even CLARE to get bumped...

More people going home tonight! I vote Megan and Juelia!

In Beach Bouncy Vanilla Scented News!

We will be rolling another hour of Bachelor in Paradise tonight at 6, and it better not be another stupid night like yesterday. C'mon, we gave up watching a stupid teen awards show none of us wanted to see and everything!!

BRR Bachelor In Paradise Recap S2:E5 We Get It, Joe's An Ahole

Sundays were previously called Unnecessary Violence Day, for Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, and I kinda feel as though I wanted to commit some unnecessary violence on my TV tonight. I mean. It was ridiculous. But let's start at the beginning:

Where did we leave it...oh yeah! Clare was a having a meltdown because she wasn't feeling a CONNECTION and she had NO ONE to give her rose to and IT'S JUST HARRRDDDDD and she'd  rather just hide in the bushes while Chris Harrison tries to coax her out with bits of dried fruit.

Directly Pre-Meltdown

Sunday, 16 August 2015

BWW BiP And Still Not TCAs!


BWW Bachelor In Paradise Instead of Drunk Tweens

We left Clare attention seeking in the bushes; ahole Joe getting dat rose, Mikey and Jonathan waiting with bated breath to find out who gets to go home to their embarassed families first: let's see what happens tonight!

Jared smiling right before he dumped Clare's geriatric arse and sent her into meltdown #eleventy thousand

Teen Choice Awards Sunday!!

Okay; here's hoping we've got someone OTHER than a lastnameJenner kicking around at the show tonight; anyone else feeling like a creepy old who should be firing up the garden hose? It's gonna be a blast!! And we need alls each other to sustain that illusion, so C'MON!

Plus, it's time we hung out in JSierra's age group, only fair, with all the denture picking up and whatnot.

See you at 6, earlier if there's a red carpet! Let's make this a social in the meantime and in between time: cue music!

Friday, 14 August 2015

BWW OITNB S3:E8 Fear, And Other Smells

Happy Friday night, guys! We're watching episode 8, which means we're more than half done and we needa think of our next series to watch. In the meanwhile! Until House of Cards comes back:

We roll!

Movie Friday: The End Of The Tour Plus

I've been picking around the edges of the movie The End of The Tour with Jason Segel for a while now, sort of hemming and hawing as to whether. Well, whether. The whole movie is an interview David Lipsky did with writer David Foster Wallace (Infinite Jest), originally undertaken for Rolling Stone but eventually published as a book.

I was unsure of discussing this movie because

Thursday, 13 August 2015

BWW Big Brother Vanessa: Still Has A Play

I love Vanessa's (misplaced) confidence and am pretty sure we will never have to see this stupid hat again

But just in case, I also have this other stupid hat pic, that oughta seal the deal

What play could she possibly have? Personally, I don't care; her and Shelli are on the block and either way, there will be significantly less talk of Blood on Hands and Meaux's liver will live to hang out with Mike another day.

We roll at 7!

BWW RuPaul's Drag Race RuVealed S4:E1 The Rupocalyse.

So we're gonna watch everything we watched the last two weeks, but with RuPaul narrating the snark.

I totally get what our Becks was saying about Willem, she funny.

We roll at 5:30 or 6! Whenever everyone shows up!

In the meanwhile, learn what not to do in a gay bar. Like; go there, apparently

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

BWW Big Brother: Becky and Her Big Big Balls

We're the alliterati today, y'al! Becky was AWESOME on Sunday, can't wait to see if her plan comes off as well as Austin's promise ring did.

We roll!

Teen Choice Awards 2015: Because We Forgot So Many Others

Soooooo....we missed a couple of awards shows here and there...and as a result, we may be a little rusty, 3-hour-snark-a-thon-wise.

Bookworm Wednesday: New Books!

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but Jennifer Weiner has a new book out? Have I? Maybe once or twice? IT'S OOT AND AVAILABLE, WOO HOO!!!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Book Club Meet: The Long and Faraway Gone by Lou Berney

Tonight we discuss!

We're running about 15 to 20 behind, meet you here!

BRR Bachelor in Paradise Recap S2:E4 The Gassy Aftermath

So! Joe stopped the world and farted on us; we were MEZMERIZED! Let's see if they got the stank oot!

I need meme generator to be able to add stank lines

Book Club Meet Tonight!

Good morning all y'all! We have a book club meet at 6 tonight for one of the most interesting books I've read in ages: The Long and Faraway Gone by Lou Berney.

Thanks to our Meaux Meaux for the suggest and TFOAM as always for the assist and hard/soft(?)ware.

Speaking of TFOAM and books, there is a new Jennifer Weiner book coming out this week "Who Do You Love" and I'm 'cited!! Here she is talking about it and I won't say much, because I think she has allls the feminism covered, but I will say: it would be a mistake to dismiss her as a chicklit or woman's writer only. She relies on the funny and latest trends (prescription addiction, anyone?) a touch too much, but she cuts to the heart of the matter in a real way better than almost anyone. Also: an author that live-tweets during The Bachelor? I mean. I need Lawrence Block to do that during True Detective

Anyone have one of those mornings where stuff just doesn't seem to go off just right and you finally figure out that it's because your shuffle has been playing an entire Brad Paisely album in your ear, one song after another and that shite really needs to be broken up? A Ne-Yo palate cleanse

I heard there's another CDaN spinoff gossip site; just in time for the 'Dan load times to slow the hell down again. My goodness; it's been a year of lot of big changes. Anyone have any site shoutouts they wanna give?

Also: are we watching the Teen Choice Awards this Sunday? I bet we're not going to know anyone, but it might help with OTHER award shows to find out who all these whippersnappers are that need to get off our lawns. Let's think aboot it!

Monday, 10 August 2015

BWW Big Brother The Decimation of Clelli: The Aftermath

So these morons voted out big dumb Clay (at his request!) instead of Shelli the Mastermind (sorry, that just made me throw up in my mouth a little, one sec); let's see what Memaw's revenge will be!

BWW Bachelor in Paradise S2:E4

Woo hoo! Night two of the Toot Toot Express, woo wooo!!!

Let's see what Joe has to say tonight out of his face!

BRR Bachelor In Paradise S2:E3 Recap

You guys. YOU GUYS!!! Wait!! There's an awesome moment towards the end and it will blow you away. In the meantime!!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

BRR True Detective S2:E8 Recap Omega Station

And this is it. Tonight we find out who Birdman/The Crow is and tomorrow is the post mortem.

We left Paul dead by Loot Dumbo/Kevin Burris, and Ani and Ray swapping lotsa spit in a seedy hotel room. Let's find out what REALLY happened!!

Discussion points, in order of watching: