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BRR Kingdom Recap S1:E7 Animator / Annihilator

It got all bleedy up in here last episode; kitchen equipment and a bit of Sling Blade coming into play; lessee how much closer we're getting to some NickJo actual acting.

Instead of just being sah purty

Can I also say? This series is rated as 14A and there is a whole lot more than I would expect. Nekkid bewbs and butts, I've seen all but the cacks of all the main actors, several simulated sex scenes and a metric tonne of violence. How is that 14A? But I digress. I'm sure it's all for furthering the plot.

We open with gangbangers getting arrested at a barbecue, so at least that won't be a problem later!

Ryan is at his Parole Officer's with Alvey, who is stumping for having Ryan stay with him...and Ryan's ex-fiancée Lisa...and after the whole stabbing incident...

Jay cleans up nice! And cleans nicely, too. He is promising to remove the bars from YogaMom's windows and this is me not holding my breath. He also has a possible big fight as a fill-in coming up with an actually legit promotor and yay! He's wearing bad suits and listening to vinyl, though, sooo. Beware hipster MMA fighters who fear mid life crises.

You know. Relatively

Ryan's training is not going well, he's psychologically backed up. He and Alvey keep teeing up and this has to come to a head soon.

They're easing into the gay storyline, an adorable hipster in a stanky touque comes up and rubs Nate's belleh, which is noticed by his mother and maybe brother. He covers for it and deals with his unease by raging on some poor driver that had the misfortune of almost running Christina down. This is the first time we've even had a hint of it, except for the extremely boring but pretty boning session with Tatiana when he tried to answer his cell phone mid-bounce.

Alvey had a pet ocelot. Named Kima Who died or was born on May 29, which is important because we hear about it for 5 minutes.

Not what I expected. I thought feathered, mebbe
Moar uncomfortable fambly dinners!!

Now that Ryan is staying at the gym, he can train all day and night and wander around in his underwear and hump a body bag and. Yeah. All of that and also leave to get high. That's probably not a good idea. Also not a good idea? Christina drinking. You know, she was a heroin addicted sex worker two weeks ago, I don't know if that's the BEST recovery plan I've seen. Her and Jay dance together and I can't get over the feeling that he's regarding her in a non-related fashion. Although I could just be a bad person.

Homicidal Keith is on some serious drugs in lockup, but can still smell a bear in epic creepiness. Aside: Matt Lauria as Ryan LOOKS the part, with his chiseled bawday (stop relying on the bawday!!), tattoos and carefully manscaped countenance, but his voice is all wrong. Watch it and let me know if you agree. C'MON. ONE EPISODE. He talks funny.

Jay finally leaves Christina at home alone and well. We'll see. Also we will see about Alvey, who is monologuing at his unseen terropist about great men not taking pills, but chances. I'm wondering, is calling yourself a great man like saying you have class? If you have to say it...Oh man. Alvey is bipolar. And off his meds. Which is the PROBLEM. They feel better, then they don't take the pills, then they feel worse, then they self-medicate and. It's not a good move, Alvey.

Jay meets with the legit promoter who asks him to sign a contract without Lisa present. Christina shows up at the gym and I guess I'm glad she's not high? We see Nate at physiotherapy and he ditches his new PT because he's gay. Closet firmly closed. He is told that he's putting himself at risk for ditching and going back to his dad to train; and he gets the best line of the episode "no shit. I fight in a cage for money."

Christina wants a divorce and I guess I expected Alvey to be more accommodating. Lisa doesn't get it either. You know who gets it? Ryan! Frolicking in ginch while drinking vodka and Gatorade and staring at pictures of Lisa. Not even a little creepy!! Or safe, working out while drunk and pissing in the cage and breaking mirrors and setting off the alarm and yeah. Bad move, Ryan and Alvey. He was somewhat contained at the halfway house.

Alvey shows up and they do dat dance. They both get some good licks in, but Alvey is still trying to train Ryan and is happy after. Apparently Ryan is ready. Yaaaaayy

The gangbangers got released from jail already and apparently went straight to Nate and Jay's house, where Nate and Christina huddle, terrified. I don't know. This story line. What say you? Interesting or blah blah threaten with a gun blah same same blah?

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