Tuesday, 13 October 2015

LabRat Tuesday, For Your Inner Sciencey Bits

Speaking of bits! Sometimes outtie/innie doesn't matter so much, they say. Slow clap for "and then they eat a banana" and also BroJob, which sounds more like a career wearing your hat backwards than, well, read the article. I have to strongly disagree with absolutely everything they say about straight men having sex with each other, becuz: bored, except for the part about sexuality being fluid.

Also! Um?

And now less dirty-birdy stuff, Cawfee rules!! Suck it, water! Which means I actually DO get my recommended daily liquid intake, woo hoo! Also, we all know that there actually is no such thing as a scientifically proven recommended liquid intake, right?

Not exactly sciency, but there is quite a bit of speculation about who will overthrow the Ricktatorship and while some of the mentioned people are valid (Morgan, Michonne), Deanna ain't gots no power any more and Daryl isn't a leader.

Unless you're talking thousands of sloooowwwwwly shambling walkers

He's a GREAT follower, but he isn't comfortable with you know, SPEAKING, so unless it's some kind of a mute revolution, I can't see it. Which leaves Maggie. And I still can't see that. Maybe back at the farm when she was all opinionated and powerful, now she's just one of many. But I lurve her and I would love to see more development of her character, in a non-overthrowing-Rick kinda way. So: I 'cided. Nobody can stage a coup successfully against Rick and we will continue as planned. AS PLANNED! Thenk you. Does anyone think there's another option?


  1. Well, that's a lot of info to digest. Hmmmm

    I agree with YOU on the Brojob thing. That article was whack, yo.

    No comment on #2!

    Just drink enough so that your pee looks nice and pale yellow!
    I wish I enjoyed coffee like so many people do.

    I can't see anyone overtaking Rick. Not happening. And if it does, I'll quit TWD! Not really.

    1. Whack indeed. And not in the way they talked aboot, either.

      No. 2 was GROSS!! And the pictures!! That's the internet equivalent of passing someone a carton of bad milk and asking them to smell it, my bad

      There's no way Rick WON'T always be the leader, I'm guessing that is just clickbait. That totally worked. I just love the word Ricktatorship and am going to work it in whenever I can

    2. I must find ways to work Ricktatorship into my daily vocab. Must.

    3. Something like "this is not a Ricktatorship, you fcukwit!!"

    4. On Tater, would it be your Tatership?

    5. This could be my TTMTatership

    6. That'll work! I'll will use it wisely.

      I don't see how it could be any other 'ship! LOL