Monday, 30 November 2015

BWW Into The Badlands S1:E2 Fist Like a Bullet

Getting caught up on our kicky, kicky show!

And a poll! Who wants to see H8tful 8??

BRR Project Runway S14:E14 Finale Part 2

And this is it! Runway shows for all four final designers;  will it be Ashley Nell Tipton and her plus size 1950s Mexican hand-dyed lace, Edmond's confusing ruffles, Kelly's cheap-looking toolbox and wood print fabric or Candice and her witchy bitchy leather look? Let's find oot!

Dis Week on Der Bookie Wook

We have a few things planned for this week; starting with an episode catchup of Into The Badlands from two weeks ago

Sunday, 29 November 2015

BWW The Walking Dead S6:E8 Start to Finish

Veronica sent this; too perfect not to use:

Rolling mid-season finale live@7!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

BRR Project Runway Recap S14:E13 Finale Part 1

I can't believe we're here! We're at the finale and I just feel as though I've grown so much as a recapper throughout and blah blah yay me! Candice, Ashley and Kelly will be showing whatstheygot, but frist, let's say goodbye to Edmond, who created this wonder out of greeting cards.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Happy Birthday Wigs!

It's Kristin's birthday week, and I would like to air out some dirty laundry, if I may.  She was not a person to let people know her business or celebrate her birthday specifically online, so I'm not posting this on her birthday, just during the week.

BRR Project Runway Recap S14:E12 Roll Out The Red Carpet

Kelly from the deli pulled a twofer with back to back wins with this walking bridge look

 We finally lost Merline with her delicious burgundy drapey thing

And this is it!! Whoever DOESN'T go home is going to Fashion Week!! Lessee who is going to be the most.bummed.ever.

Happy Thanksgiving Murica! Drunken Social

I hear all the good stuff about Thanksgiving can be summed up thusly:

I'm half-Murican (the chatty half, natch), so Imma give thanks too! I'm thankful for my online peeps who never, ever think I've gone too far. I'm thankful for their friendship and support and letting me support them and I love our circle-cuddles!

I'm thankful for my fambly, OF COURSE, there isn't a day that goes by that I am not grateful for the opportunity I have to know such awesome (and loud) little people. I'm also thankful for my health,  which was a little sketchy sounding last year at this time.

Now! You go! Drink and say something inappropriate!  I said DRINK!!

Sociable! Tockame!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

BRR Below Deck Recap S3:E14 Reunion Show Part 1

Now the everyone knowing what was up show!! Woo hoo!!

BRR Vanderpump Rules S4:E4 Happily Never After

Becks is away, preparing for American Thanksgiving (?), so y'all are stuck with me doing this shiteshow this week. Yaaaay right? Woo hoo! I don't have the background but I will do my best!

Can I just say?  I love the sah serious intro with all the booze flying portentously around whilst the servers try to eye hump us with BlueSteel.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Time Zoning: New Series Cuffs S1:E1

Rolling now!



BRR Après Ski Recap S1:E4 It's All Downhill From Here

This recap and others have been moved to our new recap site GingesBeCray


Monday, 23 November 2015

BWW The Strain S2:E8 Intruders!

And Veronica is waiting for some Eldridge crepey bits because she is a woman of discerning yet questionable, questionable taste


Two Day Finale:  Night One!!!  Who will be the final two?

Image result for bindi carlos nick and alec dwts

BWW The Walking Dead S6:E7 Heads Up

And we're finally watching! So I can go on Facebook and yell at my cousin some more, as well as post on Twitter.

Rolling at 1:30 or 1:45!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

BWW AMAs 2015 Continues

It's the JLo/Biebs show!

BWW AMAs 2015

Welcome back to The Renos! UBI Pitbull?

American Music Awards 2015

Rolling with JLo and Pitbull!

Somebody get a hose!

American Music Awards: The Red Carpet and Preshow

This is it!  The Renos are almost on! Opening at a weird white jumpsuit

And JLo with a look I need help with: whispy bang or chewbacca hairline?

BRR Project Runway S14:E11 The Runway's in 3D!

Last week Kelly from the deli won with MAROON PLEATHER OVERALLS

We lost Swappy to this batwing capelet bullshite

Happy American Music Awards Day!

We're rolling The Renos tonight for the SECOND TIME whoop whoop! Tell your friends! JLo is hosting

And tell me: whatcha been doon? I've been bingewatching The Knick with the hubs, it just gets better and better!

I was highly skeptical at first, because I missed two cruicial things:

1) Steve Soderbergh directs

2) HBO show via Cinemax

The line of the night ere evening: "Would that the budget allowed for pregnant prostitutes"

What else is going on? Tockame!

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Dinner and Drinkies: Top Secret

Continues! Rolling from

Drinkies and a Movie - Top Secret!

Tonight's flick is the hilarious Top Secret!  Everyone is so excited for this, even Val dropped by.

Back in the day Mr Kilmer was all young, chiselled and trouty pouty.  Age catches up with us all, Val.  Don't look so shocked!

Let's see what happens when Nick Rivers travels to East Germany to sing at a music festival.  
What could possibly go wrong?

Rolling at 8pm blog time!  Bring your snacks and drinkies!

Friday, 20 November 2015

American Music Awards?

So I'm looking at the calendar, right up there ^^^^ and I see we have the American Music Awards this Sunday! Are we doing? JLo is hosting, Pitbull will be there, I'm pretty sure we called this one the Reno Awards before, amirite? So we gotta!

The Weeknd is nominated for several awards, and it's a good thing he can sing like a baby angel, because he c'ain't spell for shite. Here's the Canuckladian with The Hills

Here is the full list of nominees and if you will see EXACTLY why these are the Renos! Plus The Biebs, who I have to admit: I like some of his new stuff. He's a talented young man with another sweet baby angel voice. Maybe I'm going through a Mormon Tabernacle Choir phase.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

BWW RuPaul's Drag Race S4:E12 RuPaul Rewind

Top 3 huntys!! Wooo hoo!! Not that this is about THAT, it's the LookBack episode, highlights, lowlights, never seen footage. You know the drill.

We lost our chunky but funky Latrice Royale last week: In Memoriam

You were the epitome of style, wit and tenacity. I sincerely hope you went home and got thoroughly defrocked, my beloved giant horny toad.

Rolling at 7:45 or 8!

Trailer Park Thursday

Happy Thursday peeps!  There's a few new movie trailers out this week that might be of interest to someone.  Anyone?

First up, the Huntsman featuring my not so secret identity Chris Hemsworth.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

LAFF: Sleep Dealer


Latin American Film Festival: Sleep Dealer

It's Reno's homework time! We're watching the 2008 sci-fi film Sleep Dealer

Rolling right now!

BRR Below Deck Recap S3:E13 Loose Lips Sink Ships

I'm 'cited AND sad because this is the season finale of Below Deck. I know it's going to be AWESOME but then I know there will be a loooonnngggggg BD-free period until next year. However!  I will count my chickens and enjoy my mixed metaphors for just one more time this year.  Until the reunion!

Beckymae Recaps Vanderpump Rules S4E3 "Pretty Little Lies"

We are BAAAACK! VPR S4E5, it is time for some vacuous, titillating FUN!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Time Zoning: The Man In The High Castle S1:E02 Sunrise (at Sunset)

We JUST found out that New Freedom Fighter is actually not only a Nazi, but a legacy, with dear old Dad Rufus Sewel gravely ordering people beaten to death, all steely-eyed, hollow-cheeked and gaunt. 

We roll!

BRR Après Ski Recap S1:E03 Friends With Benefits

This recap and others has been moved to our new recap site GingesBeCray

You can find this one here: Apres Ski S1:E3 Friends With Benefits


Thoughts Pleez!

I'm thinking of switching to Disqus, since we're having sooooo much trouble commenting lately with Blogger; can I get everyone's thoughts and opinions?

I just want to know if you've had positive or negative experiences on other sites or if there is an even BETTER system I can check out.

What is happening on watches just can't happen any more, it messed up Into the Badlands and Dancing With the Stars last night for a few commenters.

Lemme know in comments! It's important! Poor communication is not okay!

Monday, 16 November 2015

BRR Project Runway Recap S14:E10 Crew's All In

Heeeeyy that sounds like a sailor episode, woot woot! Last week Edmond won with this dress that I swore I saw on Rizzoli and Isles immediately after

And Laurie took her nipple pads and gloriously soft afro home.

BWW New Show! Into The Badlands S1:E01 The Fist

We're trying Into The Badlands tonight, the new AMC martial arts fight show.

It looks very kicky with tonnes of non-euphemistic swordplay!




AND, Tamar is leaving the show due to blood clots in her lungs.............I hope she gets well soon.

Image result for dwts tamar image

Image result for dwts logo

BWW The Talking Dead Walkie Talkie Glenn OVER

Since they messed up the schedule last night!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

BWW The Strain S2:E7 Identity

The Master is now in EmoGothDITT's body and Nazi is NOT.HAPPY.

Now with 100% less peni!

BWW The Walking Dead S6:E06 Always Accountable

Merry Christmas from Glenn!!

Rolling live at 7!

BRR Project Runway Recap S14:E9 Make It Sell

Candice won another challenge last week with this

And that is all I shall say aboot that. We lost Lindsey because of this

BRR Project Runway S14:E8 Broadway or Bust

Kelly had her first win last episode with her TinModel

We lost two dudes too, Joseph to this mod/robot/hookah look

Random Sunday

What's up homeskillets?  What a shitful week it has been all round.  How's about some random stuff to brighten up your Sunday?

There has been a bit of discussion recently about watching that all time 80's classic Top Secret! Memba back when Val Kilmer was all young, chiselled and um . . . not so smart?

Saturday, 14 November 2015

BWW Empire S1:E6 Out, Damned Spot Redux

And we're gonna try this one again! Shakespeare and Courtney Love, take 2!

Cookie MacBeth over here!

BRR Project Runway Recap S14:E7 Haute Tech Couture

Last week Merline finally won a challenge! A ginch challenge, even, and this was the winning look

Soooo...okay! All I can say is that it must be fashion, because it certainly isn't functional. We lost Princess Blakey, of the uncertainty re: cosoplus location Blakeys. He sent this down the runway, for reals! He really did!

This week is another unconventional materials challenge, lessee!

Friday, 13 November 2015

DAAM: Sicario


Dinner and a Movie: Sicario

For Our Consideration:

Did I mention that Victor Garber is in this?? Squee!!
Rolling at 7:45