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BRR Below Deck Recap S3:E7 Storm's A Comin'

And who knows who will be blown away? Guess they'd better stay

We open with Emile reading the letter; he immediately asks if anyone else saw it and yeah, of course they did! She's emotionally a 12 year old, of COURSE she had to get all the attention from friends first!

He says she could have just told him she wasn't interested in him romantically instead of giving him the note, but isn't that what she did when she said "I want you to think of me like your sister"? I mean

The good news is that everyone gets to hear their argument. Amy says a new version of the southern death threat: bless this boy's poor heart!

Dane fights with HIS gf Marisa, waking up pouty Emile, and I swear, people really need to be SINGLE during charter season!

New Charter Guests! And they're foodies! So Leon needs to do his very best. There are 10 foot waves expected so this is the equivalent of an exotic dancer pulling it off EVERY week of the month.

RockyRaquel is very surprised to hear that Dane has a gf that he fights with daily at 5 am; she acts as though he lied to her and he didn't, he just said it was complicated after a very long pause. If you don't know what that means, you aren't paying attention.

Leon makes what I think is a very reasonable request; he asks to meet with the foodie guests directly to go over their needs. That would work MUCH better than using Kate as an intermediary. We'll see if it happens. Kate seems to like treating Leon like her own DanceMonkeyDance short order cook.

They make much fun of the guests and their popped collars and sweaters tied around their necks. Kate suggests that they might be swingers, at least I THINK what "I'm having a hard time telling who is married to who" means in KateSpeak. It's very dry, this KateSpeak. And lots of vinegar

These Connecticut Charter Guests are talking about their last trip out on the water; 23 hours and then stuck on a reef and having to abandon ship. That sounds like a lot of wet cableknit sweaters.

Connie is taking the group lobster diving, and I dunno. That sounds pinchy. Well, half the group is diving, the other half is drinking bevvies and watching a squal come in. I remember they said that storms were very fast to blow over in the Bahamas, but this looks like a dinghy wrecker. The wind is very bad and everyone is just trying to keep the guests warm while making sure nobody from the crew looks like they are dying. Unattractively at least; Kate has her hurr covered!

They're gonna stick Dane on AnchorWatch, which means? Stare at the anchor to see if it moves? How could you tell? Newbie gets ALL the bad jobs

Kate interviews about the 17 ships and 20 crazy chefs she's worked with and gotten along with and at this point I just don't see her relationship with Leon as repairable. He is far too sensitive about his past and there isn't any trust after she was caught monologuing about his lack of experience.

Leon sends up some cauliflower truffle soup and at first I was really impressed with his deconstructed soup bowls with the insides plated and then tea pots full of broth poured over, but now...ehhh. Same samey, you know? But they don't know! Frist time with this chef!

Dane gets informed about his impending anchorwatch and just seems to take it in stride. I worry that he'll be up fighting with Marisa at 5 am and miss the boat floating into a jetty and I don't even know what a jetty IS.

Annnnnnd Leon serves beef cheeks again. Huh. 3 times in a row. The foodies LOVE the food, though, sooo. Again, they are new here! They even call it rockin'

Ah I see. Dane is supposed to be in the wheelhouse all the time staring at the radar screen and instead, he's in the galley with the girls.

RockyRaquel and Emile seem to be at a detente; fingers crossed! Captain Lee has given the go-ahead for the toys to go into the water and within seconds, the guests screw it up by driving over a tow line. Dane then bounces a jet ski off the side of the yacht and yeah. He's tahred. Skinny Kenny Rogers is MAD!

Leon has had to order a bunch of stuff to accomodate the guest's tasting menu, because they didn't specify in advance and they're in the middle of the ocean. He's very stressed oot. Everyone working around his food and he doesn't have it; so they're stressed out too. Every thing is frozen. Amy inadvertently questions his time management and gets shut down quickly.

This tasting menu business is making everyone look incredibly unprofessional. Primary Charter Guest is SUPER particular about this meal, if would have helped massively if he had put any of these very specific preferences on his info sheet.

Eddie and Connie talk about his relationship woes and yeah, his head is not in the game. Connie and Emile have had a great relashie now, brother and sister. For whatever reason, Kate is super slow getting the wine out and it just blows, even with the Captain sitting there. Leon just...isn't up to the level.

Leon and Kate throw down about him leaving her with NO notice for this very important meal and it's ugly. When Kate's voice gets really sweet; watch oot. He even continues to rail at her in front of the Captain and picks another fight in the galley. He's SO UNPROFESSIONAL.

Awww and Kate says her and Leon's relationship isn't repairable! Kate and I are sharing a brain!! Suddenly I'm frightened. Hold me! I think the problem is that Kate ignited allllls of Leon's insecurities when he overheard her holding forth. It must have taken his breath away a bit; he thought she was being friendly asking about his past and he knows now that she is a shark and was nosing about looking for weakness.

Eddie and RockyRaquel flirt and ehhhh. Tip time!! Big envelope? The guests joke about getting lost in this big boat and I think that's another allusion to swinging!!

16k for the tip, and the owner of the yacht is sending the crew to a resort for the day! Yay! Everything is good, except that Dane has to come to the wheelhouse to be read for his lack of experience. Captain Lee is ready to skid this surfer and it's just a matter of time. Dane, for his part, is excited about the stack of hundos and adult bevvies.

Moar texts! Woo hoo! Except they're creepy ones from Eddie to RockyRaquel. Oh ick. Ickier? Connie covering her bewbs with peanut butter. You're not at home drunk on a Tuesday night with your German Sheppard, you're supposed to be a grown up! She has great bewbs, tho!

RockyRaquel jokes Eddie's texts off while Dane slurs and nekkid Connie? I dunno. Kate thinks Dane's an alcoholic but I thinks he's just young.

Next week more shouting! Yay!

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