Sunday, 15 November 2015

BRR Project Runway Recap S14:E9 Make It Sell

Candice won another challenge last week with this

And that is all I shall say aboot that. We lost Lindsey because of this

Laurie dodged a sparkly oatmeal tweed nipples-oot bullet and she has a LOT of makeup work to do. We're past the halfway mark now! Only 7 designers left and I think the only one who hasn't really proven a consistency of talent, to me, anyway, is Merline. She's hit or miss.

Edmond and Swappy discuss how Lindsey is gone and nobody currs. Candice is excited to have finally won a challenge on her own and that's right! I had forgotten she only won with Ashley before for that discordant Greecian beachwear.

Laurie is realising she was just.that.bad and I really hope it doesn't affect her confidence. Lindsey was feeling down from repeated trips to the bottom, as was Amanda. Now. Their work was bunchy and boring, so that was part of the problem, clearly, but c'ain't nobody do their best designing when they're working from a place of fear. Regroup soft beautiful afro-ed lady!

A school bell rings! Class time challenge! Can I just say? I love that Swappy wears a lot of traditional Indian garb. I mean, he edges it up with leather jackets and an unholy amount of guyliner, but his electric blue hammer pants under a graceful long white tunic is magic AND part of his culture and I DIG.

The Special Guest is a JustFab suit and hey! She's wearing my new jeans! I've fallen in love with skinny boyfriend ankle jeans and have them in all types of shades and degrees of faux-disrepair. Lurve! BUT I DIGRESS. Apparently JustFab has expanded to apparel and now that I've typed that I will just go sit by my mailbox and wait for my cheque. Discreet sponsorship is so passè.

Turns out JustFab has 5 member personas: Bombshell, Trendsetter, Girl Next Door (woo hoo shout out Holly! !), Classic and Femme Nouveau and they all get to pick one. I wanna know what JSierra is!! Imma guess Femme Nouveau. Candice is up first since she won for that up there ^^^^ and chooses Trendsetter, which deflates Kelly from the deli like a giant 90s parachute. Seriously, her OUTFIT.

Candice gets to choose for everyone, ohhh! Let's see if she shady. She's not and gives Ashley Girl Next Door, Swappy a Bombshell, Kelly gets her Trendsetter after all, Laurie is Modern Classic, which is a perfect fit, Merline gets Femme Nouveau and Edmond is not happy with his Bombshell. He thinks he egdy. He may be, but he's keeping it very well as a secret!

The winner will have their piece reproduced on JustFab and there's that so important component! It will exist! People will be able to WEAR WHAT THEY MADE IN THEIR HEADS! And $100 worth of materials from Mood. Yay Mood again! Kelly isn't worried about the low budget, she's a thrift store queen, yo!

Merline is confused about what Femme Nouveau means but she thinks being a voyeur and wanting babies is romantic, so I can't wait to see what she comes up with! Laurie is making a sheath dress and Edmond plans to make his Bombshell sexy but not crazy. That is a fine line, Captain Tacky. Walk it softly.

Candice is working on two different looks, one has what she calls a "fun and edgy peplum that can be removed" and have we not talked about peplums already?? They are not fun, edgy OR flattering!  On anyone!

Mood Time! Ashley is stuck again with too many options and she really needs to get past that. It's probably an age thing, no? The designers are putting the fabric helpers through the paces and they all sound like they're ordering overcomplicated coffee at Starbucks. A cotton blend with just a tiny bit if stretch in a slightly less blue blue with a trim? And no FOAM!!  Swappy is going with animal prints for his bombshell look, that's par for the course. Thank you, Mood!

Another Ashley interview about lack of confidence, that can be crippling, but also like a drug addiction. It's all you can think about and it's very repetitive and I'm wondering if the producers are playing this up. 24 is a tough age and being fat at 24 is EXTRY tough.

There are two head to head competitions here; Kelly vs Candice in the Trendsetters category and Edmond vs Swappy in the Bombshellapalooza. Edmond, well, let's just say he's going in a less expected route to bombshell, with the massive mumu and first nations eagle print. Candice and her trendsetting peplum (like 5 year ago it was trendsetting, and an ugly,  unflattering trend at THAT) are rolling against Kelly from the deli and her short blue faux fur vest. Um

Ohhh noooo Swappy has gone really simple and ready to wear and production friendly.  That makes sense for the end game of the challenge, but it has to START as art, Swaps!

TimTime! Ashley agrees with my assessment above of Merline and her work; over her heed. And always running behind,  too. Merline is making a skirt to go over a dress and Tim does not understand.  He cautions her about her execution and that is not the first time.

Tim disagrees with Swappy's complaint about his 200% dress, and side eyes his high neckline Bombshell dress. Allow me to say it for him: No Bewbs means No Bombshell, m'kay? Tim thinks this dress is Already Available, which is absolutely is and Swappy doesn't seem to understand that being a bad thing.

Candice is doing another black and white jacket and it's E2 again! Tim doesn't like he peplum and see?? See??

Laurie's sheath dress fails to impress Tim, he thinks it's not innovative enough and has a bunch of relatives running around. I didn't even know dresses could breed!! Maybe it's just the sheaths.

Tim does not understand how the first nations print is a bombshell and it just...isn't.  Edmond tries to explain about bombshells liking to class it up now and again, but no sale. The problem is that he fell in love with a fabric that did NOT fit the challenge and he in trouble. It's like when you're making chicken for supper but a really lovely cut of pork caught your eye and ain't nobody understand Pork Cacciatore.

Kelly is having a blast with Trendsetter in a super ugly print and I LOVE how Tim's voice goes down 4 octaves as he asks if she's really for realsie reals using the blue faux fur muppet bathmat. Tim Gunn is the shit, y'all. He gets it, he supports her and he is such a great mentor.

Ashley is designing a pleather motorcycle jacket to go over a hospital gown, and she has no other fabric. She'll make it work!

Extry credit work for the challenge time! The added component is a label. They have to design and make a label to print on a T-shirt which they will be wearing on the runway. Eep! This is brand defining!

Candice has ditched the peplum, yay!! Me and Tim approve.  Model fittings and really going for it. I kind of like Merline's, very netted and makes me think romantic for sure.  Not you know, voyeuristic or anything.  Laurie doesn't like how the crop top (so! Many! Crop! Tops! hands up: what grown woman do you know wears a crop top on the reg? THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT. NONE) so she's struggling a bit.  Swappy's dress looks like shite and Edmond is finally realising what everyone else thought: Pork Cacciatore is oversized and dated. All he has left is scraps and it's totally different, all red and tight and bombshell-y.

Kelly from the deli is taking a lot of risks and is gratified when people respond to it. It's such an amazing thing to find a group of people that GET YOU and I fully understand. I lurve you, Bookies and readers, one and all.

Now the fun stuff!  Label time! Let's do a rundown, so we can GoogleStalk them online later!


Laurie = Wanda Grace

Merline = PROVOKESTYLE and she has a non-profit to teach little girls! Yay Merline!

Kelly from the deli = rack addik

Ashley = Ashley Nell Tipton with a big N over. Don't get


Candice = CUOCO, her last name

Laurie is struggling again and Swappy just does not understand that he is in serious trouble. Ashley's dress is adorbs and Laurie begs fabric from everyone. She gets black organza from Candice, and it's the first time I've heard bless her heart that doesn't have "you moron" at the end!

Runway Day! Designers run and I don't think Laurie can make this work...oh no. Swappy thinks he's ready. But his zipper is the wrong one and he will have to sew it onto the model. No poking the models, Swappy! Said nobody else ever.

Final model fittings! Merline puts her model to work while she sews and Laurie trash talks the trashtastic Kelly from the deli's look. Merline has the worst time management.

Ashley lurves her look but Edmond does not. What I don't love is Edmond's crisscrossy tight red mess dress.

Hair and makeup! Lotsa catseyes and again: NOT trendsetting

Time to go to the runway and nobody is listening to Tim! Always listen to your Tim! Laurie has forgotten to cover straps again and Edmond thinks his neckline going HIGHER is a good thing.  Sigh.

On the runway, one extry judge is Ciara, who looks great and the JustFab suit from earlier. Runway Time!

L-R: Swappy, Kelly, Merline and Candice

Swappy's bombshell look...well. Sigh. It's a lovely print, offers Kiernan? Kelly's junior raver look is quite enough said. I quite like Merline's dress, but the execution is not flawless. What's the opposite of flawless? Candice's is very busy.

Ashley's is adorable and is very JustFab

Laurie's dress is Already Available and Edmond's tight red dress misses the Bombshell mark on so many levels and that sentence does not make sense.

It was so complicated in scoring that nobody gets to leave, there are no high and lows. That's never happened before, has it? Kelly is first and Heidi likes it. Ciara pretends to like it, but Nina pulls no punches, calling it clownish and Zac suggests she may have murdered Cookie Monster.  Pfft. Cookie Monster has much darker fur.

Candice's look gets called fashion forward but the lapel scarves bug Nina and JustFab suit. *herk*

Merline finally gets to talk! She's been safe for awhile and yay Zac likes it!  He likes her ideas and forgives her the execution but nobody else likes it. Except Ciara, who might wear it. If it was done. JustFab suit is MAD that her time has been wasted by someone who didn't even LISTEN to the challenge. WE.WOULD.NEVER.SELL.THAT.ONLINE.

Ashley gets rave reviews from Heidi, I'm so happy that Ashley makes plus size clothing! Yay! Nina and Zac think she needs to push herself now. JustFab WANTS that jacket.

Edmond's Already Available tight red dress is panned by some but Heidi, Ciara, JFS and Nina like.

Ol Nipple Pads Laurie's sophisticated look is undermined by the lack of bra and the basic skirt. Nina is disappoint.

I do not see where Swappy was going with his look. Nobody else does except for JFS, who maybe sees the production friendly aspect, aside from the organza floof. Zac calls it hooker-y in the paw through and wow. Y U mad, bruh?

And Edmond wins for that red scrap dress. I saw cheap and easy red dress and I guess JustFab did too.

It's down to Laurie and Merline to leave; I think Laurie should go. And she does. I liked her work early on, but she seems to be falling apart in a non-recoverable way. It remains to be seen if Swappy can come back from his nosedive; Zac is MAD and did whatever he could to talk everyone else into skidding the SwapMan. Did...Swappy not call Zac after a dirty weekend? It's beginning to feel personal.

Top 6 next week!


  1. You got me right! I also have some trendsetter mixed in, lots of boots in my monthly boutique. Have I mentioned that I love JustFab? Its fabulous!

    1. Woo hoo was hoping! I was thinking it was between femme nouveau and trendsetter! I saw about your Thanksgiving, have an awesome time! 20 eep!