Monday, 30 November 2015

BRR Project Runway S14:E14 Finale Part 2

And this is it! Runway shows for all four final designers;  will it be Ashley Nell Tipton and her plus size 1950s Mexican hand-dyed lace, Edmond's confusing ruffles, Kelly's cheap-looking toolbox and wood print fabric or Candice and her witchy bitchy leather look? Let's find oot!

We open at 2 days before the final runway; the mood in the room is...dark. Candice can't believe how much they hated it. Kelly feels invigorated and Ashley is trying not to openly mock the other designers and their shitty reviews.

Kelly gets told to go...fruit?  And I love how Tim explains the feedback: he even runs out to get Kelly some glitter and a thread and a print for Ashley. But. I lurve Tim Gunn like almost no other, but how can he buy a print for her??

They seriously hated everything about Candice's collection and here is where I think she makes her real mistake.  She's listening to everything they said and scrapping all the cherry blossom looks and here's why I think it's a seriously bad idea. She's seen the whole collection.  They haven't.  She knew it was part of the story down the line and honestly, that's her work. She should stand behind her design and esthetic, however much they or me hated it; nobody wants to lose on something even THEY didn't love.

Same with Edmond. His work is covered with ruffles and SHOW THEM WHY RUFFLES ARE AMAZING! You can't change your entire collection because they don't understand your ruffles!!

Tim shows up with supplies! 20 pounds, no for reals, 20 pounds of glitter, for Kelly and and glues it all on the ticky tacky shoes.

Ashley is fixing seams. She all done.

Edmond thinks he can recreate all the looks sans ruffles because he just has that much faith in himself. I really wish he had enough faith in himself to stick with his original vision.  At least it would be HIM.

Kelly's ticky tacky shoes confuse me; wasn't she advised to have her outfits look MORE lux? It's putting a smile on Tim's face, well, in theory, because I don't actually see a smile

Candice has some serious issues with her work and how to edit down. Without scrapping everything.

Edmond redesigning his whole collection and Tim is confused. He brings up Sean Kelly from season 13 who was in love with fringe but the judges weren't sold...and Tim told him to own that stupid fringe and he did and he won. Own the ruffles, Edmond!

Model fittings! So much glitter on Kelly's. So.much.glitter. Ashley fights fit issues and Candice pouts about her pieces. She also put pants on her model backwards for the runway and she's having a bad day. I suggest that's a bad week, yo.

More model fittings! And Kelly fills her ticky tacky Cinderella slipper jumpsuit, yay.

Hair and makeup! Big oot the hair and add pieces to amplifly their density. BAM. Ashley is still deciding if to headpiece or not to headpiece but Sally Beauty will work it out.

Edmond has some time management issues but Ashley talks smack about not wanting to jumpstart her career using Project Runway and

Lexus suit comes in and says they get to use their COMMERICAL BLAH BLAH SPONSOR for two days to get around for the show. Yippee!

Everyone cries.

Finale day!! Half head shaving is very trendy right now, hey? Too bad some of us did it 28 years ago WITH a perm, betches!

They see the runway space and everyone 'cited. Pfft. Shut yer pieholes and SHOW ME THE CLOTHES. Model checks are going well and I'm concerned that Kelly's success is based so firmly on her styling. Hmmm. Ashley is all calm and in the zone. Which also worries me. And she's STILL dressing the models! And busting zippers, so now I can relax!

All the losing designers, celebs, judges and extry judge Carrie Underwood (who?) are waiting!! And we're rolling!!

Kelly comes out in a satin jumpsuit with fanny pack and guuuurlll. Cameltoe plus raggedy hurr = no fecking bueno.

Matthew Morrison, Alyssa Milano, Kelly Osborne,  watch this bedazzled ice skater bullshit walking down the runway and seriously, not the demographic,  but *herk*

Next is Edmond: did he bring sexy back?

m. Sexy Amish? Do love the blue satin sack dress and I don't know if I have ever said that before. Everything else is being sold like crazy by the models but. I love his toilet paper dress BUT. I don't think Zac did.

Now Candice: Costumey Witchy Bitchy or Tough Asian-Infused Lady?

She rolls the cherry blossum look first, followed by hooker gear and a dominatrix outfit. After that it gets derivative. The bejewled crotch is interesting, though. She calls her red leather dress her favourite, strong and elegant and I don't see anything strong and elegant about NOT BEING ABLE TO WALK in skintight leather. She picks up her kiddos to finish it out and a bunch of us cry.

Ashley and me cry about her grandmother dying, but it might be because we were still emotional over Candice being a great mom just then.

I wants EVERYTHING in Ashley's collection! Ashley cries. Zipper fixed. Awwww dayum dose skirts! So! Many! Flowers! So! Much! Lace! In just gorgeous colours.

Celebrity reviews! Oh and I saw Mondo!!

We cut to judging and everyone pretends to just remember that Carrie Underwood won a reality show again herself not so long ago. I just wish I didn't always immediately forget her; she's just so generic.

Kelly is up first for judging and Zac and Nina are friendly. Heidi calls her fanny pack CHIC. CHIC.FANNY.PACK

Ashley gets very good feedback from EVERYONE, yay!!

Candice also gets decent feedback but her fit and cohesiveness is questioned.

Edmond gets good feedback but they also called it a Toilet Paper dress and pared down and clean is best.

Awkward question time! Why should you win?

Kelly thinks there is a place in this industry for her and her completely different point of view. I would agree with that.  Ashley just can't wait to share her gift with the world. Candice likes to represent the women that need to wear their strength on their sleeves and I like that! Edmond just thinks he has a lot to prove and he isn't wrong. Deliberation time! Awwww Zac doesn't getta grope a model this time.

In the back room, Kelly thinks it's between her and Edmond, Candice blames the judges for watering her down and Ashley is quiet.

Candice is eliminated first; ty for the experience blah blah. Bai witchy bitchy.

Next to go is Edmond, leaving Kelly and Ashley and I agree with that call. Kelly gets props for her inclusive collection and Kelly's smiley clothes made everyone happy.

WOOT!! CONGRATS ASHLEY! !!! She won!! And she cries, but this time it's okay! Yayy!!! Yay!!! NOW GIMME DOSE CLOTHES!!


  1. I was so disappointed with Edmonds collection. He's a fabulous designer And his runway show didn't reflect his talent. Kelly, WTF. Tim Gunn is a dick for egging that shit show on. I'm all about individuality, creativity, blah blah but Kellys collection was just an unwearable hot mess. I don't even remembers Candice's looks but I do remember that I wish she would have used those costumy dresses. That massive red black one was absolutely gorgeous.

    Ashley gives me life! The clothes, the styling, those head pieces! LOVE! I'm so proud of her and I can't wait to see where she goes. I would love to see her follow Christian Siriano and really shine shine shine.

    1. OK now let me actually read the recap.

    2. I think Tim meant well....I was wondering about that, you ARE the demographic, and if you think Kelly's look is whack. Agree.

    3. So whack. The girls who would wear her clothes are Instahos, trend setters constantly searching for the next scene while flooding their social media pages with carefully constructed iPhone pics of their crop tops and booty shorts. Maybe I'm finally getting too old and just don't understand kids these days.

    4. Is that like a BottleHo? Is that the evolution of the Instagraham?

  2. Yeah I liked all of one of Kelly's looks. It was soooo tacky! At least Edmond and Candice's clothes could be worn by different sized women, kellys monstrosities can only be worn by size 0 amazon women.

    OT but have you read girl on a train? I'm tearing through it right now!

    1. ...I hated Girl on a Train. Lemme find our book club meet

    2. The COLOURS in Ashley's!! So gorgeous

    3. I'm afraid to check out that link, I've made it so far without spoiling the story. A first for me! They just found Megan's body, which wrecked my theory about her setting it all up. I just finished The Good Girl and while it wasn't fantastic I enjoyed reading it. Another Gillian Flyn wannabe told in several voices that time jump and have a shocking twist you'd never see coming.

    4. I want to like that type of thing, but I fear I'm just not edgy enough. To be fair, most of the group loved GoaT. I just really REALLY did not.

    5. We're reading Revenge Wears Prada for something light after Fates and Furies (which was EXCELLENT) and before the Leah Remini scientology expose. Just because I lurve Reno

    6. I don't like those stories because you're always expecting a big twist. Its not organic anymore, I'll always be searching for clues or signs instead of enjoying.

    7. Yeah I can see how that would take you out of it


    Pants on backwards? Was the model a formr member of Kriss Kross?

    Everyone trying to steal your thunder without credit, TTM?

    Bejeweled crotch you say?

    WOW. Ashley won? Good for her!