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BRR Project Runway S14:E8 Broadway or Bust

Kelly had her first win last episode with her TinModel

We lost two dudes too, Joseph to this mod/robot/hookah look

And Jake, who's fur baby was dying. All the lub, Jake. In your memory, the shirt you designed that I ADORED.

Ashley is channeling Pinky Tuscadero and Kelly is wearing my 90s earrings as we open in the Girls Room...Kelly from the deli's look...Merline and her hats! Seriously??

Swappy thinks his problem is that he's smoking too much and yeah. Sure. That was part of it.  But he was doing all KINDS of other things than working and smoking.  He may have that fear of failure that looks a lot like fear of success: "if I don't win, that's totally okay because I WASN'T EVEN TRYING! HAHAHAHAHAHHA" If only everyone could get out of their own way. Can I get an Amen up in here? 

I love love love Laurie' s look; that giant soft fro and sweaters and just glowy. So lovely.  

And they're going to Broadway! !  The special guest is Mathew Morrison and I think Merline just peed herself, which means she doesn't read CDaN. Neither does Laurie, who thinks he cute.

They're at Finding Neverland and I gather it's about believing in yourself and they could ALL use a sip, you know. Some a couple sippy sippies. They will be watching the show, yay! And get a big budget and no set limits and it's awesome and Ashley is scared. She needs to know the boundaries, she needs a framework, she has TOO MANY ideas. 

Kelly says her and her bf are all up in Peter Pan and WHAT GROWN PEOPLE WATCH PETER PAN ALL THE TIME?? The designers all love the show and everyone leaves inspired. And mostly weepy.

Mood! Yay!!!!! Oh Mood I missed you and your button racks and your watch-named puppy.  It feels like they don't get here very often, but in past seasons they practically lived here! We knew the people that worked here, which area of the shop. Sigh. Anyway. Ladies and gentlemen, the puppy named after a watch. 

They get $250 but only 30 minutes, so this should be fun.  Towards the end, there was a tube of light with a scarf and glitter floating around: MAKE THAT WITH $250 hosers! Shades of American Beauty but fabulous. 

Edmond is going Captain Tacky again and Tim dreams in Shades of Grey! ! How many shades of grey, Tim??? Like between 1 and 100?

Laurie grew up in a baptist church and is going to use fabric that is silver circles and costs $110 / yard. Let's all just reread that and take a minute. One hundred and ten American dollars for silver circles all glued together.  I want to be a fabric maker and rip off designers too! 

Lindsey struggles with her third time in the bottom affecting her confidence and I'm trying not to hate on her because as annoying as she is. Well. She's still a person and Kiernan thinks her glasses are adorable. 

Ashley is doing a gown based on the glittery cloud! Woo hoo! Merline cannot think and wow. Candice is going to change it up and use black. As I'm trying to find out where my eyeballs rolled to, I hear her talking about her drug addict parents and I get it, you know. She needs the control.  Everyone is dealing with something. 

Kelly, well, Kelly was inspired by the pictures by the bathroom. Never mind the Broadway show, let's celebrate toilet art! She's going with a super fancy but young theatre goer. 

And now everyone is singing! Yay for Merline!  The OG Singing Designer! Tim comes is to poop on everyone's parade by reminding them that they're all great designers but one of yous great designers is gong home, yo.

Swappy watched an entire play with green elves and glitter and only saw tartans. Okay. Laurie is in love with Tinkerbell and blah blah wings blah oversize jacket blah tube top??

It is so nice to see that Edmond has relaxed and opened up and has left behind that scarcity mentality that was so prevalent at the beginning of the season. Remember when he wouldn't even discuss his designs or admit he had any in mind? He's had some wins and I'm guessing he just needed to get his confidence up, because he's waving around spectacularly tacky fabric to share and everything now! I can see how auditioning for 14 seasons straight would make things emotional for you. Nice to see you loosen up, Captain Tacky.

Kelly decides to add long gloves to her outfit and Merline gives her all the props. And maybe stink eye. At any rate, she is now on everyone's radar. Merline is making?

Swappy deals with static and not smoking while Merline Steamalogues about her design and inside and outside the box and nobody knows where to look.

TimTime! Swappy explains his dress with draping and swooping and static and Tim tells Swappy he needs to kick it up past 40%

I REALLY like what these designers do with immunity!  Except Ashley, she coasted. Everyone else is using it as an opportunity to try things out of their comfort zones or weirdness and I DIG THAT. Kelly is going for an elegant evening wear look, which is not her strength, so she's growing! I also respect her call to do that messing around while having immunity.  

Merline is making armour out of boning and Tim calls it Renaissance and the key will be in the finishing. Well. Good luck Merline! Laurie compares it to throwing pretty fabric over a lamp and cutting out armholes, but really, it's not that pretty.

Ashley is creating a gathered and open skirt and I just love the layered material. So pretty. 

Laurie has a daughter!  Did we know that? She looks so young. No, that's right, she called her daughter and got dumped for the park.  We knew she had a daughter, pfft. She's creating a granny/hot chickie look, we'll see. I don't know about an oatmeal tweed over a light circly tube top but I do like the funky sleeves.  They look Victorian and have tulle inside! 

I love the dark green Lindsey is using and Tim gives her the tightest high five ever.

Edmond is doing a poofy blue vest (it's a cloud!) over a strappy crop top and black pants.  Candice is making the same silhouette in black and white again, she's sure good at exactly that.

The designers all side eye each others looks while the models come in to have their nipples blurred. Lindsey has what she calls a chesty model and well. That's super cute you think that's a massive rack, there, BeeStings. She also thinks her model will look like a plant and that it's a good thing while Candice mentors her from interview. Candice just must not understand how offensive she sounds when she holds forth from on high like that.

Swappy's dress is beautifully made and I would love to wear a tartan dress he makes! Edmond and his dream cloud vest looks...ruffly. Lindsey is behind! Ashley is behind! Edmond is still floofing his dream cloud. That tells me his pieces are too simple. 

Runway day! Bright sparkly pink dress for Ashley, yay! The models are there and wow. There is a LOT going on with Candice's dress corset thingy with jacket over top. Ohhhh no. Laurie's model has her arse oot and her pasties are showing and Laurie is a lock for a bottom. So is Ashley, unforch, the boning she added to the dress has significantly changed the fit and it is not looking good at all. 

Hair and makeup time! Waves blah blah gold natural blah dreamy blah faaarrr too much blue eyeliner.

The designers yak in the room, Kelly and Lindsey are besties and I don't even know what they're saying, because all I can see is Laurie's $110/yard fabric mostly left on the table and I'm wondering what happens to it. And if there's a black market for pawned 3/4 yards of stupidly expensive material.

Runway time!! Extry judge is Coca Rocha, canucklaidian represent!  Woot! 

Swappy's incredibly beautiful dress is first, my goodness. It's all pink flowy on the bottom and structured grey tartan on the top and I LOVE it.

Ohnooooooo Ashley's dress is coming apart and looks awful on top where it is coming apart and sits funny and the hem is unraveling and well. Kiernan and I love the colour combination! 

I don't know about Candice's.  It could be cute. But it's hard to see what it is and you can't see any of the under parts and yeah. Hmm

Kelly's looks like a fancy curtain thrown over a typical LBD while Laurie's is just so badly executed. I really like the material she used, though.  Merline's looks like not so fancy curtains draped over a lamp.

Ohhhh Lindsey. That cut is not flattering to your model. I love the colour and the bottom is a dream, but the top does not look good at all. Droopy Dora and the sad twins

Edmond's expertly floofed dream cloud vest is cool, but I LOVE his pants! Yeah, they're high-waisted, but they look fantastic. Perfectly fitted and darted and they look like dream pants. 

Swappy and Merline get excused and I am really surprised.  I thought Swappy would be at the top. That look was impeccable.  

Ashley explains the messsss that walked down the runway and invokes her grandmother. It doesn't help her Prom Gone Wrong look, says Nina.

Kelly is still there, so she must be a top, since she has immunity.  It sounds like only Nina liked it and I don't get it. I'm surprised she hasn't been sent back to the Safe Room.

Zac's face is making it very clear to me that he does not like Laurie's look one.little.bit. Everyone shakes their heads and says goodbye to Laurie in their melons. 

Lindsey's dress is a lovely colour and that is IT. They hate it almost as much as Laurie's.  

Everyone loves Edmond's cigarette pants but HATES the dream vest. 

Candice's ill-fitting corset jacket and pants is a top. Huh. Y U DIN'T CHOOSE SWAPPY'S??? I really did not like her look and I will NOT be happy if she wins. 

It's model groping time!  Heidi jumps in front of Zac to get at Edmond's cigarette pants and if I were him, I'd be checking the workroom later.  Heidi does not take no for an answer. Zac gets all up in there, what's the deal with him always sticking his fingers under straps??

And Candice wins. For that ill-fitting mess. Okay. Sure. That's why they're the experts!

They send Lindsey home and I find it very hard to believe that Laurie didn't go. That was an unbelievably poorly constructed, designed and executed look. My good lord. Laurie boob hugs Lindsey and she owes her a debt of gratitude, yo.

Lindsey cries and I feel bad that I only like disagreeable people like her when they're leaving. She packs up her 80 pound toolkit and she owt. Bai Miss Mouse! 

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