Tuesday, 1 December 2015

BRR Après Ski Recap S1:E5 Sliding Downhill

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  1. Jim looks so much better without his beanie. He almost had me fooled with his first meeting outfit. I thought it was a tad professional until he threw that beanie on.

    I also get why Jim was sassy when Elise randomly showed up in their house. Having your boss walk through your dirty house while you're still asleep would be embarrassing. I'd want to have a heads up so I could clean and get myself together.

    Maybe if Bobby didnt throw such a bitch fit I would be more on his side with the whole bobsledding debacle. Sure it was a little unprofessional of Elise but at this point I have so little respect for Gibbons Life as a companyl that I wasn't surpised at all.

    Lynsey is not my fave. Well, I don't really have an opinion about her because she is never there. Def feeling the bro vibe, he seems very comfortable around her but its a different comfortable than he's starting to act around Kendra. OK, I know I'm reaching with the KenJim thing but I'm just really into romance right now.

    Speaking of, I'm this close to starting a Go Fund Me to get Kendra a new plaid poncho and statement necklace.

    Elise throwing her under the boss threw me. She's totally getting fired in the next episode, her temper tantrums make Bobby's look like lullaby's.

    Ah wait, I forgot about that god awful hug. Sit down, Lynsey!

  2. That was all bad! I think Jim is okay looking, and I agree him and Kendra look chummy, but Bobby got on my last skull-tit today. I can barely stand to hear Charlotte talk, in between the baritone and complete lack of self-awareness is the creepy sex-trolling of her bestie there. Ick ick ick "you're used to having your mouth full"

  3. It is dangerous. Just ask Sonny Bono

    Glad my boss doesn't wear booty shorts

    Thesaurus bonus for using mercurial

    Shotski? What's with all these unnecessarily fancy ways of getting drunk? What's next? The Booze Luge?

    HA. Do guys still wear Cool Water?

    Why is she nude under her parka?

    heh. Bear joke. Nice!

    Licked by horse or whores?

    WhiskeyJack birds? Is that product placement by the Jack Daniels Distellery?