Tuesday, 8 December 2015

BRR Après Ski Recap S1:E6 On Thin Ice

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You can find this one here: Apres Ski S1:E6 On Thin Ice



  1. Before I even start reading, I am not buying Jim and Lynsey#87's romance. Not one bit! His gentle caress of Kendra's arm at the client meeting had a the tingles while his bromance with L87 makes me want to brush my teeth with beer.

  2. Why is Lybsey even on the show? She's only done one conceriege trip so far, each week is a different photo shoot. Maybe she's a model like Lala is a model? Minus the whole accomplished pro athlete thing.

    Elise had some fighting hair during that first meeting! It is her against the world because she has personal offended every single one of us with that Whoville hairdo. Seriously, wth was she thinking?