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BRR Below Deck Recap S3:E15 Reunion Part 2

Now the secks!! Now the dirty dirty yet super clean secks in the laundry room will be addressed! I do not expect this to be as exciting as Bravo is promoting, because Andy is a giant tease. Anyway!  Look forward to much of this

Oh come ON!
NEVER on charter
He thought he could just have the free and easy sex;
 I kept telling him it was all I wanted! I KNOW!!
When does it stop talking? 
We open at the discussion of Kate drinking on charter, absolutely nobody answers the question: blah blah it's about retribution blah blah couldn't work VCR blah ANSWER THE QUESTION, KATE! DRUNKY OR NO??

Skinny Kenny Rogers is asked about his keeping himself mysterious and I just BET he's one of those proponents of old timey management hierarchies. He totally is and confirms it when he says he doesn't socialize with the crew to maintain the distance. He is also The Stud of The Sea

He's called a big celebrity of the yachting world and harumphs. When asked about his old timey sayings, tit in a wringer comes up and it's been 2 minutes so we have to talk to RockyRaquel again. Sigh.

RockyRaquel says she thinks he supports just Eddie and Kate as his team, while Amy and Captain Lee disagree.

Connie gets all the kudos for her work ethic and pleez don't show her tatas covered in foodstuffs again. She talks about the deaths in her family and apparently her grandmother died while she was at sea as well as her nogoodnik father. When asked about RockyRaquel clamjamming her move on Emile, we all throw up in our mouths a little and Connie says it weren't no thang. When asked about her and RockyRaquel in general, and I absolutely see RR the same way; alllls about the attention.

RockyRaquel and Captain Lee throw down; she just doesn't get it. She can only see what she thinks through her own narrow narcissistic world view and will never accept the responsibility for her actions.

The worst day in charter season comes up, and then Ben comes out! Hello love! He's asked about Leon's prowess and that's not really fair. It's so easy to Monday Morning Quarterback another chef. His and Kate's relashie is brought up, it's so cute. They have great chemistry. When Kate is asked about dating, she says her dance card stays full but there's no one she's willing to admit to. Andy high fives, tell it sister!

Dave shows up! He's lovely, such a nice fella. Blah blah blah seque to laundry secks!

We go over The Eddie /Rocky affair AGAIN and we go back to the beginning about who started what. These are grownups. And I don't get why we're treating like a trial at The Hague. Ben yawns and I'm so with him. RockyRaquel is asked why she told Emile and she blah blahs on about their friendship and how they weren't into each other and that is SO NOT true. He was after her the whole time, took the Friend Zone grudgingly and waited.  And she totally knew that.

Eddie ghosting RockyRaquel after deciding he hated her is brought up and that was just a bad move, Eddie. Don't treat her like a ho. RockyRaquel flat out says that they've hooked up twice since the show. Commercial break and distraction! Kate has written Real Housewife style tag lines for everyone!

Ben: a flash in the pan isn't my style, I prefer to stir the pot

Amy: you know what they say, the grass is always greener on the bright side. Hey y'all!

Rocky: I was a champion diver, so I'm always looking for reasons to go off the deep end

Emile: I may not know everything but I know I'm good looking, and that's all that really matters

Captain Lee: I've got a pocket full of plane tickets and I'm not afraid to use them

Kate: I may have a bitchy resting face, but that's the only part of me that is ever resting

Connie: it's what's inside that counts, so why wear anything on the outside at all?

Eddie: working in the water can get hard at times, so when my vessel gets (r) Rocky, any port in a storm will do

Dane: I'm here for a good time, not a long time

Leon: tonight I'm serving Beef Cheeks

Back to Rocky and Eddie hooking up after the show; the night after filming and pick-up interview. Eddie denies. He is SUCH A BAD LIAR. We go over the breakup timeline with Eddie and his girlfriend; apparently these two extraneous hookups fell in that open time period. Let's see if Eddie owns up; he's the WORST LIAR EVER. He should never play poker ever. He told his girlfriend just before he flew home, so not only was she not at the airport, they must now take turns TAKING OUT THE GARBAGE!

Wrapups! Kate wants to be a rocket ship stewardess, Dave is gonna get married, RockyRaquel and Emile will keep working on yachts, Andy would like Emile working under him, and there's still more! Geez. Eddie says this is his last year on the yachts, nobody believes.

THERE'S A NEW SHOW!!!!! BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN!!!! Bunch of angry Aussies and Ben! Hello Love!

They end with Don Julio 1942 tequila and an old timey toast from Skinny Kenny Rogers and we owt.

What do you think? Do you think Rocky was unfairly blamed for the affairs and puppy dog followers? I think she was bored,  wanted attention and led with sex. So, basically, I think she's 24. Even the shite with turning Emile into a friend and laying that "I've been having awesome sex with your boss, ^5!!" can be pretty typical of that narcissistic mindset of that age. What say you?

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