Wednesday, 6 January 2016

BRR New Girl: S5:E1 Big Mama P

As we saw in last season’s awesome season finale, Schmidt and Cece are engaged.  The gang reminisces, saying how far they’ve come this year:  There’s the engaged couple;  Jess is a Maid of Honor, Nick is a Minority Bar Owner (Ha!), and Winston saved a kid (the kid was *kind* of stuck under a car).  Schmidt presents a hilarious Power Board and says that “Our wedding will borrow equally from the holy trinity of Liz Taylor, Jackie O and the power gays.”
A month passes and Jess tells Schmidt that she is surprising Cece by flying her mother in from India for the engagement party.  There’s only one problem:  Cece hasn’t told Mama P yet because Mama P will not approve of a non-Indian groom.  Schmidt is rightfully worried, but Jess tells him not to; she’s hired MaHotma Gandhi to dance Bollywood at the party and it will soften Mama P up!

Schmidt has Nick pick up Mama P, but as we know Nick is inept at everything, so he ends up picking up a random non-English speaking Indian woman, scaring her half to death on a crazy ride to the party.

When Jess finds out Cece hasn’t told her mother about the engagement, her enthusiastic response that it will end well sends her tumbling down a staircase, making her bedridden (I see what you did there with her BABY BUMP). 

Mama P finally meets Schmidt and she does not approve.  Jess has borrowed a motorized chair, trying to come to the rescue.  She gets Winston to carry her up those stairs while he explains how he’s set up a prank.  Jess tells him to not do it; he either goes too large or too small and we see a series of hilarious pranks in flashback:  He registered Nick as a sex offender:  Too LARGE.  Schmidt finds a lone blueberry in his cereal.  Too SMALL. 

MaHotma Gandhi shows up and then Schmidt and Nick join in, dancing as the surprise.  Everyone is in to it, but it does not move Mama P at all. 

Cece knows her mother wanted her to be with a certain man, and she certainly never thought she’d fall for the “slim hipped ghost of Tom Cruise,” but he’s the man she wants to spend her life with.  Her mother leaves without giving her blessing, but Jess manages to stand up on her hurt legs to say that *she* gives her blessing.  The rest of the gang follows in a warm fuzzy.  Jess promises that they’ll get Mama on board eventually.  So, what did we think?  Some pretty funny one-liners as usual, with Schmidt leading the pack.  Not the best, but still funny for year five!

Best lines of the night:

The girls, on how white Schmidt is: “So white.  Remember when the power went out and we put him in front of the window to keep the planes away?  He is so white!”

Nick on Mama P not approving: “I’m like JZ.  I have ninety nine problems, but unlike JZ I have zero caveats.”                 
Schmidt to Nick while he’s cleaning his car out: “You keep fireworks it your car?  What are you?A little Chinese boy?”


  1. Is it wrong that I immediately thought: they need Mario Cantone!!! ?? If it is wrong, I don't wanna be right!

    1. What a cherry that would have been on some awesome sauce!