Saturday, 23 January 2016

Dis Week on Der BookieWook: Links!

We had a great first week on GingesBeCray, and as a collective, watched far too much TV. We did eleventy thousand recaps, like dese:

Work Out New York S1:E6 Simply the Best by yours truly

The Flash Season 2A Refresher by the hilarious Veronica S, getting you ready for the recap

Billions Pilot Episode aka Norton Sells to Who? by me again - new Showtime series, interesting so far

The Biggest Loser S17:E1 Taste Test / Keep on Truckin' by the lovely Renoblondee

Spotless S1:E1 Recap One Hand Clapping by moi, also a new show, this one from Esquire TV. Really like.

The Real Housewives of Potomac S1:E1 Mind Your Manners Recap was JSierra's inaugural post, woo hoo!

The Flash Recap S2:E10 Potential Energy by Veronica S

Vanderpump Rules S4:E12 Leis, Liquor & Lies Recap by the snarkysnook BeckyMae whut whut

New Girl S5:E4 Jury Duty Recap by Renoblondee

Mr. Robot S1:E6 Recap by myself and I'm not attempting that episode title

Arrow S4:E10 Blood Debts Recap by Veronica S

Spotless S1:E2 Carrot and Stick Recap by me and I told you I liked it!

We even had some gossip!! Becks told us that Shrek Put a Ring on Mimi!

DC Marvel Legends of Tomorrow Pilot Episode Part 1 Recap was done by DC Marvel superfan Veronica S, that looks like a cool new show. She really liked it

Top Chef S13:E6 Back in the Day was celebrating it's 10 year anniversary, I 'splained

Just Jillian S1:E1 The Real Jillian Michaels Recap was the real get, with Renoblondee's recap and tweets being retweeted by none other than Ms. Jillian Michaels herself!

Mr. Robot S1:E7 Unintelligible Episode Title Recap by me

The Biggest Loser S17:E3 Hooked on 'Tronics / The Big Switch by Renoblondee

and last, but not least:

Spotless S1:E3 Not a Place, a Circumstance Recap by myself: curtsey

Check them oot! Man, that's a lot of TV; so many great new shows starting these days. Hope to see alla yous soon, mwah!