Friday, 29 January 2016

Dis Week on Der BookieWook: Links!

We have had a huuuge week on Ginges Be Cray. Our poor little fingies are about to fall off from all the typing and gifing we've done.  We'd love to see you over there!

Master of None S01E01 Plan B Recap - Ms Renoblondee giving us a bit of Aziz to start off the week

Billions S01E02 Naming Rights - TTM and Showtime's newbie, now with less pee!

Hells Kitchen S17E02 Chefs Compete - TTM again with Gordon Ramsey and strippers! Are we sure this is a cooking show?

Work Out New York S01E07 Dead Weight - TTM once more with bonus budgie smugglers!

Lucifer S01E01 Pilot - Oooh naughty Lucifer with his delicious British accent, by yours truly

Master of None S01E02 Parents - Reno back for more Aziz, plus his hilarious parents

Mr Robot S01E08 eps.1.7_wh1ter0se.m4v - Mr Robot is messing with TTM's mind again

Spotless S01E03 Somebody's Daughter - Turpentine's gotta sting right, TTM?

Real Housewives of Potomac S01E02 Divas, Queens and Bubalas - JSierra lets us into her brain

The Flash S02E11 The Reverse Flash Returns - Time travel science that I don't really understand! Just smile and nod, Veronica.

Spotless S01E05 The Power of No - TTM writes crime scenes, gangsters and lady business

Arrow S04E11 AWOL - Hallucinations, flashbacks and shadowy organisations.  Am I off my meds again?

Vanderpump Rules S04E13 The Bitch Is Back - BeckyMae gets us up to speed on Stassi, blue balls and jail time! Sounds like a party!

Mr Robot S01E09 eps1.8_m1rr0r1ng.qt- TTM's brain is writing cheques that Sam Esmail can't cash

Just Jillian S01E02 Comedy Of Errors - Reno and Jillian take us to NY, without plane tickets?

Top Chef S13E07 Where's The Beef - Fiery bushes, Spam and potatoes like fingers, by TTM.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow S01E02 Pilot Part 2 - 70's fashion, past lives and Wentworth Miller. Veronica says yes.

New Girl S05E04 No Girl - How will the guys cope without Jess.  Let's ask Reno!

Phew! There you have it, and incredibly productive week on Ginges.  Come on over and say hey!

We're also here Saturday for the SAG Awards, well if you're not Australian that is, from 5pm blog time! See this funny lady get a Lifetime Achievement Award!

Then again on Sunday at 7pm blog time for Grease Live! 
Aaron Tveit from Gossip Girl is Danny??!!!


  1. Ohhhh that looks awesome, Veronica!! We did just about work those fingerling potatoes off, didn't we?? It really sucks you Aussies can't play on the SAGs, gonna hump? Huh, are you? Is that too personal?

    1. Maybe find a stream, I will try fo sho!