Friday, 8 January 2016

Golden Globes - A Closer Look At Fashion

Let's take a look at last year's Red Carpet and then let's make some predictions for this year.  After you see the 2016 Runway Couture Gowns, tell me who you think would be the best fit!  Ready?  Get your bitchy pants on!

Let's start easy:  We've got your basic Red:

NO, gurl.  Lose the frump.

YES 100%.  This is how you do red.

NO, a pale blonde shouldn't do yellow. #AllOneShade

YES, the cornflower does well with your shade, Amy.

NO, too froo-froo.

YES, this is feminine and lovely.

NO, this is way too frumpy for the glorious Melissa.

Follow Danielle's sexy look instead.  It's the Golden Globes and y'all are sexy fierce!

ONLY IF YOU JLO, gurlzzz.

Silver can be tricky, yo.  That's a wash right there.

NO, don't try to be too different to stand out.  That just looks dumb, gurl.

YES, if you want to stand out, WORK IT, OWN IT.  Like Kate

Does anyone do Basic Black much anymore?

Well, of course Jen does.

                                           Emma pairs black pants with silver.

                                Jessica got some shears and her black Hefty bag.

So what do we think about this year's crop of ladies?  More red, silver and black?  Will anyone try some fun colors like the pinks, blues and purples?  As we saw  though, those can be mighty tricky! 

Here's some designer gowns from the 2016 Runways:

I could see Rooney Mara in this one.  Very, ummm, her.

I like Saoirse for this one!

Here's our Go-to-Red.  How about JLaw?  Already been done?

Gaga in the Versace?  Naw, she classy now...

                                              Gaga for the Chanel virginal white!

          I'd love to see Amy Schumer in this Dior!  Surprise us Amy!

Someone young and fierce could pull this Dior off...

Saab has lottsa lace this year.  Jane Fonda or Judith Light?

Many possibilities in these Armanis.

Felicity Huffman or Cate Blanchett in the Karan.

Just say no, blondes!


  1. I really like the couture part! And you are right about Rooney Mara, that is TOTALLY her style.

    About Melissa, i don't know. She looked fantastic at the People's Choice Awards, my fave look of the night, and I kind of love how even above, she doesn't show off the girls. Us bigguns do that a lot and I dig that she never has. She always is well dressed, but leads with funny. Dig.that. but the bow can fcuk right off

    1. She did look fantastic at the PC! Yeah, that bow doe...

  2. I think Lena looks alright there, better than that pink shirt and skirt monstrosity she wore

    1. Granted, it's not the worst, but she could've done better. Well, she can usually do better.