Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Golden Globes - Closer Look Part 3

Alrighty then! The last of our TV categories . . .

Best TV Series, Drama

The nominees are Empire, Game of Thrones, Mr Robot, Narcos and Outlander.

Best TV Series, Comedy

The nominees are Casual, Mozart in the Jungle, Orange is the New Black, Silicon Valley, Transparent and Veep.

Best Tv Series, Limited

The nominees are American Crime, American Horror Story:Hotel, Fargo, Flesh and Blood and Wolf Hall.

So? Whaddya think? 
 It's so good to see some new shows up in here! Littlefinger knows what's good


  1. I'm just glad they've kept OITNB in Comedy, that was messed up at the Emmys. I totally get Mr. Robot now, Rami Malek is a revelation. Couple of caricatures, but definitely not in the main.

  2. I really enjoy Empire, it is SO an 80s evening soap opera, but I'm lacking the motivation to finish. I'm wondering if maybe it's the Scream Queens factor? Sooooo stylish and flashy, but maybe lacking substance? I mean, I love Cookie but of course I do, we're all supposed to.

  3. GIF queen! Take a bow.

    I'm wanting Wolf Hall,Mr Robot and OITNB. WH ain't happening.

  4. It wasn't until recently that I remembered that we're a supposed to still be pretending Jon is deed