Friday, 5 February 2016

Dis Week on Der Bookie Wook: Hot Links!

Another busy week at the sister site, Tonnes of recaps from a variety of shows. Drama, comedy, reality trashiness. There's something for everyone.

Science post - Yours truly discussed the potential discovery of a new planet by the same dewd that killed off Pluto. This guy is our solar system's god.

Biggest Loser s17e05 - Renoblondee continues to document the trevails of contestants as they struggle with weight loss.

Spotless s01e06 Fallowfield - TTM's continuing critique of an interesting show with a new quiet menace bad guy in Brendan Coyle. I never find fun stuff when I'm wearing waders.

Mr Robot s01e10 eps1.9_zer0-day.avi - I got tired just writing that episode's name. See both Elliot and TTM slowly devolve.

New Trailers and Promos - Veronica gives us a taste of what is coming up in the theaters and on TV. I knew nothing about it, but now I want to see 'Deadpool". Totally stealing Veronica's gif.

Hell's Kitchen s17e03 16 Chef's Compete - We learn it's not smaht to sass Gordon Ramsey. He will smile at your shoes. TTM is willing to let Chef smile at her shoes whenever he wants, though.

Party Down South s05e01 Taxicab Confessions - Hardcore recapper TTM gets us started on a new bit of trashiness. Beer bongs for everyone!

Master of None S1:E3 Hot Ticket Recap - Reno is sticking with the Indian leprechaun. The travails of waiting for a reply to a date invitation

Work Out New York S1:E8 The Finish Line Recap - The season finale. Unitask gym equipment. Courtney drams. TTM covers it all.

Billions S1:E3 YumTime - TTM doesn't want to refer to Urban Dictionary for some clarification. These people are getting their freak on behind closed doors. Consensual, so no judgement.

Lucifer S1:E2 Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil. - Old Scratch is walking amongst the glitterati of LA, and Veronica is keeping us appraised of his shenanigans. Bullet proof vests are for pussies. These recaps make me want to start watching.

Spotless S1:E7 Say What You See - Things are revving up and getting more complicated. TTM is not pleased. Can't we get back to soothing cleaning? Jean, you are not in the position to make demands.

The Real Housewives of Potomac S1E3: What a Little Whiskey Can Do - JSierra is in her glory. Ain't nobody recaps this trashy goodness like her. I'm just disappointed there weren't any countertops scenes.

The Flash S2:E12 Fast Lane - Veronica loves her comic books. Nitrous grenades?? We always called them whippets.

Just Jillian S1:E3 Expand the Brand - Moar Jillian, less cameltoe with Reno breaking it down. Scumbag should NOT be hyphenated.

Vanderpump Rules S4:E14 Sex, Lies and Stassi’s Videotape - Does it count as a sex tape if you're flying solo? Beckymae needs you to hide your Ray Bans, 'cause Jax is back.

Arrow S4:E12 Unchained - Veronica has me convinced that I need to take up parkour. I also am convinced that I will never wear a katana mask.

Spotless S1:E8 True Love Weighs - Martin is playing with gangster fire. Tapping Nelson's wife doesn't seem conducive to a long life. TTM thinks Victor should never be allowed to another funeral.

New Girl S5:E5 Bob & Carol & Nick & Schmidt - On a lighter note, Reno keeps at it with New Girl. We learn that sex with a cousin in law is like letting a dog drink water out of your mouth.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S1:E3 Blood Ties - All this time travel stuff hurts my head. I hope Veronica is able to keep it all straight. If you see Sara with a knife...RUN!

Top Chef S13:E9 Restaurant Wars Part 1 -  I do love smartly done cooking shows. TTM doing a great job of predicting the future. Help me with the lottery? I get hungry just looking at the pics.

American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson From The Ashes of Tragedy - Reno is recapping this mini series. So many things I had forgotten about. 

There you have it. A busy week of recapping. Get on over there and start reading and commenting. We don't bite. 


  1. We talked a LOT, didn't we?? AND we watched The Strain on Bookie! Busy week

  2. Onya Chuck, keeping 3 shows that are all linked together straight hurts my little noggin! Just do like I do with the time travel explanations, smile and nod

  3. I don't know how you guys do it, y'all are amazing!