Saturday, 13 February 2016

Dis Week on Der Bookie Wook: Links

Here's what was shaking on our sister site GingesBeCray this week!

Party Down South S5:E2 Lyle’s Achy-Breaky Heart - TTM is grateful for no cameras round in her twenties, but willing to watch the continuing trainwreck of these Twenty Somethings. These hicks get more ass than a toilet seat.

Spotless S1:E9 Rebound - Inappropriate pictures. Mistress meeting. Spooky Nelson. It all gets covered by TTM.

The Biggest Loser S17:E5 Homeward Bound / Real World Problems - Reno breaks down the latest challenges, and emotional drama. Families, don't lay out tonnes of unhealthy food when a loved one is trying to lose weight!

Hell’s Kitchen S17:E4 15 Chefs Compete - What the duck is going on? TTM illuminates it all for us. Our mother ducker.

Spotless S1:E10 To Victor, The Spoils - The season finale. Lots of dead pool Victor. TTM gets to use the term necrophilia more times than one would imagine.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S1:E4 White Knights -Our Queen of the Gifs, Veronica, gives a lengthy and lovey rundown. All wibbly wobbly, timey whimey again. Chronos is a sissy.

Master of None S1:E4 Indians on TV - Reno is back at it; highlighting the zany antics of Dev and his friends. Lactating men and Indian racism. I have never done an Indian accent after being irritated by overseas tech support.

Lucifer S1:E3 The Would-Be Prince of Darkness - Time to start using the phrase Monkey Bottoms. Veronica gives us the deets on LM's goings on in LA

 Billions S1:E3 Short Squeeze -Lots of technical trading talk as TTM wishes she was at Coachella; thrashing oot with Slash and Duff.

Vanderpump Rules S4:E15 Pucker & Pout - I didn't realize this was a cooking show. Apparently there was talk about the tossing of salads?? Beckymae unravels the culinary delights for all. 

The Flash S2:E13 Welcome to Earth-2 - Doppelgangers galore. Veronica guides us through keeping everything straight

New Girl S5:E6 Reagan - Reno Blondee breaks down a very special episode with a bisexual Megan Fox.

The Magicians S1:E1 Unauthorized Magic - TTM unravels the mysteries of rainbow butts, levitating sex with bras left on, and ocular enucleation (yeah... I'm familiar with that term.)

Arrow S4:E13 Sins of the Father -Using the clapper to bring forth an army of assassins. Sometimes I'm not sure how Veronica keeps all of these names straight? Also, can't expect to chop off someone's hand and not have them hold a grudge against you.

The Magicians S1:E2 The Source of Magic -I will NEVER name a child Kacey Rohl. Magical late teens are just as much of aholes as regular teens. TTM is predicting Teen Movie makeover for dorky girl. Pssst... don't mention Karma Chameleon around her

Top Chef S13:E10 Restaurant Wars Part 2 - Moar cooking with TTM commentary. Dancing KitchenAids and pork belly

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