Monday, 22 February 2016

Dis Week on Der BookieWook: This Week's Links

We had another busy week on GingesBeCray, here's what was shaking on our Valentine's week:

Party Down South S5:E3 She Devil Went Down to Georgia - TTM helps out the lads by using big words for them.Tiffany helping the lads out by trying to score digits for them.

The Biggest Loser S17:E6 Makeover Week -  Tim Gunn helping out with the transformations. Reno was chopping onions during this episode.

Hell’s Kitchen S17:E5 14 Chefs Compete - Cooking different "styles" of food. New Orleans, Mexican, American (?). Lots of under-cooked meals. TTM will NOT order a burger medium-rare. Dannie dodges a huge eviction notice.

American Crime Story : TPVOJS S1:E2 The Run of His Life -Reno reminds of of that trainwreck that was the OJ saga. White broncos for everyone!

Happy Valley S2:E1 Episode 2.1 - Sheep rustlers, inept sheep dispatching, dead dogs, affairs gone sour... TTM gives us the lowdown of English policing.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer and Photos - Veronica rustled up some pics and captioned them. I'm sure they are hilarious to people that have actually seen the programme!

Vinyl S1:E1 Pilot - TTM cranks out the 'War & Peace' equivalent for recaps. Two hour show with no adverts. Lots of coke (in the 70's?? No way!!) A reappearance of Andrew Dice Clay. Even a little nudity. This recap has got everything!

Lucifer S1:E4 Manly Whatnots - I didn't realize you could pay your therapist with sex. Perhaps only if you're Lucifer? Veronica breaks down ol' Beelzebub's crush on Chloe.

Billions S1:E5 The Good Life -More soul searching and hooking up. TTM still has reservations aboot this show

The Walking Dead S6:E9 No Way Out - Mid-season opener with acceptable losses. TTM is happy that Glenn survived and is even liking Abraham a tiny bit.

The Flash S2:E14 Escape From Earth-2 - These doppelgangers make my head hurt. I'm called Veronica can keep everything straight.

The Magicians S1:E3 Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting - TTM got to see fancy sunglasses and books humping. I hate it when shows have a bad guy named Charlie. Always makes me twitch when I am reading.

New Girl S5:E7 Wig - More goings on with grown adultchildren. Reno makes sense of it all and gives best lines at the end

Vanderpump Rules S4:E16 Bitch Ghost - Beckymae revels in the trainwreck that is VPR. I think she secretly has a crush on Jax.

Happy Valley S2:E2 Chesticle Tazing Fail - TTM got all kinds of love from the Sarah Lancashire fans from this one. See what the buzz was about. Unpronounceable mobster names?

Arrow S4E:14 Code of Silence - Flying motorcycles (I did that with a snowmobile once), evil henchmen, hooded cloaks. The amazing Veronica lets her comics fangurl out.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S1:E5 Fail Safe - GIFMaster Veronica makes it so even I wann read about comic book characters. Come for the GIFs; stay for the prose.

Just Jillian S1:E5 Meet the Parents - Jillian says 'fuck" a lot. But I don't correct her 'cause she could kick my ass. Reno might be able to take her though.

The Magicians S1:E4 The World in the Walls - Now we gots doubles on this show too. A mental mind screw. This episode heavy on Penny. TTM wants moar Elliot!

Introducing….The Real Housewives of Melbourne! - Beckymae setting us up for the new trashtasticness Down Under. We get a photo and hilarious synopsis of each "lady". Check it. Becky already has some of them following her on Twitter.

The Biggest Loser S17:E7 I Got the Power / The Final Cut - Reno gives some good rundown on the remaining peeps. They have lost a lot of weight & gained a lot of self-confidence

Top Chef S13:E11 Hammer Time - More food pics and kitchen critique from TTM. She even has the same cookbook as one of the contestants, so.... authenticity, yo.

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